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Meanwhile….back in Yucca Valley…..(Part One)

By   /   December 21, 2011  /   3 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.-Opinion.  Well, there it is, right up front…..OPINION.  If you do not have the stomach for this, please scoot on over to the next story.

There have been several breaking stories about Yucca Valley characters stacking up and creating a huge backlog!


Besides, I did not want to break into the rhythm of the excellent coverage about the City of Twentynine Palms by those posting on the local issues and missteps of Gary Daigneault regarding “his” RDA project….wink-wink! It appears he owes Ms. Cora an apology before he takes off on his annual Christmas Cruise, ya think?

Trying to fly under the radar in Yucca Valley are several important stories:

In random order, of course.

  • Hagerman Gardens, owned by Councilman Isaac Hagerman, has been shut down and patients have been abruptly removed from the premises.  Is Hagerman Gardens upside down or were they shut down due to concerns of missing narcotics? The last activity in the local Sheriff files indicate a theft report on November 19, by a family member when they moved their loved one and property was missing.  More on this story right here on this blog….total blackout by the local newspaper and “community” radio?
  •  Kudos to Tim Humpreville, Chairman of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission, for asking the tough questions about the controversial new JPA Animal Shelter.  Why did YV Councilman Robert Lombardo and Mayor Dawn Rowe flip-flop on their opinion about this unsuitable site? Why would they opine on the matter when it has not been brought before them in a formal meeting with the opportunity for public input?  Did Lombardo spill the beans about  financing options that have not been discussed in public? Have there been secret meetings violating the Brown Act? More on this story……
  •  Mayor Dawn Rowe is this year’s bright spot of the Yucca Valley Town Council.  While asking specific questions about underground utilities, the other Council members, Huntington, Lombardo and Hagerman were daydreaming and appeared they did not read the agenda. (Councilman Abel was absent and Lombardo assured me he did read the agenda but was “distracted.”)…More on this story….
  •  Well, it looks like the “Sky Harbor Five” are still living in Sky Harbor, for now.  A Councilman, recently fired, is hanging out at a fellow Council member’s guest house since mid November. Let’s hope his unemployment checks arrive soon so he can find his own digs and learn what it is like to pay his own rent after all these years of living rent free.  Maybe there is a free room at his Dad and new Mom’s place where he can stay…..also located in Sky Harbor too.  It is not a good idea for two Council members to live together, in my opinion, they may discuss Town business at the family dining table, ya think? More on this story……
  • Hi-Desert Water District Board Member Bob Stadum has snubbed his nose at the FPPC again this year.  Only a warning letter this time for 2011, no fines yet.  More charges pending against this builder-developer who refuses to step down due to his multiple properties and inability to vote on waste-water issues….More on this story…..
  •  $10 million dollar lawsuit filed in April 2011 against Santa Fe Assisted Living for “Wrongful Death,” and employee confirms that Councilman Isaac Hagerman is no longer employed by them.  Does this have anything to do with his being canned? More on this story…..
  • Who is protecting our drinking water? At a recent Hi-Desert Water District Board meeting, Director Bob Stadum was strongly against authorizing a study to analyze the water we receive being recharged at site #3, pumped in from the State Water Agency via the Mojave Water Agency.  For some unknown reason, not stated, Director Roger Mayes chimed in with Director Stadum. Excuse me?  Are we receiving contaminated water, if so, how much and will it cost millions of dollars to correct the problem if there IS one? Builder/Developer Bob Stadum is asleep at the switch. Yes, he is cat napping at meetings too! More on this story….
  • The California Regional Water Quality Control Board weighs in on the controversial YV Animal Shelter and the Yucca Valley Septic ban during my meeting with their staff at their office.  More on this story…….
  • Career politician, HDWD President Sarann Graham, is gearing up for her run for re-election in November 2012. Seems it was okay in her book to be a loyal die-hard Democrat attending the “Pelican Club” meetings, but now the club is a political action committee under the guise of the “Lincoln Club,” (wink-wink) a very Republican PAC, Graham has decided to switch her party affiliation! She is positioned as President of the Soroptomists Ladies Club, recently re appointed as HDWD President and I may soon be seeing her attending Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel dragging her reluctant husband in tow. More on this story……
  •  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Part Two to follow…..check back, ya hear?



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Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


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  2. Dan O'Brien says:

    Testing a new feature of Cactus Thorns….. facebook comments to our stories..

  3. antoherpowergrab says:

    The on going follies of the HDWD and the Town Council would be laughable, except its all true.

    There are a few on the Council and Board that are knowedgable and are working hard, but most are un-informed at best, or totally mis-guided at worst.

    And the career politicians at the Water Board are a down right disgrace. Whats worse is, that they are so gullible and follow the guidance of the GM at HDWD, who has no idea what he is doing.

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