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Councilman Karl Baker Exposed

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Baker’s exposure of his private life ignited a media frenzy publishing and broadcasting the name of the city across the country and around the world.

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Karl Baker Fails Cover-up of Naked Pics

Story Goes Worldwide

photo by Bruce Montgomery

Desert Hot Springs, CA – Councilman Karl Baker did something special for this windy little city, once known primarily for the natural hit mineral water spas, its gold-medal award-winning municipal drinking water and windmill views. Its now on the map worldwide for Bakers’s sex pictures. The story of his exposure has taken on a life all its own. Baker’s exposure of his private life ignited a media frenzy publishing and broadcasting the name of the city across the country and around the world.

Naked Pics On Sex Site

After the pictures of Councilman Karl Baker were discovered on Internet sex sites the councilman went to work, attempting scrubbing his profile clean. Why? Because some of the web sites had naked pictures the councilman posted of himself. Although Baker replaced his pictures on some sex sites and removed his profile from others, Baker’s damage could not be cleaned up. Unfortunately for the councilman, the Internet has a permanent record storing dozens of websites with his naked pictures soliciting sex.

The councilman at first denied his naked pictures were on internet sex sites but started removing those pictures once exposed on the Lee Rayburn KNEWs talk radio show. Rayburn had a lot of guts bringing up the subject with Councilman Karl Baker who blew his top and admittedly became hostile, intimidating the radio talk show host. Rayburn was not the first to know, just the only guy with enough balls to expose Baker to the light of day.

It’s Not About Being “Gay”

The media had known of Baker’s posting naked pics on sex sites for several years but kept the story under wraps, worried about a potential backlash from the gay population of Palm Springs as some might view exposing Baker’s sex pics as gay bashing. Rayburn never mentioned Baker’s sex pics were on a gay sex site, it was Baker who explained his pics were on gay sex sites.

It is no secret Baker is gay, he has been out and open about it for years.

Key to Baker’s exposure was the realization that pics Baker used on his sex site profile were not authorized by the photographer, Reverend Bruce Montgomery and illustrated Baker sitting behind his name plate on the city council dais representing the city.

Following the Rayburn radio show, the story next appearing in the Desert Star Weekly did not mention anything at all about Baker’s sexual orientation. However, the story that appeared the next day in The Desert Sun was the first printed declaration with a headline about pics of Karl Baker being on a gay “dating” website. By the time the story got elevated into the Associated Press (due to The Desert Sun) the story was emphasizing Baker’s pics were gay oriented, renamed the sex sites “dating sites” and completely ignored the issue of Baker using unauthorized pics.


Karl Baker admitted posting the city council pictures without the permission of photographer Reverend Bruce Montgomery who, when later informed his pics were on sex sites, said he never gave Karl Baker permission to use his pics in that way and was “shocked.” Baker used Montgomery’s pics on many sex sites.

Story of Karl Baker, and City, Goes National

By Friday morning the story began growing to epic proportions. What started on a small radio station quickly went viral after the parent company of The Desert Sun, the Gannett Corporation, put the Karl Baker story on the news wire to be picked up by the Associated Press. Network television climbed aboard the communication train broadcasting Baker’s name and identifying the city on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX television stations across the nation. At this point there was nothing Baker could do to back out of the hole he was in.

The poor city of Desert Hot Springs is always playing second fiddle to the more popular affluence of Palm Springs on the other side of the freeway. In one moment, that was changed by Karl Baker, a one-term councilman.

The aftermath of the publicity, generated by the councilman who justified his many trips to Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, New Orleans and Washington DC as a means to promote the city and put the city on the map, finally accomplished something unimaginable… Karl Baker made the name of the city he was elected to represent known worldwide – for something he did, for the ignoble notoriety of his actions, and not for something the city is enduring with pride.

Story Goes Worldwide

On Friday, the story went worldwide as it was a feature on USA Today. We don’t know how many of the 1.41 million unique viewers on the Yahoo News scroll read the first, abbreviated AP story.  Several thousand have already read about Karl Baker in Cactus Thorns, alone.

Councilman Karl Baker and the city of Desert Hot Springs are now more widely known than ever before. The name of Karl Baker is now more widely known than the mayor Yvonne Parks – or Cabot Yerxa, the founder of the city.

Just a sampling of cities where the AP story appeared last week… Yuma, Arizona; Columbus, Indiana; Lakeland, Florida; Lafourche Parish, Louisiana; Reno, Nevada; Lexington, North Carolina; Gainsville, Florida; and all over California – San Diego, Fresno, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Marin, San Jose, Eureka, Modesto, Fresno, Long Beach and Ventura to name a few.

When the Karl Baker story went global it was found in Japan, Finland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Romania to name a few.

Karl Baker is running for re-election in the November election where three candidates are competing for two open seats.


COUNCILMAN KARL BAKER BLOWS TOP (contains audio files)



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