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City Councilman Posts Naked Pics of Himself on Sex Sites (caution Adult Content)

By   /   September 18, 2011  /   1 Comment

What they did was somehow found out that my name, my screen name – was me,” said Councilman Karl Baker. “At lease I was not arrested in the men’s room at the airport.”

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Councilman Karl Baker Links to Sex Sites

BearDadPSP on BearLounge.com Karl Baker

BearDadPSP on BearLounge.com

Desert Hot Springs, CA – “As long as my name isn’t attached and as long as my face isn’t attached. What they did was somehow found out that my name, my screen name – was me,” said Councilman Karl Baker on the Lee Rayburn talk radio show on KNEWs.

The councilman was referring to his pictures on a sex site under the screen name of “beardadpsp” which is the email address of Karl Baker – beardadpsp@aol.com. Karl Baker, an openly gay man, outed himself by declaring his screen name was BearDadPSP. (listen to audio link below)

Baker went on to say, on live radio, that his pics were “only of his belly” on a “chubby-chaser gay website.” Yet, not more than 12 hours after Baker denied posting naked pictures of himself soliciting sex, we received calls and pics informing us Councilman Karl Baker was openly soliciting sex on dozens of Internet sex sites. It was never about Baker being  “gay.” People who regularly view this type of web site sent the links to us – so we investigated – and this is what we found.

For ADULT VERSION of Karl Baker’s Now Infamous “Belly Pic” Click Here.

These are not merely “gay dating sites” but websites openly displaying pics of genitals and detailing sexual proclivities. Some of the websites associated with the Karl Baker date back to 1997, showing the councilman soliciting sex for some time before his being elected to the city council in 2007. Councilman Karl Baker’s continued heavy on-line activity long into his council term with Baker’s pics popping up on a dozen new sex sites after he was elected, including websites with pictures of Baker by Reverend Bruce Montgomery.

The reverend was shocked Baker used his pics and said he did not give Baker permission to use the pics in this manner.

“At lease I was not arrested in the men’s room at the airport,”

said Councilman Karl Baker on the Rayburn radio show.

Baker is up for re-election in November and told this reporter in an exclusive interview on Friday, September 17, that he believes his exposure has “absolutely no impact at all” on the voters in the city.



BearDadPSP at BearLounge.com Councilman Karl Baker

BearDadPSP at BearLounge.com

Bear Lounge (bearlounge.net)

Description of picture… Pic 1. Full frontal nudity from waste down Pic 2. Full nudity face down on lounge chair (both pics show silver necklace and silver and black bracelet. Baker is also pictured wearing this same jewelry beside his friend mayor Yvonne Parks, also photographs by Reverend Montgomery)

Nude pictures have been removed from Bear Lounge but archives have been captured by screen capture and through Internet “wayback” websites permanently capturing and archiving all Internet webpages for eternity.

BAKER USES PICTURES TAKEN BY REVEREND BRUCE MONTGOMERY TO POST ON SEVERAL OF HIS SEX SOLICITATION WEBSITES (the same pictures of Baker also appear on Rev. Montgomery’s Flickr site also appear on sex solicitation website.)

Gay websites are now posting Reverend Montgomery’s pics of Baker without his permission in posts defending  Baker exposing himself.

Baker, who said he considered it a personal choice made on his own time, said he never thought it was inappropriate to use an image of himself conducting city business to advertise for sexual encounters.“I figured that the only people who were interested in that website would be those who had a specific interest,” he said in a story in The Desert Sun on Sept. 16.


Councilman Karl Baker on nicedaddies.com

Reverend Bruce Montgomery's pics of Councilman Karl Baker are labeled, for eternity, with the NiceDaddies.com website.

Sex Web Sites:

(caution – this is a partial list of ADULT web sites where BearDadPSP Karl Baker has posted.)

roughriderranch.com (shows Baker in city council office)

nicedaddies.com (Bruce Montgomery picture appears on Baker’s page)
leathermensdungeon.com (contains photo of Baker taken by Rev. Montgomery)
…and more


BearDadPSP identifies himself as “active in local politics” and “is a church organist and a full-time high school instructor at a maximum security prison” on several of the websites. Baker says he “enjoys eating Hispanic, Italian and Asian food” is “very oral” “chubby” and a “bottom.”

BearDadPSP on BearLounge.com Karl Baker

Regarding photos taken by Rev. Bruce Montgomery

Reverend Montgomery did not take any pictures of Karl Baker naked. Reverend Montgomery did not give Karl Baker permission to post his pictures on sex sites and said he was “shocked” to learn what the councilman did.

Reverend Bruce Montgomery’s pictures are posted on-line at Fliker.com (flikr.com/photos/rbrucemontgomery)

Reverend Montgomery: As a hobby and community citizen, Reverend Bruce Montgomery is known as the guy documenting every Desert Hot Springs meeting and event with photos he has taken. There is no better or extensive photographic history of the city in recent years than has been taken through the lens of Montgomery’s camera. The photos have been useful to civic clubs, newspapers and even politicians who have used Montgomery’s pictures in their campaign literature. Montgomery freely offers use of his pictures to all. All Reverend Montgomery asks is that he be asked for permission to use the pictures.

See also…

REVEREND OBJECTS TO USE OF PICS ON SEX SITE The story that started it all and went viral on the Associated Press on television and newspapers across the nation before being picked up by Yahoo News and going global with 1.41 million unique views.

COUNCILMAN BLOWS TOP ON RADIO (audio files) Baker comes clean about posting on sex sites. Admits everything and intimidates radio talk show host. Listen in as Baker explains his life in politics in his own words… “Every once in a while they will shake my hand and pass me a check.”

COUNCILMAN BAKER – LIVING LARGE Your tax dollars at work and play.


NEXT…  Tracking Big City Money Going to Baker’s Home Address
(investigation by Desert Star Weekly ongoing with public document request)

Incoming search terms:

  • bearlounge
  • naked pictures of joel klink of 29 palms
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1 Comment

  1. Dean, I am shocked that Baker has been elected as a representative of Desert Hot Springs. What he does in his personal life is his own choice but there has to be a line between personal and public office decorum. Baker’s choices may have something to do with his present mental state of mind due to his age. Is this factor diminishing his capabilities to make rational decisions while he is sitting on the dais? (Just curious, where does the “Reverend” hang his hat, or shall I say camera? Is the church located in Desert Hot Springs?)

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