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Reverend Objects To Use Of Pics On Sex Site (WARNING – Contains Adult Content)

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By profession he is a reverend at Grace Church. As a hobby and community citizen, Reverend Bruce Montgomery is known as the guy documenting every Desert Hot Springs meeting and event with photos he has taken. Montgomery was “shocked” Councilman Karl Baker used his pics on a sex solicitation website.

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“I’m Shocked – I Do Not Approve”

Councilman Karl Baker

Councilman Karl Baker (photo by Bruce Montgomery)

Desert Hot Springs, CA – By profession he is a reverend at Grace Church. As a hobby and community citizen, Reverend Bruce Montgomery is known as the guy documenting every Desert Hot Springs meeting and event with photos he has taken. There is no better or extensive photographic history of the city in recent years than has been taken through the lens of Montgomery’s camera.

The photos have been useful to civic clubs, newspapers and even politicians who have used Montgomery’s pictures in their campaign literature. Montgomery freely offers use of his pictures to all. All Reverend Montgomery asks is that he be asked for permission to use the pictures.

Reverend Montgomery has never had a problem with where his pictures have been used, until now. Montgomery just learned that pictures he has taken have been used on an Internet website used to solicit sex.

Montgomery Shocked

“I’m Shocked. I absolutely do not approve of my pictures being used on those websites.”

Montgomery was responding to an interview on the Lee Rayburn talk radio show with Desert Hot Springs Councilman Karl Baker. In the interview Baker admitted he used Rev. Montgomery’s pictures but explained that Montgomery has a “plethora of pictures available for use.”

“I’m out of town right now for two weeks but when I get back I will have to talk to Karl about that,” said Reverend Montgomery. Montgomery was adamant that he did not give permission for the photo he took to be used in that way.

The use of the picture that Rev. Montgomery finds objectionable is one that shows Desert Hot Springs Councilman Karl Baker sitting at the council dais and appears on the website NiceDaddies.com. NiceDaddies.com is a social networking internet site where people seek partners for sex by describing their sexual attributes and their careers and hobbies.

In the interview, Rayburn questioned Baker’s online presence at which point Karl Baker revealed that a picture appears on the Internet that shows his belly. Baker was emphatic that that picture showed only his belly.

“At one time I was on a gay website. It wasn’t my face picture. It was my belly. I was on a Chubby Chaser’s site,” said Baker.

Rayburn said he was referring to pictures by Rev. Montgomery. Rayburn never mentioned what was pictured. Baker, never denied anything but tried to change the subject.

Karl Baker Playing His Organ (photo by Bruce Montgomery)

“Reverend Montgomery has a plethora of pictures about everybody,” said Baker. Baker denied using any pictures taken by Rev. Montgomery. Baker then revealed, “Somehow they found out that my online screen name was me.”

Councilman Karl Baker

Baker Playing his organ (photo Bruce Montgomery)

We must point out at this juncture that we did contact Baker by telephone and he denied any knowledge of his pictures being on any Internet websites. Although we did notice in our attempts to contact Baker that Baker’s private email address is beardadpsp@aol.com he also denied that the he has any association with that user name or email address.

We did Google search of beardadpsp to see what appeared. That search turns up several links that appear to tie Baker to the screen name, including websites asking for repair advice about a Dodge Ram pickup truck like one Baker used to own, a trip he took to Europe, and postings to newspaper article comments using the same screen name.

Beardadpsp also turns up search results for nearly a dozen sex websites that show various pictures of Baker. Not all show Montgomery’s picture of Karl Baker appearing at the council dais.

Councilman Karl Baker Blows Top – Lee Rayburn Talk Radio (contains audio files)

Desert Hot Springs Councilman Changes Profile Pic on Gay Website (KPSP Television 2)

City Councilman Pulls Pics Off Gay Dating Website (The Desert Sun Daily Newspaper)

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