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Bias is Back

By   /   July 30, 2011  /   2 Comments

Convicted Bank Robber Wife reveals Ex Mayor’s campaign strategy. Rancor festered within the council during the two years of Bias’ term. Votes of people of color not deemed important. Palm Springs Police treated her very well, she says.

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Bank Robber Wife Reveals Campaign Strategy

Desert Hot Springs, CA – “Alex doesn’t think my conviction as a bank robber will have a negative impact on his campaign,” said Carol Bias, convicted of robbing two banks in Palm Springs last year. “I pled guilty in mental court, didn’t go to prison and received probation. I disagree with him and kinda think it might matter to some people.”

The Palm Springs Police captured Carol Bias, age 69, in 2010 after red dye exploded in the money bag in she had in her hands shortly after robbing the Bank of America of over $2,000.00. The first bank robbery of a different Bank of America only netted $486.00. The fortunes of Bias had fallen far.

The 1,500 sq. ft. Real Estate office Bias once occupied on Pierson Boulevard has been empty the last five years. They lost their home to foreclosure, relocating to a low-income apartment.

"The Old Lady Bank Robber"

Carol’s husband, Alex Bias, served as mayor for two years from 2005-07. Trouble started just prior to the election when Bias was attacked in the media for not paying bills owed to contractors. Supporters claimed complaints were racially based and not relevant to leadership.

Trouble continued when Bias painted his city hall office pink and blue, continuing with a series of uproars making the news, adding to the public perception that Bias’ leadership was questionable at best. Rancor festered within the council during the two years of Bias’ term.

During a public council meeting Mayor Bias made daily newspaper headlines when telling then council member [now mayor] Yvonne Parks to “go play with yourself.”

Bias lost the 2007 election to Parks, now serving her second term.

“I don’t plan on robbing any more banks right now,” said Carol Bias, explaining the judge issued a gag order preventing her from talking about the matter. However, she did explain her husband’s 2011 campaign strategy.

“Alex told me to tell you that the primary reason he won the [2005] election was because of the white vote. Alex is not looking for the Hispanic or Black vote because he knows they don’t vote.”

Carol Bias also explained the redness in her mug shot was due to “the sticky red dye” and not any police brutality resulting from her arrest. “The Palm Springs Police treated me really well. They fed me a TV dinner before getting transferred to the Banning Jail.”

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  1. lester dean says:

    I am a old buddy of Alex Bias and I have some juice stories to tell you about our Army service days. Mrs park may want to contact me. This will end any hopes of Alex Bias becoming mayor. My stories will shed new light on the old mayor. Yes, my story is true and can be verified.

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