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Seems Our Boy Has Done Sumpin’ Rash…

By   /   July 14, 2011  /   12 Comments

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A good spankin"

Fontana, Calif.- While the members of Yucca Valley Town Council may be sitting by the pool this hot July trying to stay cool especially since there are no regular meetings, it seems the “sixth” member of our Council has decided to meddled in Fontana’s political arena.

Ooops! That’s right, Town Manager Mark Nuaimi does not live in Yucca Valley….he still lives in Fontana! Besides, he said he was not going to walk away from 12 years as their Mayor and I guess it was important for him to attend the Fontana Council meeting last Tuesday.

Nuaimi rose to the height of his political career in Fontana starting out as a humble citizen activist and must have forgotten about his roots. Okay, maybe the description of “humble” is a stretch for Nuaimi and is not in his dictionary.  I thought it had a nice ring to it.

Having  just celebrated his one year anniversary as an employee of the Town of Yucca Valley, Nuaimi is no longer flying without a net and now has a six month severance package in place as of July 6, 2011.  We can only hope that Nuaimi will be seeking a larger (money) pond instead of hanging out in the shrinking (money) mud hole in this wild wild west outpost.  Moreno Valley just hired six months ago and they “lost” his application at Upland. There will be an opening this December in Temecula with their manager presently receiving a $300,000+ salary, with benefits. So start praying folks, for a chance that the Yucca Valley citizens will be saved from being strapped with overwhelming debt that is Nuaimi’s specialty.

Hanging out with the young unpolished Bucks of Yucca Valley has rubbed off on Nuaimi and I can’t say that it has been positive, in my opinion.  Living in the Wild West among our beautiful starry night skies and sloshing back a few drinks with them when he has to stay in Yucca Valley overnight has started to affect Nuaimi.

Our most professional Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, representing the Town of Yucca Valley as our hired employee, went to the Fontana City Council meeting to chastise a young attractive citizen-activist who is proposing District representation for her fair city.

In front of God and the Fontana City Council, Nuaimi said, “SHE NEEDS A SPANKING!”

Yep, our boy is hangin’ with dem younger Bucks of Yucca!






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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:


    The only thing missing from this news piece is the proper opening sentence — “Once upon a time in a mind far from reality (or the truth) …”

    Your lying is uncontrollable. For example, Upland couldn’t lose something that was never submitted. I never applied for the Upland position. NEVER! I had heard that you were spreading that rumor and it should be pretty clear to those reading your comments that your hopes are that I’d be leaving.

    Feel free to pray however you want but I’m committed to my job and the commitment I made to the Town Council when they hired me and the men and women of the Town staff who I’m honored to work with. As I have shared with my Town family (staff), I know that I was blessed to get the job in Yucca Valley when I did. I KNOW that I’m right where God wants me to be and He has remained faithful to my family, providing me this opportunity.

    Now onto your next lie about my comments at the recent Fontana City Council meeting. A little backdrop here: in the last election in November, there were a number of candidates who ran for elective office based upon misinformation and fear-mongering. One of them is the “young attractive citizen-activist who is proposing District representation for her fair city” that Margo so admires. This is the same person who came to a Yucca Valley Town Council meeting right after I began working for the Town to warn the Council of my background.

    This person — Tami Wetzel — was annexed into Fontana against her family’s wishes when I was the Mayor. Many of her family’s properties had active code enforcement cases being prosecuted by the County and the Code Violations continued in the City of Fontana. So this “citizen-activist” (who by the way ran for council in spite of 2 felony convictions on her record and then sued the newspapers and DA for reporting she could never hold elective office as a felon) decided to take on the City and it’s leadership. They LOST by huge margins in November and now are attempting a recall of the entire city council and proposing a district-based representation (like San Bernardino & Colton) in a desperate attempt to get elected.

    So with that as some background information, here is the link to the video from the Council meeting:


    My comments are offered under Public Communications and begin at the 32:50 mark of the video. The comments that Margo misrepresents begin at 37:20 of the video and here is what I said:

    “Either they (Wetzel and Espinoza) are incredibly stupid or they are incredible evil and they want to deceive this community because they’re not happy that they lost. Elections have consequences … and THEY GOT SPANKED IN NOVEMBER. They need to take their whooping and just go back and regroup; but not send this community into an upheaval because of misinformation and pure ignorance.”

    It’s unfortunate when self-interested people decide to use misinformation to promote their agenda. And whether it’s in the City where I live or the Town where I work, I’ll call out those people who seek to deceive. Have a wonderful weekend Margo fabricating your next piece.

    • @Mark -Ya got me on the Fontana comment! I should have declared that I did not attend the meeting. The two individual callers apparently did not hear what you said when they relayed the story to me.

      As I am not able to view your video link and comment time slot,I will take your word.

      I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you on this issue.

      Thank you for the correction regarding your attendance and comments at the Fontana City Council meeting.

      With the above exception, I stand on my post.



      • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

        Mark, I resent you calling Margo a “liar”. She is not and she is a credible, honorable person. As promised to Thorns readers, Margo verified her story with two sources. Those sources got it wrong, not her.

        I viewed the video (because unlike Margo, I have a high speed Flashbyte wireless connection). I found Mark’s comment were not inappropriate. I loved his lambasting Congressional leaders for terrorizing veterans and seniors concerning the threat of withholding benefits.

        I understand how tempers can flare since we all are human. However, Mark, please be careful with your choice of words. Thank you.

      • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:


        Provide the email from the City of Upland indicating they had “lost” the application that you claim was submitted for their City Manager vacancy. You are a liar and you won’t be able to produce it because there was never an application submitted nor will there be. Or did you receive two phone calls claiming / speculating / conjuring up that lie??

        Ben (aka Branson) — I don’t believe your attesting to Margo’s credibility carries any water nor should you be carrying her water. If Margo receiving two phone calls demonstrates the level of her research when slandering a person’s reputation, it’s pretty clear that presenting truthful, accurate information is not her goal here. And Ben, please don’t lecture me about choice of words… I have seen time and again profanities emanating from keyboards all throughout this blog and not once do you admonish people to watch their language.

        • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

          Mark, perhaps a review the most fundamental of FPPC ethical expected of public officials would help with your frustrations with Margo.

          FPPC 1-2-3-4 ethics, as follows: “Focus on the merits in discussions, not personality traits or other issues.”

          It’s okay to admonish me, however, you are a City Manager being paid to conduct public affairs and discourse with civility and with professionalism.

          Seriously, bro, have a very relaxing weekend.

  2. @Nuaimi-Yucca Valley has a population of 20,700 with an average income of $28,000 and you think it is okay to raise taxes on these folks? I do not agree and your “Fontana Sim Card” will not work here.

    The facts will reveal your efforts in Fontana with your magic RDA money and no bid contracts. Time will unfold the outcome and when it happens, the current Mayor will be left holding the bag. (Good move for your career.)

    While talented, you do not have the experience of a Town Manager and you are “practicing” on Yucca Valley.

    What a blessing for Colton in their turnaround to undue the financial tangled mess.Their ex-Town Manager went to Covina right?

    Another thing, if you are so confident of your loving staff, I would suggest an open website with email address where they can lodge their fears and complaints without reprisal or intimidation by you. You could follow the example of Riverside PD with their annual evaluations of their peers.

    And lastly, as a Father you try to raise your children to know right from wrong but there are times when kids will be kids and they will do stupid things.

    If your daughter “needs to be taught a lesson” and you call the authorities on her, I would hope it would remain a family matter even after you expunged her record. The fact that you cite this instance as your banner reflects on you in a bad light.

    So quick to judge others are you? Now that this young rebel teenager is all grown up, her father has handed over his real estate empire for her to run. That says a lot about their “family matter” that you take joy in disclosing for your own jolly.How disgusting!

    It takes a great fatherly love for his child to take the action to prosecute. Everyone admires him and especially the now grown-up mature daughter that is the better person standing tall against the mud slinging instead of focusing on the issues.

    Now you are going to tell me that this would NEVER happen in your family?

    Life happens.

    Thanks again for your comments and link(s), as always.

  3. John Q says:

    Young is getting older every year. According to public record, Tammi is now 43 years old. Her first Grand Theft violation to which she pled guilty was in 1995, 16 years ago, which would have made her 27 years old, hardly a “young rebel teenager.”

    Further, according to public record, Ms. Wetzel attended Biola University. Biola = Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Surely, she was taught right from wrong.

    John Q

    • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

      … and the heavens opened and a voice of reason came down upon the masses. Thanks to John Q for actually taking the time to research a little.

      • John Q says:

        … and furthermore says the voice from the heavens … according to the Harbor – Newport Beach Court, there were two hearings, one on 12/12/96 and the second on 4/10/07 for Probation Violation Arraignments.

        Hmmm … Not a good sign for good character or judgement.

        John Q

  4. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    Mark and Margo, regarding the reference to “district representation”, can both of you very briefly state your respective case on how or how not this would benefits Yucca Valley? I think the readers would appreciate the information.

    If there is a citizens initiative on the Yucca Valley ballot in November dealing with a change in the Town Charterer from Elections at Large to to District Representation, your respective input will shed a light on the subject.

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