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29 Palms: Some troubling FPPC 700s

By   /   June 23, 2011  /   3 Comments

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The following pdf file is the most current (2011) FPPC Statement of Economic Interest on file at City Hall in Twentynine Palms. The City Clerk was kind enough to provide them to Cactus Thorns via e-mail in pdf format. They have been put up online as a public service so people may be aware of the economic interests or identify possible conflicts of interest of their public and elected officials.  See Highlights / Commentary infra.

The following files are copies of FPPC Form 700 filed by five city councilmen; five planning commissioners; three city attorneys; City Manager Richard Warne, City Community Development Charles LaClaire; and three department heads.

Link to  FPPC PDF- 29 Palms elected and public officials

All told, there are 64 pages to the pdf file. Below is a quick reference for your convenience:

Councilman John Cole – Page 1
Councilman Jay Corbin – Page 5
Councilman James Harris – Page 11
Councilman Joel Klink – Page 16
Councilman Daniel Mintz Sr. – Page 19
City Manager Warne – No FPPC Form 700 filed.

Commissioner Cary Alderson – Page 29
Commissioner Christina Benton – Page 31
Commissioner Bill Ester – Page 32
Commissioner Steve Whitten – Page 33
Commissioner Gregory Mendoza – Page 36

Ihrke William, Associate – Page 37
Jennifer Farrell, Associate – Page 39
A. Patrick Munoz, City Attorney – Page 41

Richard Warne, City Manager/Executive Director – Page 63
Charles LaClaire, Community Development Director  – Page 58
Three department heads  – Pages 59, 60 and 22, respectively

In re City Manager, Richard Warne,  and Community Development Director, Charles LaClaire: Both have declared under penalty of perjury they have no assets, no income, no financial interests. Scofflaw? You’d want to especially be concerned with the statement of these two officials. They must be in financial need. Perhaps they should be first in line at the local food bank and for welfare benefits.

Councilman Jay Corbin’s consulting business has taken off since his election.  One  consulting contract on land issues is particular troubling: Tititlik Support Services Inc. in Twentynine Palms.  Since when does a councilman do land consulting with a locally bases business when he is a City Councilman? Corbin has six other consulting contracts for land use. The names and addresses of the firm are listed on the 700, however there is no clue as to where these contracts are to be performed, were entered into or the situs of the land use. They are also troubling.

Councilman Dan Mintz owns a combination of properties, lots, businesses and building structures in Twentynine Palms. Nine of those properties are claimed as exempt under Gov. Code Section  Sect. 6254.21 (an exemption allowed for an officials home (plural)). This means that the public does not know where these nine properties are located. Some are vacant lots.  This situation evokes a massive potential for misunderstanding, and a the huge propensity for conflict of interest is greater than any other public official in town because of the City’s redevelopment plans and its impacted areas.  Councilman Mintz was on the planning immediately prior to being elected councilman. Surely there are going to be votes that come up to which call for recuse vote(s).

Councilman Dan Mintz owns interest in many properties in Twentynine Palms, including the bowling center, its restaurant and bar, and income property on San Gorgonio. Some of which are situated in the redevelopment impacted area. That gives rise to potential conflicts of interest whereby he would be required to recuse when/should votes come before him.

Councilman Dan Mintz is also a stockholder in Morongo Basin Broadcasting Company (owner Gary Daigneault) . Local power influences including Theater 29 are sledgehammering  mighty blows for a  new performing arts theater in Twentynine Palms –and for the attentive ears of City Council Members.  We are sure Councilman Mintz will want to be very careful to avoid any conflict of interest when voting on  issues in which Gary Daigneault has been lobbyist for the performing arts theater. Daigneault is also immediate past President of Theater 29  and is currently a board director — as well as past immediate president of the 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Mintz is a good man. I know that from personal experience. I hope he updates his properties where applicable so they may be known to the public.

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Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. Jay Harry vip1234 says:

    With the above statements about Danny Mintz shouldn’t he have recused himself from the vote to purchase the bonds for the RDA?

  2. Wally Peepers Wally Peepers says:

    You mean Councilman Mintz may have violated FPPC laws. What are you pussies in 29 going to do about it?

  3. Mark Clemons says:

    one great thing about our form of government, its representative of the citizens that vote, 29 is as the voters wished. good job people, the next generation will thank us for our superb stewardship iam sure.

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