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REDUX: City Council has Marathon Meeting 2010

By   /   May 16, 2014  /   12 Comments

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(POSTED JANUARY 13, 2010)-In your typical fashion Gary D gets it wrong again. Its almost as if he is compelled to get it wrong. The appeal for the stop light was approved not as Gary suggests in his radio reports this morning denied.

Mayor Flock asked the City Attorney after the vote, “Does that mean the motion was denied?”

The City Attorney A. Patrick Munoz said, “No, that means that the appeal was upheld.”

The builder will be required additional conditions and more money for a future stop light.

Flock who has it in for Steve Spear was in rare form, going against Spear at every opportunity. Many in attendance thought he made a complete ass of himself.

In other news. after years of harassment from Code Enforcement Officer Gary Blackman, Commercial Sidewalk displays have been approved  by the council. The caveat being that Pedestrians can not be blocked from passing. Its about time that finally passed.

Farmers Markets have been approved by the City Council. This should be great for yours truly.

The Chamber got approval for their name to be emblazoned across the front of a City Building. I guess since the city owns the Chamber now it is fitting. Too bad that the Business Community has been thrown under the bus, but hey it’ll make Gary D happy and that is all that counts, right?

Sherry Hall will be getting a surprise soon in the way of a bill from the City of Twentynine Palms for back Bed Taxes. Many in the audience talked about sending her a $1000.00 bill and have her prove she didn’t owe it. Not many  in attendance showed much compassion for her and others who have scofflawed all this time while pointing fingers at everyone else.

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  1. Looks like the Halls’ removed some guest comments and dates from the hungrybunnyranch.com web site in order to cheat

  2. desertracerswife desertracerswife says:

    To bad she was caught before. Thank goodness for screen prints.

    Word to the wise Ms. Hall (ya I know you read this)…. if you want to put yourself out there into the public you better make sure your nose is clean first.

  3. Gary Daigneault surely has one big sticker lodged firmly between his cheeks when it comes to Councilman Steve Spear.

    Is that because Gary doesn’t like the public or said Councilman questioning or intervening with his wheeling and dealing with, and masturbation of, the Gang of Four Councilmen?

    The permanence on the facade on that city building showing it’s a Chamber of Commerce Building is an conspiratorial outrage. Pure and simple special interest with corrupts the public trust in local government.

    Why are you whining like a spoiled little turd child over the time spend on discussing the new Hampton Inn hotel. Is it because you are hustling the Gang of Four as they have put you and your silly little Chambermaids in a City’s building, and the City has you (as President of Theatre 29) in another building, free of rent.

    Reasonable and prudent people want to error on the side of public safety. Hwy. 62 near the Slater’s shopping area is an extreme danger. The Hamption Inn chipping in $15 thousand for future developments/improvements concerning the safety of the area is a mere burb and an insult.

    You really need to separate reporting hard local news stories from your special interests and massaging the Gang of Four. Until then, you are not a journalist.

    • People, you be the judge.

      Read Daigneault’s KCDZ 107.7 FM story on the City Council in re the Hamption Inn (TWENTYNINE PALMS CITY COUNCIL APPROVES HAMPTON INN IN MARATHON SESSION). Gary’s story is so slanted it stinks. Gary sunk to an all time low on this appalling report. He’s completely lost it in my opinion as a credible journalist.

      Now read journalist Courtney Vaughn’s story in the DESERT TRAIL, “Hotel project moves ahead“. Ms. Vaughn did an outstanding job as a journalist. I applaud her (and her publisher) for reporting the truth to the community on last night’s meeting.

      • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

        I must agree she did a bang up job. That was the way I saw the meeting. She just said it far better than I. BUt then she gets paid the big bucks (Well she should be) for her professional writing.

  4. Why did the chamber give $12000 to the welcome center down the road a few months ago when 29 has their own visitor center?

  5. HDent HDent says:

    Want a good read? Try,

    California Municipal Law Chapter VII § 7.1.05 BIDDING.
    (concerns the 29 Palms visitors center)


    California Municipal Law Chapter II § 2.3.05 PROHIBITED CONTRACTS.
    (concerns members of the GPAC) Check out- (C)To Whom Government Code Section 1090 Applies.
    California Municipal Law Chapter II § 2.3.25 REDEVELOPMENT CONFLICTS.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      You’re just going to have to stop confusing people with things like… the LAW. This is Twentynine Palms, don’t you know, and things here work a little different.

    • I had a dreamed last night.

      Four of the five councilmen were recalled in a unanimously popular house cleaning. Dan posted a story, “GANG OF FOUR PUT TO THE MAT.” Dan lead was,”They didn’t know what hit them.”

      Dan describe the four councilmen gathered in a circle in front of City Hall. They held hands on the grass, and began to chant. The four former councilmen went on to do good things for the city.Their respect was restored.

      They started a 29 Clean-Team. Jimmy drove his classic cars pulling an open trailer. They kept the streets clean. People loved the work they did, and cheered. They even recruited High-school student to help.

      The Chamber of Commerce went back to work serving the needs of their membership business owners; they actually got back to the basics of their bylaws. Membership in the Chamber grew in numbers and once again gained the respect of the city.

      Gary was replaced by Steve Brown. The new City Council gave up on their efforts to contract out a tourist bureau.

      The City sold the building to women’s shelter.

      The new Council shook down the corporate offices of the Hampton Inn for more money, Caltrans gave a heads up for the stop light, that went up. Business actually increased along that portion of town because traffic slowed and all the business thrived. It brought in more tax money to the city.

      Gary wrote a successful play, stared in it, for Theatre 29. He called it: “Overbearing Pride.” Also appearing was John Cole, Steve Flock, Joel Klink and Jim Harris. It was a buddy comedy about redemption.

      I laughed so hard It woke me up.

      • desertracerswife desertracerswife says:

        You know, that would be a wonderful dream.

        TO bad it will only be a dream.

        Corruption and politics have always gone hand in hand and I don’t see it ever changing.

  6. desertracerswife desertracerswife says:

    Thank you very much HDent.

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