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Take it to the forum

By   /   May 12, 2013  /   2 Comments

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Sometimes I think that folks get so passionate about their heartfelt postings that they forget that there are others who want to comment too. Thats why we have a forum.

Everyone loves comments on their blog. It makes you feel like you are on the right track. But sometimes a topic just takes over a blog. The Gun Range Controversy is one of those topics.

I really don’t want to be an inconsiderate prick and I want to encourage comments, but sometimes I have to ask my readers to take it to the proper area. That area is the Forum. That is why I opened up the Forum at the first of the year. It allows those who want to really get into the nitty gritty of a subject free and complete access to express themselves.

This is going to be a very very busy year with elections and the usual local politics, and I expect that the comments will be getting hot and heavy in the next few months. That is why getting used to commenting in the forum will pay dividends later on when we’ll have hundreds of comments a day.

Thank you for your loyalty and your understanding in this matter.

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  1. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    Good call, Wizard Dan. The gun range should go to the Forum Feed discussion. Now what about your babies, the ORV or the Sherry Hall discussions?

    Just checking, my friend?

  2. Because the forum is like the boxing ring does anything go? The forum could be a great place for the foul language, insults, name calling and the like. “If you cant take the heat get out of the forum”

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