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Mark Nuaimi’s Next Moves…..

By   /   June 20, 2011  /   22 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.- The Nuaimi Council will soon declare a “fiscal crisis/emergency” of the Town of Yucca Valley.  They are piggy backing off the recent ban of septic tank use in Yucca Valley in order to place a sales tax initiative of  a 1% increase in taxes as a revenue stream to float a bond of $95 million dollars which will only need 50% + 1 vote to pass.

This tactic is a way to go around the required 2/3 voter approval for any tax increase.

Nuaimi is following the lead of other towns and cities that have declared  “fiscal emergencies” because they were unable to balance their budgets due to rising pension costs, etc.  The Town of Yucca Valley is not facing such emergency and is presenting a balanced budget while banking more money into their reserve account.

The Hi-Desert Water District is the lead agency for the sewer and wastewater treatment facility and are facing a time restriction to get everything funded, up and running.  This is not the town’s crisis but a means to generate money to go into their general fund for other projects.  Town Manager Mark Nuaimi has designed a way for the town to benefit to improve their parks and roads by piggy backing off the HDWD crisis.

Part of this Town debt is to finance the Brehm Sports Complex of several grass soccer fields and maintenance of the grounds at approximately $350,000.00 per year.  Another part is to repair the roads in town that have not been funded because no developer impact fees have been collected and Yucca Valley’s infrastructure was in shambles when they became a town. The other part will be a “loan” to the Hi-Desert Water District.

The State Revolving Fund said they would not accept the Town’s tax revenue stream as security for their loans. They prefer assessment districts (lien on the properties) as their primary funding source and any tax revenue would be secondary.

Look for the “Council” to appoint another member to fill the vacated seat of Mayor Pro-tem Frank Luckino who recently resigned due to his conflict of interest.  Luckino has been dispatched to the remote outpost as  Assistant General Manager/CFO of the HDWD  Titanic waiting for the Town of Yucca Valley to rescue them.

Look for a second “ditto head” appointee to sit on the Nuaimi Town Council to rubber stamp his next razzle-dazzle which will put the Town into bonding debt.  Nuaimi needs a 5-0 vote to declare the “emergency” to place the tax on the ballot in November. Having exiled the most experienced town council members to other destinations, ( Mayes and Luckino), Nuaimi will be in charge of inexperienced members that will not even question his moves, or thoroughly read the 300+ page agendas due to the learning curve required.

Nuaimi has been quoted to say, “Debt is Good!”

On the big chess board:

1. Nuaimi increases the TOT bed tax for any hotel/motel stay in Yucca Valley as a revenue stream for the Town.

2. Nuaimi will be in control of the new Animal Shelter setting up debt repayments in five years from the completion of construction. 

3. Nuaimi will “give away” the PFF building without concern for cash payment as per the Yucca Valley Town Council/RDA giving him that authority.

4. Nuaimi will complete the Senior Housing Project by placing the Town of Yucca Valley into more debt by bonding to cover the  “gap funding” citing lack of grant funding.

5. Nuaimi will pursue the Blue Skies Golf Course and “bond” into more debt to rebuild the golf course citing the need to “store” Town water by forming assessment districts on the Country Club Estates properties that will benefit from this revival.  He will receive discounted water rates, violating Prop 218, in exchange for “purchasing” the NOTE, not the trust deed,  from HDWD after they strip the water rights. The Town will then secure the ownership by eminent domain, citing health and safety hazards.

6. Another “Crown Jewel” will be his eminent domain taking of private properties within the Town.  A specialty of his in Colton and Fontana resulting in several law suits still pending against those two cities. Look for Nuaimi to bring in his “eminent domain specialists” to handle these matters.  Church Street acquisition will be the first among many on his list while the Town Council sits in awe and wonder.

7. Nuaimi’s sights will be set on annexing the Yucca Mesa. He enjoyed annexing both in Colton and Fontana  in the past.  Having served on LAFCO Board at the Mesa’s last appearance to fend off the sphere of influence, he has the inside track for this move.

8. After consuming the Mesa, Nuaimi will be in place to finally catch the last “Golden Ring” of taking over the financially distressed Hi-Desert Water District out of their looming bankruptcy doldrums because  HDWD CFO/AGM Frank Luckino will have continued to balance his budget by running down the reserves and other steps of mismanagement by a Staff without any water or utility experience.

Look for the “Newbie” Yucca Valley Town Council smoking their hookah pipes in their “Nuaimi Trance” as they sit idle in awe trying to figure out what is taking place ten steps after the fact.

Keep nodding, keep nodding….remember Nuaimi’s words, “Debt is good!”

As for Luckino……checkmate!

Luckino-Check Mate!

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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Margo — please cite the article or provide the link to the video where I stated “Debt is Good!” I Googled the statement along with my name and not surprisingly that statement is attributed to me by you and David Peach in a letter to the editor. I went through pages of links and found references to Redevelopment Debt and there was always a context included in statements concerning Redevelopment — for example, “redevelopment debt represents investment made by outside investors.” Or statements that “debt represents investment in infrastructure and other quality of life improvements that help bring value to a community.” I know I’ve made those comments in the past. But just a statement that “Debt is Good!” — please show the story where I was quoted in context simply making that statement.

    This is just another example of if you repeat it often enough, people will believe anything.

    Next issue … you use the word “bond” or “bonding” four times if I counted correctly and it’s clear from your use that you are unaware of how debt issuance works. So let me help in this regard:

    1) When a government agency “bonds”, they are bonding (issuing debt) against an identified revenue stream. The more common bonding you’ll find are school bonds, redevelopment bonds, general obligation bonds, etc.

    2) A government agency won’t bond unless they have identified priority improvements that need an infusion of capital to complete the construction. But more importantly, a government agency will bond ONLY WHEN THEY CAN MAKE THE DEBT SERVICE PAYMENTS.

    3) Typically, it’s better if you can “pay as you go” … avoiding the costs of issuing bonds and having to pay interest on the debt servicing. But there will be circumstances where the debt service costs are less than the cost escalation to deliver infrastructure projects … so agencies will bond and construct the infrastructure.

    4) You can only “bond” if someone is willing to purchase your bonds. Those investors will only buy your bonds if you pay them a rate of return commensurate to the risk involved in the issuance of that debt. So an agency can’t simply issue debt — someone has to be willing to make that loan!

    Now onto your specific speculation. You claim that the Town will look to pass a sales tax measure to then “float a bond of $95 million”. That is wrong. The Town has proposed a 1% sales tax measure that will generate over $90 million (in constant dollars) OVER THE LIFE OF THE SALES TAX (30 years) and a portion of those annual dollars would be used to make a portion of the debt service payments on the state revolving loan that the HDWD would enter into with the state. The Town would not be BONDING. If the HDWD is able to pass the assessment district, the HDWD would be borrowing money from the state and the sales tax would make a portion of the payments on behalf of the property owners / sewer customers. As we have shared repeatedly, the best estimate is that the debt service payments would be reduced by 60-65% using the current model.

    You then cap off this Opinion/Speculation piece with a number of claims that border on absurdity. You take real issues like a road improvement project and the need to purchase right of way and twist that into an eminent domain warning. You cite alleged “lawsuits” in Colton and Fontana as evidence — please cite the case numbers and the plaintiffs in those current cases. You won’t be able to because I can tell you in the 14 years on the City Council in Fontana, the number of “eminent domain” cases that actually went to a court could be counted on one hand. A overwhelming majority of “eminent domain” cases never make it to the courtroom because the agency and property owner agree to terms of land sales. Your warning against eminent domain is even more baseless when you consider the FACT that the Yucca Valley Redevelopment Agency DOESN’T HAVE THE POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN!

    Then you throw in the nonsense about expanding the sphere of influence … annexation is coming, annexation is coming … pretty soon folks will begin to realize that this is part of a Chicken Little “the sky is falling” routine and they’ll grow tired of the game you seem to be playing.

    • Mark Nuaimi “Debt is Good!”-

      1. Coming right up on YouTube courtesy of Fontana City Council meeting….stay tuned.

      2.Second source: “Debt is Good!” Hunter Ridge blog-checking archives.

      Please see my comments below for further information.

  2. 1. “Debt is Good!” — please show the story where I was quoted in context simply making that statement.

    **Are you saying you DID NOT make that statement?

    2. …”government agency “bonds”, they are bonding (issuing debt) against an identified revenue stream.” ….

    “A government agency won’t bond unless they have identified priority improvements that need an infusion of capital to complete the construction. But more importantly, a government agency will bond ONLY WHEN THEY CAN MAKE THE DEBT SERVICE PAYMENTS.”

    **1% sales tax=revenue stream. Mandated sewers=identified priority improvements. Government OR Private Party bonds.

    3. “….there will be circumstances where the debt service costs are less than the cost escalation to deliver infrastructure projects … so agencies will bond and construct the infrastructure.”

    **Thank you for confirming this issue. My point exactly. Debt service costs are like the monthly minimum payments ON BOND DEBT.

    4. “The Town has proposed a 1% sales tax measure that will generate over $90 million (in constant dollars) OVER THE LIFE OF THE SALES TAX (30 years) and a portion of those annual dollars would be used to make a portion of the debt service payments on the state revolving loan that the HDWD would enter into with the state.”

    **$95 million corrected to $90 million. Time will tell.

    **Increased sales tax revenues does not pencil out in the first five years unless there is a bond against these revenues
    as a funding source. How are you going to get $13 million in the first two years to pave the streets as per your own proposals.

    **As per HDWD GM Ed Muzik, the State Revolving Fund WILL NOT accept the town’s 1% sales tax revenue as the primary funding source for their loan(s). This information was not available until recently.

    5.”A overwhelming majority of “eminent domain” cases never make it to the courtroom because the agency and property owner agree to terms of land sales.”

    **My point exactly. Eminent domain cases never make it to the COURTROOM, however, they were in fact filed against the City.

    6. “Yucca Valley Redevelopment Agency DOESN’T HAVE THE POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN!”

    **Nice try Mark. I never said the RDA had powers of eminent domain. The Town of Yucca Valley has these powers and has recently issued notcies of abatement on the Golf Course.

    7…..”nonsense about expanding the sphere of influence … annexation is coming, annexation is coming …”

    **Are you trying to say that you have never annexed properties in Fontana? Hmmm?

    **Well there you have it readers. Some smokin’ mirrors for you to evaluate. The most telling part of this story are the items that have not been addressed by Nuaimi. His email blast tactic is to shotgun splatter the story with a number of statements and comments, this time without any links….quite a few capitalization though, to try get his point across.

    More facts will be revealed when the “financial consultant” offers more details on the 1% sales tax proposal. By the way, they attached several pages of their past completed bonds issued for sewers and infrastructure….hmmmm?

  3. Charla says:

    As I was meditating this morning, I asked about who would be the next Joshua Springs corporate church member to fill the vacancy left by Frank Luckino and low and behold, Tim Humphreville’s face just popped right up. Am I surprised? No waaaaaaay! Just another extreme pro-mega-development nail in Yucca Valley’s hometown coffin if we don’t slow down this hostile takeover of our Town (legally CITY) Council.

    There are ways to grow smart without paving over paradise and putting up a senior center on the main boulevard, but then, those ways might not line a lot of people’s pockets as nicely. Bob Thatcher warned about the inherent mistake of that one. Sabrina, please find a buyer for the old PFF building (again) before they dump it in a fire sale.

    Will I vote ‘yes’ for a shared tax to fund the sewer system AND a handful of Town projects??? It’s not a bad idea to get visitors who purchase locally to help with sewer costs (since it appears it is going to be shoved down our throats one way or another) in order to continue large development projects, but I have tightened my budget and am not spending unnecessarily although there are many things I want but do not have to buy now. Yes, the Town needs more soccer and softball fields, but is now the time?

    So the answer to that question is a resounding NO.

  4. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Did I miss the posting of the YouTube that was promised??

    “1. Coming right up on YouTube courtesy of Fontana City Council meeting….stay tuned.”

    I can’t wait to walk down memory lane watching some of the old council meetings in Fontana.

    ….. tick, tock, tick, tock ….

    • @ Mark Nuaimi’s Five YouTube links….

      Nope. “Debt is Good” not posted yet. …I do not know how to post on YouTube. It’s out of my hands.

      Relax…take a deep breath. You are acting out of character with your over the top anticipation and anxiety…you must be bored.

      Say! How about that five hour City Council meeting in Colton about the 29 acre landfill? Would you like me to send you the newspaper link to the story since no one is discussing the real story…the golf course, the 1% increase in sales tax, skirting the 2/3 voter requirement for tax, etc.

      Thanks for your loyal readership and posting on Cactus Thorns. I hope DanO’s second quarter ranking are to the moon!

  5. Hi Mark. Unfortunately I am also waiting for the YouTube link from another source….tick tocking too on this end.

    I do have the story ready to post “sitting in the oven at Cactus Thorns.”

    A neighbor of yours at Hunters Ridge sent me a link to a neighborhood blog with these quotes, but you know, you can’t always trust some of those other Blogs.

    It is signed Mayor Mark, which isn’t usually your style. The body of the remarks is definitely your style because you state factual data on the benefits of RDA and you came down on the commentator as a possibly disgruntled annexed citizen that doesn’t use his/her real name.

    Your “neighbor” did not use his/her real name either.

  6. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Margo, still waiting for the quote “Debt is Good” … I can’t imagine you would have attributed that to me without having double verified it like you claim to always do. But once again you skirt the issue. Since you seem to rely on other people to do your verification, here is one of many statements / blogs I have made concerning RDA (not RFA) debt:

    You can find it at:

    December 2010

    “Here we go … every three or five years there’s an article about the huge debt that Fontana Redevelopment Agency is paying down. So let’s review the facts:

    1) Redevelopment Debt is issued ONLY AFTER there is sufficient tax increment to make the debt service payments. Simple way to explain it, if you don’t have the income to buy the house, nobody will loan you the money;

    2) Fontana’s Redevelopment Agency has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in projects throughout the community to bring infrastructure to areas that didn’t have infrastructure. Projects like: Baseline Avenue widening / Storm Drain improvement, Foothill Blvd/ widening, Sierra Avenue Widening, Citrus Avenue Widening, Fontana Park development, Lewis Library & Technology Center, Fontana Senior Community Center, Heritage Community Center, Cypress Avenue overcrossing, senior housing projects (400 units near Metrolink), support of Chaffey College expansion in Fontana;

    3) Fontana’s Redevelopment Agency will continue investing in the community through projects like Duncan Canyon/I-15 interchange, Citrus/I-10 interchange, Fontana Sports Complex (along the 210 freeway), the 85 acres of land adjacent to the I-15 / Duncan Canyon interchange, additional affordable projects along Valley Blvd., completion of the Pacific Electric Trail system;

    4) This myth of corporate welfare is just that … a myth! Sure Redevelopment is used to incentivize some projects to move forward (normally through land purchases). But once the Agency provide monetary subsidy to a project, it triggers prevailing wages on that project, which normally drives the costs up on that project to the point where it doesn’t pencil out;

    5) Through Redevelopment investment in infrastructure and quality of life amenities in Fontana, the sales tax went from $7 million / year in 1996 to a peak of $29 million in 2008. Total property valuation in Fontana went up 250% during the same time period;

    6) For communities like Fontana & Rancho Cucamonga, Redevelopment Agencies are an integral part of our economic engine because we only get 3% of the property taxes (unlike other cities that get 17% of their property taxes).

    So to all you RDA haters and Fontana bashers, don’t worry — the Agency is in the BLACK, making tons of investments throughout the community, and is one of the reasons why Fontana was able to become one of the 100 Best Communities in America for Young People.

  7. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Tick …. tock …. tick …. tock … still waiting Margo. At least share with us the link to the Hunter’s Ridge website that my “neighbor” provided. And, by the way Margo, if my “neighbor” didn’t provide his /her name, how do you know it’s a “neighbor” and not one of the number of disgruntled activists from Colton or Fontana who actually came to one of my first council meetings here in Yucca Valley to continue their assault on my reputation?

    In life we’re often taught “consider the source” before passing along information regarding the actions and reputation of others. Perhaps you should consider doing the same before you go on-line or produce a story that’s “in the oven at Cactus Thorns” … you appear to intentionally seek to disparage the reputation of people within the community.

    • @ Ex-Mayor Mark, Nah! Thanks for the lob anyway!

      Let’s go back to the possible Brown Act violation by the Yucca Valley Town Council. The Town Clerk has yet to answer my second email of June 22, 2011 4:43 pm, requesting the date, time and place of posting the “Notice of Special Meeting.” I also asked if there was a press release sent to the media or public.

      As you are now aware, it was not broadcasted on the radio until the morning of the Special Meeting…no 24 hour advance notice.

      Question: What did you discuss in the Closed Session? Brown Act Violations?

      Just curious, George.


      • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

        Tick … tock … tick … tock …tick.tock.ticktockticktock…

        Your lie is about to blow up in your face Margo. Nice attempt at changing the subject matter here. As you always like to point out, you’re off topic — this topic was not the Special Meeting… you already posted that as a separate story (distraction) to take the attention away from your obvious failure to address your false claims. Still waiting for the YouTube that we were all told to stand by for. Still waiting for that Hunter’s Ridge link that neighbors sent.

  8. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    Mark, you’re machinations to neuter and thus neutralize residents of Yucca Valley is disturbing. You’re trampling on their fundamental right of citizens to elect there representatives and you are working hard to subvert the long-established legislative right to require a 2/3 vote on new taxes.

    As a nation, we’ve always felt the lives lost defending our democratic way were not in vain. However, this Machiavellian style of rule which is to dismantling the town’s democracy process is troubling.

    You know the difference from right and wrong, but are not able to conform your behavior. It’s a sickness of power and resume building at the expense of everything this country stands for.

    Carry on. Trash the messenger. Defile our local government. Usurp the voting process. I find it odd that while we are in engaged in wars defending our way of life, you’re giving it your all to dismantle it.

    An informed electorate is a politicians worst enemy. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. “Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.” – Margaret Chase Smith. “I think all kinds of discourse is good for our democratic society — civil discourse, uncivil discourse, screaming, hollering, poetry, however you want to have a discussion is fine with me.” – Jim Lehrer, PBS News Hour

    You go Margo. Never give up. You are a great American!

  9. Why don’t you and Margot just stand around and pat each other on the back.

  10. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    To heck with Margo, Gary. I pat you on the back. You’ve done an outstanding job of representing all your special interests by securing city funding for them over the years. Had you worked so tirelessly for the fire department public safety would be much improved.

    You’ve worked so arduously behind the scene as an insider manipulating fund from taxpayers. Your pat is for working so tirelessly for that so-called “grand new” performing arts theater. And you get a big attaboy for holding the attention of our elected officials.

    Though I scorn you for your stellar avoidance of this question: “What is wrong with the free exclusive use and control of theater 29 building?” Why do you people want taxpayers to fund a new theater for your exclusive use and control?

  11. Stanley Stanley says:

    I think this whole thread should go away. You folks have too much bad blood going on.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      I’m thinking that everyone should stop take a great big deep breath, and count to ten.

      I thought I would never say that……. but wow…


  12. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Once again the Rodney King “Can’t We All Just Get Along” reference?? You’re kidding, right? Go to the original note/story/speculation that started this chain of discussion. Add to the absurdity of Margo’s claims the offensive picture depicting the Yucca Valley Town Council as a bunch of Muslim clerics. How much more inflammatory can you possibly get? Oh that’s right, you don’t care. You only do this for the web hits.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Look I have avoided the Yucca Valley conversations for their absurdity. Other than a few blatant and patently ridiculous time-lines proffered by you, I have had little or nothing to say or to do with the whole group of Yucca Valley threads.

      And yeah, It is the hits, thats right… But, Let me ask you…. I said that to one of your councilman in casual conversation and now you puppet the statement? What is going on?

      Do you all have a daily circle jerk to discuss talking points here? Wouldn’t that be called a serial meeting? Shouldn’t I have been agendized and noticed? Just checking as to what you define as gaining a consensus from your council….

      Why do you want me to get involved in this name calling Jamboree?

      To be fair, I’m still waiting for you to answer the simple questions concerning the difference between and RFQ and a RFP. It seems your game is to obfuscate and redirect when you get cornered. I’m not going to play that game if I can prevent it. I want adult answers to what I thought were adult questions. I think that is fair, don’t you? I wasn’t rude and I thought I was most polite when we discussed the Competitive Bidding Process as required by State Law. I believe I deserve a rational and cogent answer.

      Do You want to play my game for a while or do we all have to always play by your rules?

      And in closing, I am not your enemy. Hell I like you Mark… why do you try so hard to piss me off?

      • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

        RFQ/RFP??? Really?? We went back and forth eight times already on that concerning the selection of CORE for the Senior Housing Project. The issue hasn’t changed — the Senior Housing proposal is NOT a PUBLIC WORKS contract , no PUBLIC building is being constructed. The Agency has low/mod funding to invest and they sought a developer to partner with, hence the RFQ. I encourage you to examine other Agencies to understand their processes — Apple Valley I believe just completed a selection process rather similar to ours.

        And Dan, glad to hear you like me… I’d hate to think what you’d call me if you didn’t like me :-)


        @Margo — kaboom! Your lies just went off. But thanks for posting the Youtubes of me from years back. I like getting more hits!

        • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

          I am in agreement with Stanley on this one – this thread needs to be ended.

          Here is what anyone can do if they think Mark is incorrect. They are free to contact the:

          “Public Integrity Unit

          San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael A. Ramos campaigned on the issue of restoring public integrity to San Bernardino County. Within the first four months after being elected, Mr. Ramos fulfilled his promise to the electorate and created the Public Integrity Unit.
          The unit, which is comprised of two attorneys, three investigators and a secretary, handles complaints involving those people holding public office. Some types of issues might involve: The illegal use of campaign funds; residency violations; and, open meeting/Brown Act violations. The Unit will be responsible for monitoring City Councils, elected Boards and Commissions.

          The Unit will take anonymous complaints and all complaints must be submitted in writing.

          Please mail your complaint to:

          Public Integrity Unit
          District Attorney
          316 N Mt View Ave
          San Bernardino, CA 92415-0004″

          All of you can banter this issue for a very long time. Trust me, if what Mark is saying is incorrect the Public Integrity Unit will jump on it. If what Mark is saying is correct then the Public Integrity Unit will tell you so. In either case this issue will be resolved.

          One can either file a complaint in writing as described above or one by email. Simply “Google” San Bernardino County Public Integrity Unit and the link will take you directly to the D.A.’s site.

          One of their lead investigators in Robert Schrieber so you can direct the letter or email to him.

          Good luck to you all.

          • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

            Just a follow up on your post Steve. These are a few of the cases Ramos has brought forth:

            San Bernardino County

            2004: Supervisor Jerry Eaves pleaded guilty to “conspiring to violate California’s Political Reform Act by failing to disclose gifts.” He was sentenced to three years of informal probation and a $10,000 fine.

            2005: James Hlawek, county administrative officer from 1994 to 1998, pleaded guilty to accepting bribes and was fined and placed on probation. He also had to do community service.

            2011: Supervisor Neil Derry, accused of laundering campaign contributions through a political action committee controlled by former County Assessor Bill Postmus, perjury and filing a false report. Postmus pleaded guilty to 14 felonies, including accepting a bribe and possession of narcotics. Four other former county officials, including Jim Erwin, former assistant assessor, were also charged.

            2011: Former County Supervisor Paul Antoine Biaine, indicted on May 10, 2011, on charges of bribery, extortion and misappropriation of public funds, along with James Erwin, a former assistant county assessor and former chief of staff to Supervisor Neil Derry, and Mark Kirk, a former chief of staff to Supervisor Gary Ovitt. The case involved flood-control easements “in the middle of a large retail and housing development in Upland.”


            2011: John Pomierski, former mayor, indicted in March 2011 on extortion and bribery charges in an alleged scheme concerning contributions from two businesses seeking city permits and other government approvals. Released on bail to await trial.

        • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

          Look I can NOT get a straight answer from you… you keep twisting in the wind. I too am done with this thread.

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