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You scratch mine, and I’ll scratch yours

By   /   May 10, 2013  /   4 Comments

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Lets lampoon a bit…

The Divine President Gary Daigneault, co-owner of KCDZ 107.7 FM, reported on a story about himself (he does that sometimes).

That at a recent Theatre 29‘s January 2 Appreciation Dinner at the Joshua Tree Retreat, His Excellency President Gary Daigneault thanked the City of Twentynine Palms and singled out Council members Steve Flock and Jim Harris for recognition. Gary wasn’t all that clear why two political illuminates got the attboys. But I guess the two illuminatis got gold medallion placed over their heads for something.

However, the main festivities of the evening everybody was anticipating came when the

Publisher Madam Cindy Melland

ceremonial Special Honors Award were presented to Publisher Madam Cindy Melland for support of the Theatre 29 from the Hi-Desert Star and Desert Trail newspapers.

His Excellency President Gary Daigneaut was trickled pink when he presented the award. He kissed Dame Melland gently on the cheek and blushed. Dame Melland giggle spasmodically. All present gave a thunderous applause. One man who imbibed too much impulsively shouted – Hip, Hip hooray! All of the guests snapped their heads sharply toward his direction and gave him the evil eye.

Bamboozle I: You Scratch Mine, and I’ll Scratch Yours

The contradistinguish Gary Daigneault is President of Theatre 29. They have the elusive use and control of a City building on the South side of town which includes free rent in perpetuity.

Bamboozle II: You Scratch Mine, and I’ll Scratch Yours

Not long ago, Councilmen Steve Flock and Jimmy Harris gave the 29 Chamber of Commerce a $135,000 no-bid contract — which includes free rent in perpetuity in a brand-new spanking City building.  The illustrious master minder President Gary Daigneault is also President of the 29 Chamber of Commerce. Do you think they are hardly qualified to run an City tourist center?


Both Flock and Harris stopped dead in its tracks the eminently qualified non-profit California Deserts Visitors Association from even bidding on the City contract. It was given to His Excellency and Chamber maids on a silver platter. Doesn’t matter a hoot it was in violation of City Contract Codes.

Bamboozle III: You Scratch Mine, and I’ll Scratch Yours

Local Publisher of two local newspapers Cindy Melland either underreported or failed to report all the shenanigans and goings-on of the Council’s blatant giveaway to his Royal President Gary Daignneault and his Chamber maids (Chamber of Commerce yes men).  When Queen Mother Melland did report on it, the news was “distorted, not reported.” The (so-called) backroom consensuses and private meetings with the City Manager (Brown Act Alert!) was obvious. When it finally got before the full Council it was already a done deal.

His Excellency President Gary Daigneault — said Jimmy Harris at the meeting –  had “an expectation” and by God he was going to have his dreams filled with tax payer’s jewels.

Get it everybody…. the special interests Lords and Lady all had a gala scratch my back event honoring themselves.  Gary worked out the details.

Private message for Gary:

Hey Gary, when I incorporate a non-profit foundation will you be its president and get me the City’s Community Center over at Joe Davis Park? We’ll need free rent,  exclusive occupancy, and control in perpetuity. Will you do that for me. You the man!

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About the author

Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. HDent HDent says:

    You should hear what is happening at the chambers new building!!!

    People the contractors have never seen before are walking in the door and demanding changes to the plans that the contractors bid on.

    So now that this work is outside the scope of work bid on they are going to have to go back to the city and request more money.

    Sounds like more BS to me!!!!

    • jsjets jsjets says:

      I understand that the city awarded a portion of the construction to a out of town contractor for almost $10,000 more than a local contractor. Could this be true?

  2. HDent, is the City or Chamber making demands, or do contractors want to modify the contract?

    Hoo Rah!!

  3. HDent HDent says:

    The cronies from the chamber is what it looks like to me.

    2 guys come in started looking at things and started talk about moving and removing walls, outlets, lights, etc.

    The main contractor told them that it was not contract. Then they walk outside to “discuss” the rest.

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