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Off Roader Stands Up to be counted

By   /   May 9, 2014  /   3 Comments

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The Desert Trail Your view: And speaking of personal attacks

James Goldsborough
Twentynine Palms

Dear editor,

It’s a poor idea to speak of something one has no knowledge of, much worse to publish your ignorance in a public forum week after week.

Comparing off-road hobbyists to pedophiles and rapists is beyond offensive. This “person” repeatedly insults many people and families, mine included. The off-road community could be embraced and made a profitable local industry; a regulated, taxed, very, very profitable industry. Look at what one weekend a year does to local coffers. Those profits could be year round.

As with most unfair obstructionists, a vocal minority believes theirs is the only valid position. The truth: Off roaders are your friends and neighbors and Twentynine Palms has little else to offer young Marines and locals.

Almost no off roaders are vandals. As with anything a few bad apples do exist. Most hunters are conservation-minded, a few will hunt excessively. Many artists are kind and polite, some are egotistical and rude. Labeling all practitioners of anything with the stamp of the worst is wrong and unfair.

Cowards hide behind pseudonyms, including cowardly organizations. Funny, I looked in the phone book, asked everyone I know, no one seems to know “D.S. Wenzel.” My children know no “Wenzel” children. I have lived here for 30 years, never even hears of the “Wenzels.” Could you also spell “Wenzel” C-O-W?

Some time ago the COWs managed to get unfair legislation passed. They used Los Angeles residents to gain the majority on petitions, sandbagging local voices. They portrayed off-roaders as powerful, organized groups of criminals and vandals. Although outrageously untrue, the fast is they won. But they just couldn’t be magnanimous in victory, they had to keep sewing hate. Since they won’t stop, we must defend ourselves. Organize. Rebut scandalous letters. Join our friends at Giant Rock.

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  1. Stanley Stanley says:

    Good job Bones. This D.S. Wenzel is a loon. The strange part is that these clowns have a dirrect link to the Hi Desert Star and the Desert Trail. Both of these so called newspapers are a flat out joke. They print this crap without checking on these letters to the editor. I researched the same thing as you, and googled him also. I know where he comes from…lets take a wild guess… COW.

    The powers that be in this area do not see what the Hilltoppers one race a year does for this community. The club gives money back to youth organiztions to keep things afloat, and provides a good event for the locals. I have been there since day one.

    The off road community is organizing and we will fight this take over of public lands by these extreme enviro’s. Join an off road club. There are many out there. Google Off Road clubs, pick one and join.

  2. A recient LA Times article stated Phil Klasky is the #1 enemy of off-roaders. I guess it takes a special kind of person to be friends of Phil Klasky. Nice picture of you Phil.Phil Klasky is not my friend

  3. Ophir Ophir says:

    Pedophiles? Rapists?

    These bird cage liner peddlers have committed slander and defamation. How about a class action lawsuit against the rags to relocate them to their eminent dustbin, just a little bit early.

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