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2010 Redux-Hi-Desert Star: OHV Permit under the Ax

By   /   May 8, 2014  /   2 Comments

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Hi-Desert Star > News > OHV permit under the ax

SAN BERNARDINO — A requirement that 10 or more people gathering to go off-roading on private property must obtain a $155 permit could be erased from county code.

It’s a change that is earning approval from off-road advocates and anger from groups like Community Off-road Watch.

The Morongo Basin’s county supervisors, Neil Derry and Brad Mitzelfelt, plan in a meeting as early as Jan. 26 to recommend removing the staging-permit requirement from San Bernardino County’s off-highway vehicle code, passed in 2006.

Under the current ordinance, groups of 10 to 199 people gathering to use off-highway vehicles must obtain a temporary special event permit.

The new language allows a gathering without a permit as long as the event is occurring on a lot that’s at least 2 1/2 acres, is consistent with the other provisions in the ordinance and lasts four consecutive days or less within a 30-day period.

In the past three years, six people have received 14 permits — a number the supervisors say is so low, it proves the permit itself isn’t necessary. MORE

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  1. Many people in the Basin that do not ride were not happy with the staging section of the Ordinance. While they support the remaining sections of 3973, the staging restrictions simply went too far with a chilling effect on Constitutional rights.

    The Board of Supervisors in their wisdom will overturn the staging requirements. Hindsight is the great stabilizer.

    Kurt, Editor of the Desert Trail, recently wrote in one of his editorials it’s time for us on both sides of the issue to use good sense to get along and not vilifying one another. I think if it legal, stop complaining. If it’s illegal, complain if you want.

    If the staging section is overturned, it’s a victor for all of us. Supervisor Mitzelfelt believes the remaining portions of 3973 is a good ordinance.

  2. desertracerswife desertracerswife says:

    If you trespass get a fine, I have no problem with that in the slightest. Its no different if I speed I get a ticket. But to pay a fee to have friends on personal property is the problem for me.

    Also I think that the trails need to be marked better. Have you tried reading the over photocopied paper that they code enforcer gives you? Its crazy. And before you ask or comment, no we were not trespassing, we asked them for one to prevent such an issue.

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