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Jan. 1, 2010-Donnell Responds to the Community

By   /   May 5, 2014  /   94 Comments

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(2010 FLASHBACK-94 Comments)This will be my only response to all the Blogs pertaining to me here on this site.(1)

People, this is America, and people have the 1st amendment to free speech. I realize that there are many in this community that do not care for me for one reason or another. That is fine, I don’t have to live with them or them with me. I do want to clear some things up. First, I have NOT done any commercial venture on my property since I purchased it. Yes, I would like to pursue a commercial range at that location. Second, I do not wish to change the zoning for the commercial range, it is not necessary on that parcel. The city has it in the city code that a recreational shooting and bow range can be done on a RL2.5 property with the appropriate permits. I have not applied for that permit as of yet or even determined if it will be feasible and cost effective. Third, I did build a structure on another property that was an accident. Accident you say! Yes I put my trust in people that were trying to help me out. I value my friends and respect their expertise in their fields of occupations, doesn’t everyone? I took it on faith that the previous owner knew where the property boundaries were. As we have found out he was off. I never said that we had the property surveyed. Fourth, I was again told by people in the construction business that a permit was not needed to do erosion control on your property so preventative grading was done. First to fill in the ruts on the property and second to stop the erosion on the east boundary line. Without knowing it you can only move 52 cubic feet of dirt, how do you measure that when pushing and back filling in the ruts? It was said that I dumped dirt on the BLM. Well according to where we thought the boundaries were at the time it would have been on our property. Same goes for the Tower that everyone is making such a fuss about. Again the code states that if it is less than 120 square feet no permit is required. What cannot be found in the code is where it says that it must be ground level (if you build a tree house I guess you need a permit because it is not ground level). As of this posting the tower has been removed from the property (see recent attached photo). Fifth, the semi trailer was brought in for a secure storage, and possible class room. The clarity of the code on this matter was as clear as mud. Finding a single axle tractor to move the old thing was hard to find and a time limit was thrust upon us to get it out of its former location.

The road on Burdett’s property was the old mining road that was patented in 1956. The property that they built their house on has a 33’ easement patented in 1956 and 1959. With this being said it is like buying a house on a city street and then people build down the street and you don’t like it. That does not mean you can put up obstructions and hinder movement down the street.

SHOOTING ON THE BLM – I personally went over to Barstow and spoke with the Ranger on duty and explained where we are located and he presented me with a map of the area that shows the areas and the shooting restrictions on them. I purchased a copy of the map and several others of the area. The Burdett’s have in their last posting confirmed the map and the restrictions. The BLM has criteria for shooting on the land and it states – Target shooting is allowed on public lands. However, you must provide your own targets (NOT glass) and remove your debris and shells when you leave your site. The targets that are on the BLM that everyone is speaking of are within code, they are not permanent, they are on stands that can be moved.

THE RANGE – The impact areas (where the bullets land) have been plotted and mapped out by 2 professionals that have done this for the government and foreign countries. They stated that the impact areas are of the safest that they’ve seen around, including the military base.

THE NOISE LEVELS – I asked the city to come out and record the noise from the range and they informed me that they do not own a meter. They refer all complaints to the Sheriffs Dept. who in turn say that it is up to each individual officer’s interpretation. I purchased a dba meter to check to see if we were within the city codes and measured the sound in 6 different locations, as prescribed by the city codes. Nowhere in the test areas were the levels close to the maximum allowed by the code. So those who say that it is too loud and scares them and jump under the desk or leave their business are not accurate at all. Does that same person that claims this also jump when a car backfires outside or a balloon pops? The sound level of a car or balloon next to the closest businesses is higher than anything coming from my range.

The NEGLEGENT DISCHARGE – Yes it happened but I believe there is one small detail that is being left out. All 3 of us handled the firearm. Enough said.

29 RANGE – The president made it clear the night of the meeting in March that I was no longer welcome at the range. I responded with inquires to the state and they responded back, answer given, no further contact with the range, period. That was how it stood. So why does he care what I do? It does not affect his membership or its activities. So, why the continued harassment?

Since I have opened my dream business I have been poked, prodded, inspected, tested and surveyed by the FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, CA DOJ, BATF, NCIS, CID, and EVERY OFFICE OF THE COUNTY. I have had 3 CA DOJ inspections. 2 ATF inspections, numerous visits from NCIS, as well as 3 county CODE ENFORCEMENT compliance inspections and I have survived each and I am still in business. There are factions in this community that do not want me in business for who knows what reasons. They have tried to set me up by having people plant illegal merchandise in my store and calling the authorities on me. Well guys I found the merchandise and NCIS and the local authorities have been called & the merchandise was retrieved without incident. To you people all I have to say is I know who you are, as do the authorities! To the rest of the bloggers here, you say respect others, well that is a two way street and you can now continue the witch hunt.

In closing anyone that wants to come to my shop and check out any documentation I have on any of the things posted on this site, please feel free to visit us. Come on by as I have nothing to hide.

Editors Notes:

(1) Steve Donnell  has done two interviews.

(2) PDF of original doc file sent to Branson Hunter


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  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    These articles do generate quite a bit of traffic. I would suggest to all of you who might wish to comment on this that you go to the Cactus Forum as we have a better lay out for extensive comments.

  2. On the 12th line from the top, Mr. Donnell asserts, “I never said that we had the property surveyed.”

    During my interview with Mr. Donnell, I was informed that the “survey lines were incorrect” and that he [Steve Donnell]“was informed wrong“.

    When I asked Tom Bennett, Mr. Donnell’s manager, if they had permits for the TOWER and STRUCTURES. Mr. Bennett responded they “were misinformed of the property lot an size”. I then ask Tom Bennett who the surveyor was? Mr. Bennett responded he “doesn’t have the name.

    Mr. Bennett informed me they were in the “process of resurveying” the gun range lot.

  3. Concerned One Concerned One says:

    I understand Branson that you did not record the interview, nor did you take any notes during the interview. What you were most likely told by Mr. Bennett would appear to have been that they were in the process of locating a surveyor, so of course they would not have a name yet.

    Mr. Donnell was informed incorrectly of the true property line locations by the previous owner, not by any actual survey that was done. Again, it would have been more accurate to have actually taken notes or with permission recorded the interview as you did with Mr. Brault. Why neither was done is a true mystery, as the accuracy of any interview lays fully on the recording or notes, and not on the frailty of human recollection. None of our memories are so good that we can retain all of the myriad details during an interview and relate them accurately at a later time.

    As Mr. Donnell says above, no permit appeared to be required for the tower as it was less than the square footage as indicated by city code. The covered shooting area is not a building. Nor are the two and three walled shooting areas either. As for the trailer, that was not constructed, but moved to the site.

    Mr. Donnell has since removed the tower, and plans on moving the trailer as well. Do you think he should also move the porta-potty?

    • Concerned One, regarding the interview, I took notes during the telephone interview. While at the One Shot Stop office during my interviews with Steve and Tom I did not take notes. The way Steve was quoted in my comment to Donnell’s Response to the Community (submitted 2010/01/01 at 7:45 pm) are the terms he used relating to survey lines.

      Tom’s also touched on survey lines. See my Comment to: Donnell’s Response to the Community submitted 2010/01/01 at 7:45 pm

      As far as the actual interviews are concerned, the format was implicitly agreed upon by all interested parties. You were not included in that. Had Steve requested it be recorded, I’m sure that would have been arranged.

      Thus far, nothing in the interviews are in dispute. You take too many liberties as a third party not involved in the telephonic interview or the meetings with Steve and Tom. There are no contradictions that have been expressed among the three participants: Steve, Tom and myself. There was one woman in the office. I was not introduced to her.

      Was that you? It doesn’t matter because there is no disputed in terms of content. While the terminology used may open the door to interpretations of what Steve intended or meant or what may be implied, I have not attempted to explain or interpretative what was said. I only put it out there.

      Your comments seemed to be addressed to me. I’ve said and done my part. No need to direct your comments to me. My philosophy on the gun range hasn’t altered from the beginning. That location is not a good place for a gun and rifle range. I don’t think it is good for the neighborhood, or for the two homeowners within 600′ of the range. Actually, my beef is with the City Council for reasons already overly expressed in many posts.

      I understand the range is Steve’s dream. We all have dreams.
      Postscript: I went back and looked at the interviews with Steve and Tom. Here are the answers to the survey issues, or non survey issues. It seems to be up to interpretation, as follows:

      SD: Yes. The surveyor was incorrect when he did the surveying out here.
      TB: We were misinformed by the surveyor of property lot and size.

      • Concerned One Concerned One says:

        You did the interview(s), so expect to be held accountable for any inaccuracies that might be brought to light. If no recordings or notes were taken, how can you go back and look at them? You’re correct, I myself was not there. But I do know how to ask a simple question, and how to take notes so that my reporting about those answers is clear and concise.

        I have yet to see any posts regarding the actual map of the area as shown in Mr. Donnell’s article. The area is remote, and not what is being represented as a typical “residential” area. The zoning does allow for its use as a shooting range with proper permits. Mr. Donnell has a nice folder chock full of the city codes, maps, reports, and more that he is more than willing to show to anyone who wishes to view it. He showed you everything in the folder, and allowed you to copy many of the files as well. The only thing he did not allow you to copy was his business plan for the range, and that was because it is not complete nor set in stone at that time.

        As far as the surveyor, I suspect that your memory might be off a tad bit, and that what he said was that the previous owner was wrong as to the correct property line locations. Without any actual recordings or notes though, it is as you say, a matter of interpretation. Mr. Donnell and Mr. Bennett are really being too kind in not jumping down your throat for misquoting them and portraying them as foul mouthed hicks too. They are far from that in terms of how they are in real life. You yourself said you were greeted cordially and treated respectfully by both of them and others you met there. Yet they are portrayed in a totally different manner in your article. Oh well, another matter of interpretations I guess. Thanks for your responses Branson, they are always appreciated….

        • Your twisted response bring echos to my ear of Ron Brault’s interview. He’s convinced you’re a sociopath. I’m leaning so far in that direction the laws of gravity have taken hold. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn if a survey was taken or not.

          Let’s go through this one last time: During Steve’s telephonic interview my speaker phone was as I was taking judicious notes. I recall his words very clearly because to the question of building permits, oddly he blamed an alleged surveyor’s error. Said surveyor was not provided when I asked. Now you come back and say there was no survey.

          You are a mere insignificant hearsay third party lacking credibility.

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            What twisted response? I think I was very clear in my post.

            What is this “my dear” comment too? If we were to meet face to face I guarantee you would not be using “my dear” to address me.

            As I have brought out the fact that you DID NOT TAKE ANY NOTES during your face to face interview, I think that it is YOU who is proved to be somewhat mistaken. You did a telephone interview, fine. But the face to face is the main one used for your article. You were presented with physical documentation that clearly showed that studies had been done. You were told and shown the facts, yet you choose to ignore it all in favor of your own fabrications instead. Therefore I now choose to call BS on ANYTHING you might write as I know that I cannot trust you to be fair nor honest. I suspect also that you actually have at least one alter ego online here that you use to mask some of your posts to others. Maybe if Dan would review the posts IP addresses he would see that for himself. I know that it is easy to create new persona’s here, I did it myself as a test, but I have not used that other account since testing it out to see if it could be done.

            Why not cease the attacks against me and just address the issues that Mr. Donnell has brought out instead? What about the map that clearly shows just how far apart the Burdetts are from the Donnell range, and how “CROWDED” that so called residential neigborhood actually is. What about the fact that the zoning there DOES allow for a range that is properly setup, without any zoning changes? What about these things.

            If I am so insignificant and lacking in credibility, you sure have expended a lot of time in trying to discredit me and my comments, and without any success. Not with any contradictory proof, but only your personal attacks on me, my gender (which I have clearly established), and my anonymous status here. Thank god you have already stated that you are not a reporter because that fact is abundantly apparent to anyone who reads your drivel….

  4. Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

    Here we go. The master magician showing us the art of misdirection.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      What misdirection? All of my statements are directly related to the subject of this article. As usual you are the one who does not address the issues directly. Please try to focus on the article at hand as you lose credibility by always attacking without justification. Read what is actually written rather than to just attack for attacks sake. Thanks….

      • Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

        Blah, blah, blah change subject blah blah blah?!?

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Yes, you are aren’t you. Please, do not post anymore as you are only embarrassing yourself now….

          • Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

            I’m sorry maybe I missed it. Let me look below this posting and see got embarrassed.

            Oh that’s right, you did!!!!

            LOL, can’t wait for your next witty remark that, once again, let’s all know your an idiot!

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            As I have said before, why attack the messenger and not the message Carey? I guess it is just easier to try to be a big man on the internet when you feel you are safe right Carey? Idiot, wow, that is a big word for you Carey. Syntax and spelling are not high on your list of accomplishments are they Carey? “let’s all know your an idiot!”. What a telling statement as to your well spent time in school Carey. I think it actually should read, “lets us all know you’re an idiot!”, and yes, it does let us know who is the idiot, now doesn’t it Carey….

          • Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

            Ok and you are who? Since you felt the need to single me out.

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            Do you really want to continue this Carey? You are the one who joined the forum as theoldman and then changed your name. I just used my investigative skills to see that fact when it happened. Ooooooppppps, ya did it again. So let’s play nice, what ya say Carey?

  5. eric von zipper eric von zipper says:

    Is it just me or does Heir Donnell have a peculiar habit of blaming everyone else for his failings?

    He says he was misunderstood about the surveyor and did not have a survey done. He then wrote, “The impact areas (where the bullets land) have been plotted and mapped out by 2 professionals that have done this for the government and foreign countries.”

    What qualifications do these two “Professionals” have in plotting anything if they are not surveyors? Too inconsistent.

  6. Concerned One Concerned One says:

    Just did a little research in Google Maps and also asked a few more questions. Did you know that the Brault range is less than two miles line of sight from the Burdell home? Did you know that there have been claims of the Donnell range being used to shoot on over the last month. Did you know that there has been no shooting done there for over a month. Did you know that you can easily hear the high powered rifle range firing at the Brault range all the way to the Burdell home? True facts gathered by just looking at the computer map and asking a few simple questions. You can do it too if you are more interested in finding out what is the truth and not just listening to others who might have some hidden agenda of some sort. Give it a try, you might even have some fun with it….

    • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

      Concerned One on January 3, 2010 at 2:55 pm
      ….Did you know that you can easily hear the high powered rifle range firing at the Brault range all the way to the Burdell home? ….

      Much as you might like to think so this doesn’t really help your case. If (in fact) the sounds of rifle fire can be heard from 2 miles away then how much more disturbing do you think they are when heard from only 1500 feet away (over 7 times closer)???

      By the way your “line-of-sight” comment is misleading (there’s a surprise!) since there is NO line-of-sight (direct view) between those two locations and in FACT there is a mountain in between them. A much more accurate description (though why let truth get in the way of a good misdirection) would have been to use as-the-crow-flies (a straight line).

      Your other weak attempt at mis-information is to keep referring to the 29 Palms Pistol and Rifle Club’s facility as the “Brault range”. As if this is some business beef between two competing commercial entities. Ron doesn’t own the range and is just the president of the non-profit corporation that does. The 29PP&RC is setup to provide a service to the community, NOT to make a profit off it like Donnell’s.

      • Concerned One Concerned One says:

        Look little stevie. First, while you are still on my TWIT list, I will respond one last time to your junk post. Second, it is not my case. Why not get on Braults case about the noise way over at the Burnett place? You and others have lied about there being shooting done within the last month at the Donnell range. None has occurred, but there has been LOTS at the Brault range. Why call it the Brault range? Well, he runs it, is responsible for it, and should be held accountable for what goes on there. He has changed the bylaws so that he cannot be replaced as president there, so that makes him a dictator and not president. There is much more to investigate there than at the Donnell range, check it out yourself little stevie. As for the Brault range being non-profit, where does the money charged for “day passes” go to. There are never any receipts given, and none of you will even ask Brault about it.

        Now little stevie, it is again off to TWIT land for you, and don’t expect to be answered again until you show some fairness and honesty in your posts here. Beep Beep….

        • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

          Oh back to the moral high ground of infantile insults I see. The perennial last resort of someone who’s “facts” have been proven to not support their position in an adult discussion. A tactic to which even this “product of Tenn in-breeding” (as you so eloquently put it in a previous post) hasn’t had to resort.

          Not once did I ever state that any night shooting has gone on at Donnell’s range, getting hard to keep your lies straight it seems.

          I don’t know anything about the by-laws at the 29PP&RC but I would imagine short of a death or someone stepping down there shouldn’t be a need to elect new officers of the corporation.

          As for your day pass fixation exactly how much money do you think they have collected? I have been there pretty consistently over the last 2 years and only once saw someone asked about it. Doesn’t seem like it’s the cash cow you claim it to be. I would venture that the vast majority of people who have had to pony up the day fee were the “kids” (also known as customers) Donnell sent out to use what he misleadingly told them was “his range”.

          I HIGHLY doubt that Burdett (or anyone else for that matter) has an issue with the sounds from firing taking place 2 miles away. Once again (and I will type this s….l….o….w….l….y for you) what I stated was that your postulating that the noise from 2 miles away should be considered a problem by the Burdetts, did NOT support your previous argument that the same type of noise coming from Donnell’s range (which is over 7 times closer) couldn’t be loud enough to be a problem for the Burdetts. Logically it CAN’T be both ways

          It is interesting that you have misspelled the Burdett’s name 2 different ways in your last 2 posts.

  7. Byron Byron says:

    Mr. Donnell, you are correct that I did handle the rifle, but it was only after you negligently discharged the weapon, I did so to ensure there was not another round in the chamber and remove it from your hands. It was purely a defensive action on my part, after I was bleeding.

    You stated that all three of us had handled the rifle, which is not true in the context you provided, but for the sake of argument let us say we did, why did you hand over a loaded weapon?
    Various other posts have stated that you are a certified NRA firearm safety instructor, with that said; then you should have known how to treat any firearm, by ensuring it is UNLOADED! However, it is your story and I am sure you are sticking to it.

    Never less, let me address something, any time I hand anyone a firearm be it my family, friends, the armor on base, hell even a inspector during a weapons inspection, I always ensure that the weapon does not have a round in the chamber. Any military recruit learns this very simple safety rule, the first time they start handling a weapon. Why didn’t you check to insure you hand it over?

    If you go to Jernigan’s, Mark always opens the action of the weapon to ensure that the firearm is unloaded; of course, this is what a true firearm professional would do…

    One last thing that I would like to address is your remark about the neighbors jumping under a table when they hear gunshots, and you make light of this situation. You must not have ever been to war, or in a combat environment! It took me a very long time after returning from combat, not to have a visceral reaction to loud noises or gunshots. It is easy for a John Wayne wannabe like you to ridicule the feelings and experiences of real combat veterans.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Now you are calling a Vietnam era veteran “John Wayne” right? What a patriot you are buddy. I doubt you ever even served, especially in combat buddy. Give the world a break and just keep your lies to yourself from now on buddy.

      So, once confronted with the real facts of the situation, your story begins to change, yet again. Look, you approached Mr. Donnell while he was firing a weapon. The discharge sent a round over 15 feet downrange, at a 90 degree angle to you. It did not hit anywhere near your foot, let alone just “inches” away from it. So stop lying for your buddy Ron. You were out there making money from him by doing plumbing work. Who knows, maybe you actually hurt your leg doing something unsafe in that regard. Why not just drop your lies and stop this farce. You have been shown to change your story to suit any new facts presented, so give us all a break will you, tell the truth now and don’t try to make up anything else buddy….

      • Byron Byron says:

        There is a difference between a Vietnam era veteran and a Vietnam combat veteran, I for one was a 1990 Gulf War veteran; however, I did not serve in combat for that campaign. However uniformed one, I do have a Iraqi Campaign Medial with one Bronze Star and Eagle globe and Anchor Attachment.

        I have served horribly for almost twenty years now so please withdraw your comment!!!!!! I have experienced combat!
        My story has not changed at all and if you ask the other, readers, if it has and they confer, I will apologize, and you have seen that I am very fair in my dealings. Now you have taken off the gloves by saying I am not a patriot!

        Remember, “A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to ‘The United States of America’ for an amount up to and including my life.”

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Short and sweet. I do agree with you, you most likely did serve horribly. You also are correct that I was uniformed myself. Your story has changed at least three times buddy. Mr. Donnell wrote one of your blank checks as well despite what any other piss ant might say, and served proudly aboard a carrier off the coast of Vietnam, not Saigon like some uninformed wannabe buckaroo has said. Saigon does not have a coast, but a river bank bozo. That job was just as important as any other during the Vietnam Police Action. You guys really need to get your ducks in a row or you will continue to show how poorly informed you are, and how hard it is to keep your lies straight. Maybe you should each go back and read your own posts so you can be more consistent in what you write instead of making up new things each time. Hard to be believed when you yourself don’t know what you wrote before….

          • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

            I’m sure Donnell suffered horribly during his tour(?) in Vietnam. I can’t imagine how it must have been to put up with hot showers, air conditioning, laundry service, hot chow and ice cream on a daily basis. To say nothing of the hand-2-hand while fighting for a chair at the infamous movie nights.

            I’m sure his “kids” (some with multiple tours in Iraq/Afghanistan on a single enlistment) might not be quite so impressed if they knew what he actually meant by “Vietnam Era”
            Heck I have seen some of these “kids” come through my work that had multiple purple Hearts on their first enlistment.

            Before Donnell so lightly hints of combat service in Vietnam he might want to talk to a couple of my friends who actually put boots on the ground. One was a point man for an Army Infantry unit (100% PTSD and the other won a Silver Star/Purple Heart (in a Medal of Honor action) while with Marine Recon (VA sez he’s so screwed up he could get 100% better and still be 100% disabled). They might take exception to Donnell’s inferred combat experience.

          • Byron Byron says:

            After rereading your comment, you stated that I had served horribly instead of honorably! You can ask many Marines if they are alive because of me! I want a recantation to your comment!!

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            Byron, you are the one who spelled it incorrectly. I just agreed with you :) ….

      • eric von zipper eric von zipper says:

        Heir Donnell’s experience as a bilge rat on a rusty tin can floating 100 miles off the coast of Saigon does not qualify the man to brag about his combat experiences in Vietnam.

        1 in 11 who served in Vietnam, served in combat. For every one in the shit 10 were in the rear with the gear. Just because you are in country does not qualify you for a CIB or bragging rights.

        Unless you have dyslexia you should have read that Heir Byron IS a Combat Vet. From what I understand a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marines in Iraq during some pretty hairy times.

      • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

        Hmmmm, Interesting choice in terminology there. Not quite the same thing as Vietnam Combat Veteran, of which I know quite a few. Another misdirection or perhaps just a little resume padding to impress the “kids”?

        I’m a “Vietnam Era Veteran” myself, joined 6 Dec 1976 (cut-off for that classification was 1 Jan 77 by the way) fighting was long over by then though. Only thing I got out of the “Vietnam Era” bit was the old GI Bill.

        I did however get a Combat Action Ribbon years later in a little place called Mogadishu.

        • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

          I also spent some time in Beirut but they weren’t giving out CARs since we were “peacekeeping”.

      • Byron Byron says:

        Concerned One, my story has not changed at all, and when he discharged, the weapon it was not 15 feet away if it was that far why was I bleeding from the incident. Furthermore it was not at 90 degrees was about 45 degrees inches from my foot.

        You got on my wife stating that anything that she said was hearsay; there were only three people at this incident Mr. Donnell, Mr. Brault and myself. Therefore, anything that you say was hearsay, so I expect you to say nothing more of this incident; at least my wife saw my bleeding leg unlike you!

        Mr. Brault did not pay me for the service because I believe in donating my time to worthwhile community projects. In fact if you want to check my military credentials I have a Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal from donating my time throughout the years, I always help out those in need. I learned that long ago way before joining the Military, I would always help charitable organizations as well as the needy.

  8. Concerned One Concerned One says:

    Beep beep…

    • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

      Insert picture of Concerned One putting fingers into ears and chanting “nah..nah..nah..nah..I can’t here you” while spinning in circles. LOL

      • Concerned One Concerned One says:

        TWIT filter. I can’t HEAR you, got fingers in my ears….

        • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

          ….and still managed to fit your head up your anal cavity for good measure.

          • Byron Byron says:

            Thank you, I have meet many of my Navy brethren over the years and one thing they always ask me is why do you do it, serve with the Marines, and I tell them I love how they take care of their corpsmen! And ask any combat Marine if they respect their Corpsmen, especially that have that medal that George Washington first gave out that is purple in color they will say HELL YEA!!!!

  9. Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

    Byron, I and every other Marine holds our Corpsmen in the highest regard. After all when we are hitting the ground due to enemy fire, it’s the Corpsman that is jumping up to respond to the calls of the wounded. Thank you for your service.

    Off topic aside, it appears that Donnell has more sea time then a retired Navy Corpsman (Green side) friend of mine that was never on a ship in his entire Navy career, though he sure saw a lot of sand. LOL

    • Byron Byron says:


      I have only been on a ship for less than three weeks during my Naval career, why because I love serving with my Marines. Thank you for your comments…

      • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

        I spent a total of a year and 8 months at sea on various ships. Of course back then the living conditions for embarked Marines on the Gator Navy was no where near as comfortable as carrier duty. Though the new (at the time) LHA’s were a definite step up.

        I can remember rope-supported, canvas-racks that if a a big guy was sleeping under another big guy, he would have to exit his rack to turn over during the night. Also went through no heat (or hot water) above the Arctic Circle in winter and no A/C while at the equator. 45 days at sea with no unrep, eating canned ham, powdered eggs, instant potatoes and powdered milk meal after meal. Living out of a seabag and an 18″ square locker. Ah the good-old-days.

        • Byron Byron says:

          Yea my recruiter said join the Navy and you will never have to sleep in a sleeping bag, and you will always have three hots and a cot, unfortunately, he was a Machinist Mate and did not know Corpsmen serve with the Marines, but I would never trade it.

  10. Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

    I want to state for the record, Donnell served in the military (what branch I am unsure of) and that service to his country is appreciated.

    That being said, ANYONE that inflates their accomplishments while in the service, whether to simply salve their ego or even worse for monetary gain, deserves nothing but scorn and ridicule.

  11. reblynne reblynne says:

    Concerned One…
    You and your comments of my husband and his service to our country, so horribly APPALL me! You are so despicable! Words cannot be voiced how inconsiderate and despondent you are! For the last 19 years of my life my husband while being deployed, I might add for your freedom as well as the worlds and this is his thank you? Tell me that the statements that you posted are a comprehensive and lucid form for you? I say this because someone in their correct and lucid mind would surely not be that dis-respectable to a active duty military person. I mean, are you that Ignorant?
    Words cannot be said for the disrespect that you have shown my husband with these past posts…
    I have to say you knew that his post had a typo in it when he meant to say that he served and is serving HONORABLY! In addition, because of his mistake in typing you played upon that. Knowing this was the true issue here, you despicably still wrote and demeaned him…. Did that help in boosting your attitude? Did that help you feel better of yourself? To trounce on a Veteran?
    Let me ask you? Were you there when my husband had to place body parts of children that were blown up while attending a wedding in a nearby area? Did you see the tears in his eyes when he told me that he was not sure that he placed them with the correct body? Where you there when he had to cover them up and shelter them from the enemy until they could be processed? Are you there when he is worrisome of large crowds and loud noises? Where you there when my husband had his hands embedded in a young marines leg because what was left was shot off, because of an M16 accident left this young man missing most of his leg and my husband was there drenched in his blood while at the same time demanding other blood be captured and infused into this Marines body because he was losing it as fast as they could get it in there, all the while getting to the local hospital to find that they were not trauma ready and weren’t efficient in the English language for my husband to comfortably leave the Marine in their hands… No, he continued to keep this Marine alive and transported him to a trauma ready hospital in Fuji Japan… Where you there? Concerned one. NO, you were not However, I have the letter from the Marine Colonel letting me know of the outstanding medical knowledge and quick action that kept this Marine alive and which I might add is alive today. Do you want to see this letter and The Navy Marine Corps Accommodation? Were you there the numerous times I looked out at my front gate when my dogs barked hoping and praying that it was not two Marines in dress uniform to come and speak to me? Were you there at night when my children cried and I rocked them to sleep telling them that Heavenly Father would watch over daddy, and he would be home soon? No Concerned one YOU WERE NOT!!!!
    So let me ask you? In your mind, has my husband served honorably? Well I do not give a damn what your mind tells you! I can tell you what you say has no longer any impact on me or anyone else because as we can see you are an uncouth and demeaning and your opinion means little more than the dirt on the ground… You change topics when your road is cut off.. You are baseless and Ignorant…
    P.S I will however continue to say prayers for my husband and all the other active duty members until they are home with their loved ones because unlike you we actually stand behind our military men and women and we absolutely know what they are going through each and every day…. And No Concerned one, before you ask… there is no proof necessary when I look into a combat veteran’s eyes you can see what they have been through.. To Hell in Back comes to mind!!!! I will always stand in awe that our military personnel stand for peace even for people like you who are so readily able to denounce them….
    Oh and one more thing Since we have all deduced that your comments are little more than founding.. We are NOW placing you and your Ignorance on our IGNORE LIST! ….Beep Beep…. Beep…
    I will not end my letter in Kindly Regards, any longer.. There is no Regards to you…

  12. Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

    Wow, concerned one, looks like you pissed some people off!! I wonder why that is?

    Maybe your inept way of thinking? Your love you changing every word someone says so that it only helps show just how stupid you are?

    Hmmmm, maybe it’s just you lack courage to accept that you might be wrong.

    Nah, your just found out that you might not always end up where you’re heading, but you’ll always end up where you’re meant to be.

    Putting you foot in your mouth.

    And what’s funny you wanted to blame me, when you did it all on your own. Why just look at the posts above. I didn’t have to help you “fall on your own sword”. Sorry you might not understand that. Ask a Marine, they will explain it to you nice and slow so that your brain wont hurt.

    Hugs and kisses

  13. Concerned One Concerned One says:

    Thank god for America. A place where everyone can voice their opinions with no fear of ridicule or retribution. Wow, I feel so put into my place now. Branson, you totally top the cake though. I can understand why the lady is angry, she feels that I have besmirched her dear husband and his military service to our country, but all I have done is call him a blatant liar for lying about the gun discharge episode. He has even admitted he lied. To the lady I say, I too could tell of many episodes in my military career, and of the medals I received for my service to our country, but just like your husbands service, the only ones who would really care are those closest to each of us. Those responding to these posts here could care less about any of us other than to use these things in a vicious and angry manner to attempt to prove whatever point is at the top of their list that day. They care not at all about the truth.

    To those others, your thoughts add nothing to the situation except to show that there is still much hatred and intolerance towards those who tell the truth in this world. To all of you I say what goes around comes around, it is your karma that suffers not mine.

    And Branson………you still continue to be mistaken as to my gender. Has this always been your problem in life? Has it caused you many problems in your day to day dealings with others? I suspect that this might be a tell tale sign of why you are so bitter to others in the world. Are you confused about your own sexuality? I know that I am not about mine. What surprises me most though Ms. Branson is that of all the points I asked you about, you only responded to the one questioning the possibility of you having an alter ego here. You instead chose to ignore the more important and pertinent things said and again went to you lame “gender” jokes. You are indeed a very sick puppy Branson….

    • reblynne reblynne says:

      Concerned One.
      You need to face the facts… Mr. Donnell was flagrant in his handling of a firearm… My husband DID not INTERRUPT him at any time… He was hurt in Mr. Donnell’s mishandling of a firearm and it was up close not at a distance…. Get this fact straight… For the last time…. Then put it down and forget it… The facts will not change…My husband is not a liar! Furthermore, where are you getting your angles, dimensions, and distance of the bullet? Because my husband never spoke of such nonsense. Hmmm Hearsay possibly? Another fact is you did question his military career… I quote

      “What a patriot you are buddy I doubt you ever even served, especially in combat buddy”. Concerned One, January 3, 2010

      “Short and sweet. I do agree with you, you most likely did serve horribly”. Concerned One, January 3, 2010

      To quote you again
      “Maybe you should each go back and read your own posts so you can be more consistent in what you write instead of making up new things each time. Hard to be believed when you yourself don’t know what you”. Concerned One, January 3, 2010( I would dare say you need to do this as well).
      These are direct quotes from the Cactus Thorns dated yesterday January 3, 2010.
      Hmm, I would have to say that you do owe my husband a direct apology for your scathed remarks about his military career as well as his superb military accomplishments… He is the example of a Navy Corpsman that every United States Marine would want by his side!
      P.S I will be waiting for a direct reprisal of your comments as well as an apology directed to my husband for your despicable remarks.

      • Concerned One Concerned One says:

        No apology will be forthcoming, none. Your husband DID lie, and DID handle the weapon despite what he originally said. I got my facts and figures directly from the only other credible witness present, and it was NOT Ron Brault. I believe him more than I do your husband lady, so back off and take a chill pill. Learn proper grammar and what the words you use mean as well. You want to sling crap, be prepared to get dirty in the process. Now, go away….

        • Byron Byron says:

          Concerned One,

          There were only three people that witnessed this event, Mr. Donnell, Mr. Brault, and I, so I ask you who is the lying, oh it must be that invisible man that you are referring to.

          It is nothing but smoke and mirrors with you, each and everything that you present and it gets countered, and refuted you throw your smoke bomb, and flash the mirror as though you a magician by calling others liars, however you are not a Harry Houdini. Look how many members on this site that you have accused of lying, or tell them that their comment is hearsay, humm who is the one, every tread I might add that keeps presenting nothing but hearsay, everything you know is from someone else! It is a damn good thing that you are not Pinocchio you would have knocked your monitor off the desk.

          I would never accept an apology from you, first off it would not be sincere, and second you would not have the balls or heart to state you are wrong!

          It has been said that you cannot argue with an idiot, I think that everyone that visits Cactus Thorns can see, how true this statement is!

        • Byron Byron says:

          It has been said many times that every village needs to have their local idiot, Concerned One I guess you are the Cactus Thorns’ village idiot. Now feel free to respond back with your beep beep beep, when everyone reading this thread agrees with me.

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            You people keep saying that everything I have posted has been countered by other posts. Yet you can never show what has been wrong with any of my posts, other than you disagree with them. No facts are presented, no truths revealed, only your saying how truthful you are. Well, you proved how truthful you are by lying about never handling the weapon didn’t you! How did I know you handled the weapon? Not by depending on the truth from Ron, or YOUR invisible man, but from the only person with any integrity that was there at the time, Mr. Donnell. All I had to do was ask a few simple questions, and the truth literally poured out of him. Not some BS as you tried to pull over the eyes of the readers here, but what actually did happen. Caught in one lie, you continue to say you are the innocent victim of a vicious shooting. I really doubt that you were even injured by the discharge at all at this point. Lying about this, what else might you have lied about? Who can know? Have no fear, you would never receive an apology from me as I would never apologize to a proven liar. You are foul mouthed, ignorant, and delusional as well. It must be hell on earth around your home, no wonder you lash out at others as you do. Maybe some day you will get to wear the pants around town, but not likely….

        • reblynne reblynne says:

          Concerned One,
          Learn Proper Grammar? Are you serious? When have I not used proper grammar?
          I copied and pasted everything you said… It hurts, does it not? You will never place an apology at my husband’s feet because you are a disrespectful human being. You will not acknowledge your wrong doing in the last two post concerning my husband and his military service because then you will have to admit you are in the wrong and should apologize to him… I have to say if you want to sling crap, come out so I can see my target… Otherwise, stay in the background and we will call on you when needed. What I am thinking, however, is that my proper English that, I might add, is wasted on you anyway… I really cannot see where you can question my English skills… You and your bitter diatribe are atrocious and inconceivable in that a human being can spew all of it (these past weeks of posts, which I have seen) out of one’s mouth, and still be able to continue with more offenses. Furthermore, while missing the point of all of these posts, which you have… I do not see the honor in deliberately chastising men and women on this thread. It is plain to see that we are all dealing with an ignorant person here. No matter what is posted, you will always remain in La La Land, grotesquely supporting Mr. Donnell’s faulty gun handling. Oh and before you call my husband a liar again… You really should get all the facts if my husband handled the gun he did so as he said after he was harmed. He proceeded to check the firearm for correct handling procedures as well as I am sure fear of further harm and discomfort… Who wouldn’t take precautions?

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            Lady, you are one obnoxious person, and I suspect that you know it too. You take pleasure in spewing your own brand of crap around at people, but cannot take it when some returns your direction. You really have to be one of the most stupid people I have ever had to deal with, and cannot even see that what you write here takes you further into a sinkhole of your own devising. Why don’t you find some defenseless animal to torture, one that cannot strike back, as that seems more your speed lady. Your husband IS a liar, there is no defending that fact. He lied about handling the weapon and that makes all of his other posts suspect. He lied about being shot, he was NOT shot, nor struck by any bullet, he lied about that and even changed his title too. HE LIED lady. Get over it, he is a liar, and you are just embarrassed that he was caught in his lies and are now trying to save face. Does not matter when the gun was handled, HE LIED lady!!!!

        • reblynne reblynne says:

          Concerned One,
          I can assure you that I do know the terms I used in my letter to you.. I would however,be quite amendable to help you understand them mind you, that is if you cannot wrap your mind around those large words and the definitions for each..

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            Oh, she owns a dictionary. Well, learn to read it you obnoxious harpy. Your continued posting only shows how bad a person you are….

          • reblynne reblynne says:

            Concerned One..
            Name calling… Hmm that does seems your speed.
            Another one of your quaint qualities, (sarcastically speaking).

    • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

      LOL Concerned One, you are indeed a female. In all my life I have never heard another guy call another guy a stalker. How many males among us call other guys sexes.

      You’ve systematically attack nearly every male in here as making gender jokes, or stalking you or for being sexes. You’re credibility cup is empty. The President of the 29 Palms Gun and Rifle Range made a good call on you. Go back and read his take on sociopaths. I’m getting sick of your whining and pathetic excuses. The blame game is over.

      • Concerned One Concerned One says:

        Then Branson, you are truly a disturbed person if you really believe I am a female. And the word is “sexist”, and that you are. As you have surely noticed, I have not limited myself to responding to only the men that post here. I have responded to Lulu as well as to Rebecca of stupid brook farm. I have responded in kind to each post directed towards me. Don’t want to be spotlighted, then don’t attack others. If Ron Brault is a shrink then I advise you to get a better one. You want the blame game to be over, then spread that word to all of the other posters here too as they are just as guilty as anyone else, yourself included. Do you want total and boring peace here, or lively discourse? Can’t have it both ways….

        • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

          Of all of those commenting on the gun range, there is only one sexist. That is clearly you.

  14. eric von zipper eric von zipper says:

    Everyone likes a whipping boy. If this website didn’t have a “Concerned One,” they would have to invent one.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Another WOW. Good job. A comment truly deserving a response. You have hit the nail on the head. When it is absolutely necessary to deflect from the truth, find a “whipping boy” to trounce on instead of addressing the real issues. Why, I have even rated your comment at 5 stars and a thumbs up as well. Keep this up and I might begin to consider you as a valid part of the human race, despite your bad choice in user name and photo ;) ….

  15. Byron Byron says:

    Concerned One,
    Ohh I hurt your feelings, I am sorry,yea right! I don’t think you wear pants around town because what man would attack a woman that is very emotional about her husband.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Nope, no hurt feelings at all, and as usual you are wrong again Ms. Byron. No one attacked your “little” lady, just pointed out that if she wants to mix it up with the boys, she should be prepared to get a little dirty. She can’t take it, then tell her to shut up. Oh yeah, since she wears the pants in your family, you would not have the courage to tell her that. She should be emotional about her hubby, you need to be protected, from yourself it would seem. Now, you can continue to attack me, or you can show me exactly where I am wrong, or you can just shut up, stop lying, and go to that hell of your own creation you call home….

      • reblynne reblynne says:

        Concerned One,
        You obviously do not know me… You see I have never let injustice go by the wayside. When I see it,I comment on it… My Father always taught me to stand up for myself and to never let anyone Man or Woman trod upon me.. My father has since passed on and I will always remember those words.
        I see ignorance in your posts. However, I do not fear that I have to speak for my husband because he is more than capable of speaking for himself.. But as you stated only the people close to one that carries medals and awards seem to care about them. Or something to that fact. I’m very close to my husband I care deeply for him and I will not let some ignorant bitter man or women spew garbage at him without stepping up for him… I on the other hand do not care what you think about me… I know that I will and can speak for myself when the time is correct and needed.
        You Concerned One, have been properly placed in the back seat of the classroom with a dunce hat upon your head and all by a woman.. You I believe said I can’t roll with the big guys.. I will never stand idly by and watch someone be trounced on for their good deeds especially since they mean so very much to me… It seems to me that I have pointed out several instances of your inept thinking. Which I might add you did not like your own words being used against you. As well as to be brought into light… I always look to the light, Always.

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Just look at that last post of yours. Lots of words there, but you did not actually say one darn thing. You only showed that you are long winded, and have absolutely nothing of consequence to say at all. You least of anyone else here have not “put me” anywhere lady. You are of no significance in the scheme of things in the universe, and I it find laughable in that someone like you can even string more than two words together, or even feed yourself. Why not let your hubby, Ms. Byron, have back the pants now, and go back to your drooling in front of the TV while you pull the wings off of your host of circling flies….

          • reblynne reblynne says:

            Concerned One,
            As you are in your little world of cruelty and ignorance. I will let you stay there. However, I do want to mention again that “I” have placed you in the back seat with a huge dunce hat, as you are unable to comprehend what has indeed been said in these posts… You are obliviously not too bright. You really must seek help. I actually think that you are quite upset that a woman with integrity and spunk has placed you, in your proper place at the very bottom of the garbage can.
            Your words do not hurt me. I can take them in context from the non-faced twit that seems to be so focused on this website as to continue to waste time with his terrible diatribe. You obviously have too much time on your hands… You might want to take up a hobby.
            P.S I never said I could not take it… Please never assume that I’m weak. That would be a mistake.
            However, I’ll let you alone to lick your wounds.
            Goodnight and good riddance.

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            Oh thank the gods!! If I must subsist in my own little world, PLEASE make it a world without you in it. It really does look like you might be the only one on that bus of yours, and it looks like it is one of the short ones too, and YOU are not the driver.

            So, “sit down, SHUT UP” as your look alike South Park character says. Enjoy your ride on the bus, and don’t let your depends get in a bunch anymore….

          • reblynne reblynne says:

            Concerned One.
            I will tutor you one last time.. The reason for this post is your inadequate response to deny my husband an apology for your lack of respect due him and his military career.. That is the whole point to these posts… You must re-read these posts. I do believe you are lacking in intelligence as to understand what has been said.. I will leave you alone because I can see you are having a real problem eating crow and pulling that foot you have so carelessly shoved in your own mouth out long enough to apologize to him.. That is ok.. I can see you are truly an imbecile and cannot maneuver much more than these scathing remarks.. I can actually laugh at you though.. Thank you for that.. You do not even know me and you are quite articulate in your demeaning atrocious words.. I on the other hand would never treat another human being as you are treating me at this point in time… You will believe in your twisted mind what you will and I will give you that… Oh before I go, I will place you on the twit meter… Beep Beep Beep…. (Your famous last words)….

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            Would that it is the last I will hear from thee. Begone fowl witch, I banish thee to a dark and evil place, at thee side of thy husband who most assuredly deservith thee.

            And please do not eat the large mints in the commode….

  16. reblynne reblynne says:

    Concerned One,,
    Getting a little upset I can see.. I’m actually a very nice personable woman. I can assure you that what you say does not demean me in any form or fashion. However I do have a way of using your own words against you.. As I have gathered I have ruffled your feathers…. Oh so very sorry… Well not really..
    I will take pity on you and I will leave you alone in your own little realm of your own little ignorant and inept world.
    P. S Oh and what man truly would disparage a woman? Not one with any considerate and conscious thoughts of respectability…
    Think upon that, would you please.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      No, not upset in the least. No, you are definitely NOT a nice personable woman, not by the wildest stretch of imagination. You are a wicked witch of a person who takes delight in trying to defend a liar against the truth. You think that because you were born a woman you are immune from the results of your actions. Not in this nor any other world you harpy. You lost your chance to be respected when you began your campaign of lies and attacks, and you will not garner any sympathy from me or anyone else who has actually taken the time to read your disjointed meanderings. Save some face harpy, learn to curb your vicious tongue before it gets you even deeper into the hole you continue to dig for yourself. Have a very nice day now, ya hear….

  17. Would someone please let Steve and Ron know IM in the market for a good used California legal AR-15. Thanks. Ken@wondervalley92277.com

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      psst… Ken… grab my hand. Follow me out of here before you get your ass kicked by these guys…. they’re playing with live ammunition. Quick before they see us.

      • Concerned One Concerned One says:

        Dan, too late, ha ha. Actually I am glad you see it for what it is. A big show for the crowds. Keeps everyone on their toes, or hooves it would seem.

        As for Ken, Call Mr. Donnell. I am sure he could help you out if you trust his aim. He can build you a fantastic California legal AR-15 with all the goodies you might like. And, if you are active or retired military or a LEO, you can get a nice discount as well. He really is an honest person, and a very good gunsmith as well, and has hundreds of very happy (and unperforated) customers too.

        Now, back to our previously scheduled programming, the Concerned One vs. Clodzilla….

    • Lulu Bennett says:

      Hi Ken,

      I will pass on this request to Steve. He will get back to you, if he has one or can build one for you. The number at the shop is (760) 362-4372.

      Thank you,

  18. Lulu Bennett says:

    To Steve_In_29 (aka Steve Brown), Byron and Rebecca ?, Branson Hunter, and Concerned One

    I wish to thank all of you (including Mr. Donnell) for your military service in support of our GREAT country!! It should not matter in what capacity, era, or length. All of you answered the call for our country and I am grateful.

    However, all of your name calling, disrespect to each other, and childish behavior needs to stop. You are all so off the subject it is like you are in another universe. Just cease the posts in any regard to the gun range, Mr. Donnell, and the 29 Pistol range. You are making the matter seem so distorted, by all of you acting/writing so childishly.

    With Thanks,

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      But Mrs. Bennett, they looked at me funny first.

      But you know Lulu, you’re very right. Each person who answered the call does deserve the respect of a grateful country. I sincerely express my thanks to all those who served their country. All of us who served did so at our own peril and do deserve to be recognized for all of the sacrifices we each may have made, as well as the contributions to the furtherance of freedom in these United States. So thank you all, and thank you Lulu….

    • reblynne reblynne says:

      I apologize for all these posts as they really have nothing to do with Mr. Donnell. It would seem though that Concerned One is lacking respect and intelligence for others as to continually be cruel to them in his comments.. I again apologize to you and everyone here as to his cruel and horrendous remarks that he has displayed here this evening. I have to say though that I have not backed down nor will I ever… I have placed him where he and his twisted ignorant mind belongs. In the garbage can right there with his disrespectful attitude.. A lesson I imagine coming from a much younger generation and he should appalled that a younger person is wiser and more considerate then he.
      I apologize again Cactus Thorn readers it was my only attempt to ensure that an apology was given to my husband. Obviously Concerned on is not Man enough to apologize. I also apologize for my behavior this evening. As it is not lady like or courteous.

    • Byron Byron says:

      I would never disrespect anyone that to will take of the sword for the call of our country, and from my previous posts, If I am wrong I will apologize, if Mr. Donnell took offence I do offer him my sincere apology there are not many that will defend this great country. Infract this very website would be banned in many countries that do not have freedom of speech.

  19. reblynne reblynne says:

    Dan, and Cactus Thorn Readers.
    I have to mention that I will never back down to anyone.. I use my knowledge to stand for me and I will always be fervent in my feelings as well as displaying them.. I believe that I have upset Concerned One.. I do not care. However, I do apologize for my continuous posts as I can see that this really is not going anywhere. I will not take your time as well as your readers time.. I apologize for the lack of sense that the concern one has to what these posts are actually about. I will not back down to anyone ever and I have never done so as of yet…I gather that is why he( it) is so adamant to say disparaging comments about me. I also apologize for his(its) behavior and his(its) insensed words. They do not hurt me however; they can be quite annoying nonetheless. I appreciate this forum in displaying my thoughts. Have a Happy New Year…
    P. S doesn’t it just tork your cookies as to one being so dense that they could and should just apologize for their disrespect and ignorance against a veteran and put this all behind them already.. Concerned one, really must get a hobby.. It ( he or she we will never know)has an exceedingly excessive amount of time on its hands.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Now I am beginning to wonder if YOU are a woman or not. “it”? Looks like you might be confused about your own gender.

      Have a really special day on your short bus “lady”….

      • reblynne reblynne says:

        Concerned One.
        For the last time, Apologize or Clamp your trap!! Again you are ignoring this fact…
        All you need to do is apologize for your remarks.. Oh heck I will let you be.. Your surely lacking in the brains department.. I can however, stoop to your level and let you know I know who I am.. However you are the one that will not let others know who you are etc… I could give a darn less.. Since I am a lady I will not stoop too far to swear at you… You are not worth it!!!!

        I’m Done!!!

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          You keep saying that I need to apologize, but that is not going to happen, at least not until your hubby comes completely clean with what actually happened at the Brault range. He has already admitted to lying about handling the weapon. He has admitted that he WAS NOT shot. He just now needs to admit that his recollection of the event might be a bit faulty, or flavored with “Brault Sauce”. When that happens, THEN I would be happy to make nice with him. Personally, I would much rather make friends with your hubby than with you anyway. You are neither a nice person, nor a nice lady by any count. So if by “stooping to your level” you will reveal who you are, tell someone who really cares buddy. I certainly don’t want to know who you are, it just is not important at all, buddy….

      • Byron Byron says:

        What a derogatory comment you didn’t like it when you was being called he,she, it why would you resort to a comment like this?

  20. Byron Byron says:

    Ok let’s check and see who is lying, our would it be better to say diluting the facts.

    Steve Donnell on January 1, 2010 wrote
    “First, I have NOT done any commercial venture on my property since I purchased it.”
    Burdett on December 28, 2009 wrote
    “She informed me that the man in the other vehicle outside our gate was a customer who wanted to purchase a weapon but wanted to test fire it first.”

    Wouldn’t this be considered a commercial venture?

    Steve Donnell on January 1, 2010 wrote
    “I never said that we had the property surveyed.”
    Branson Hunter wrote December 20, 2009

    “SD: Yes. The surveyor was incorrect when he did the surveying out here. The tower is coming down. I was informed wrong. We’re going to get [another] surveyor out here.

    TB: We were misinformed by the surveyor of property lot and size.”

    “BH: What is the surveyor’s name?”

    “TB: I don’t have his name. We need to have it resurveyed. we’re in the process of resurveying”

    Humm it seems that there is some lying going on here.

    Concerned One December 21, 2009 at 3:41 pm wrote
    “I have tried to answer in a somewhat reasonable manner for the most part, but admit that I have occasionally fallen off the wagon in that regard. I apologize for those instances and will refrain from doing so in the future.”

    We all have seen how this went in Concerned Ones most recent posts.

    Concerned One on January 4, 2010 at 8:07 am
    “As I have said before, why attack the messenger and not the message Carey? I guess it is just easier to try to be a big man on the internet when you feel you are safe right Carey? Idiot, wow, that is a big word for you Carey. Syntax and spelling are not high on your list of accomplishments are they Carey? “let’s all know your an idiot!”. What a telling statement as to your well spent time in school Carey. I think it actually should read, “lets us all know you’re an idiot!”, and yes, it does let us know who is the idiot, now doesn’t it Carey….”

    Who was the first one to start calling others names?

    Concerned One on December 25, 2009 at 7:21 pm wrote
    “Ron has posted a number of “heresay” comments that would never be allowed in a court of law, yet here you and others take them as being the highest truth. They are not by any means. They are only his opinion, flavored by his feelings and perception of events as he sees them.”

    Concerned One on December 28, 2009 at 8:30 am
    “Sorry Reblynne, but by its very definition everything you say is hearsay. Your husband TOLD you what happened, and I am sure he is very sincere in his story.”

    Concerned One on January 4, 2010 at 3:39 pm
    “but from the only person with any integrity that was there at the time, Mr. Donnell. All I had to do was ask a few simple questions, and the truth literally poured out of him. Not some BS as you tried to pull over the eyes of the readers here, but what actually did happen.”

    Who will jump on someone for hearsay then turn around and post hearsay?

    Byron on December 28, 2009 at 4:43 pm wrote
    Concerned One,
    I have re-titled the article in the interest of fairness, some may have been mislead from its previous title if they did not read it in its entirety. I feel that even you will now agree it is more appropriately titled to the context of the article.

    Concerned One on December 28, 2009 at 5:17 pm wrote
    “That is a fairer title Byron. I applaud you for the modification. Thank you….”

    I changed my Title in the interest of fairness, but you later call me a liar and attack me.

    Concerned One on January 4, 2010 at 3:39 pm
    “Caught in one lie, you continue to say you are the innocent victim of a vicious shooting.”

    Concerned One on December 28, 2009 at 8:59 am
    “Yes, I know, you were injured during this incident.”
    Humm who is changing their story?

    Concerned One on January 3, 2010 at 2:55 pm
    “Did you know that there have been claims of the Donnell range being used to shoot on over the last month. Did you know that there has been no shooting done there for over a month.”

    “TB: We set limits out there. I’d say maybe three times [this month]. Our goal is to provide a place to shoot.”

    “BH: So that would be 3 times, say 12? Would that would be about 30-36 some users this month.”

    “TB: Well about that. That’s about right.”

    It seem that the range has been used this month

    Concerned One on January 3, 2010 at 5:52 pm
    “Your story has changed at least three times buddy.”

    Now show me where my story has changed, because yours has changed several times!

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Why do you insist on quoting what Branson wrote in his article as the truth. His misquotes and fabrications are not truth. Any quotes attributed to Mr. Bennett most likely relate to the month or two AFTER the property was purchased. Mr. Donnell has stated directly to me that in the last month there has been no shooting on the property. Get your facts and time frames correct.

      Fairness smairness, did you lie about handling the weapone? Did you lie about being shot? Did you lie about how close the bullet may have been to you? Answer these questions, and truthfully too.

      Byron, none of your points hold water, and I have only taken the time to address a couple of them. You either “were mistaken” about the events, or you blatantly lied about them. If it is the former, I can accept that and would understand it fully. But, if it is the latter. then that would seem to border on the criminal, and that I cannot accept.

      I also thank you for posting yourself, and I do thank you for your service to our great country as well….

      • Byron Byron says:

        I read one to read both sides and then formulate your opinion, with the article from Branson I have, and I have presented what I believe is the truth, I was not there but I have found several inconsistencies from what supporters of Mr. Donnell have said.

        I am also reading from what the Bennett, in the context that they present and from the interview I am ascertaining that all of this was during the month of December, if it is not everyone needs to prevent their evidence.

        I have never lied about what happened with the weapon if you can see if I think something is incorrect I will correct myself, country to your believe I am a very honorable man.

        Answer my other questions now, you may have been mistaken.

      • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

        Look, you little sociopath twirp, no one question the interview with Steve or Tom (manager) but you many weeks after the interview. In fact when they were published you thanked me. Then… after people question some of the things that came out of the interview — you began to twist and prevaricate and became somewhat of an devious individual. Now you’re in it up to your ears with your lies. Your snout is growing like a Pinochinno noise.

        Answer this: First there was no permits for the tower and structures because it was the surveyors fault. After that, you say no permits were needed at all. Which time are you lying?

        The thing about making up stories is that other stories must be invented to cover-up old stories.

        Admit or deny you were the one at the range that ran around telling everybody that Ron shot him.

        Admit or deny that you now claim that he wasn’t shot.

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          You are so wrong about many things Branson. So, let me answer your questions.

          I was not at the range, and to confirm it so even your small mind can comprehend it, I am not Mrs. Donnell.

          Either accept that or continue your delusional tirade. Your choice.

          Byron was NOT shot. No bullet struck his leg, no fragments of a bullet hit him. Get it clear in your mind Branson, he was NOT shot. He admits it himself.

          No one told you that a surveyor was at fault, it was the fault of the previous owner indicating the property line locations incorrectly. The tower was small enough to NOT require a permit. The sunshade did not require a permit. The partial shell shooting structures did not require a permit. And the porta-potty did not require a permit.

          I answered your questions with the facts as presented to me. If they are not good enough for you then that is just to bad, but that does not change them from being the facts….

      • reblynne reblynne says:

        Concerned One,

        I do respect you for recognizing my husband’s service to OUR GREAT COUNTRY!
        But when my husband made a spelling mistake you thought it comical instead of realizing what he wrote and correcting it you continued to refer as it as horriorbly, that disturbs me.
        You just wrote Weapone, however it is weapon and I recognize that, as well as you did when my husband made the mistake but you continued to referrer that incident as if he was an idiot, everyone makes mistakes. Are you willing to accept that?

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Sure I fully understand that we can all make mistakes, and I have never said that I was perfect either. You folks take this so seriously, yet fail to actually be serious in your concerns and evaluations of the situation here. Charging Mr. Donnell with shooting your husband is VERY serious, yet you feel no concern with the fact that while your husband may have been struck by some scattered debris propelled by the errant bullet striking downrange, he was NOT shot as was originally claimed. As a medic, I am fully confident that he would know a true bullet wound and one that was from dirt and sand. They are very different. If that is now clear to you, then I am pleased that you understand why I might be a bit miffed at there not being a solid distinction being made rather than one that could be construed totally wrong by the reader. I know that your husband is not an idiot, but surely both of you must know that being honest and accurate in your statements is very important. I try to be, I honestly do. But like you, I do not feel a need to tolerate what I feel are inaccurate or misleading posts. Hope that answers your concerns and questions….

  21. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Sorry folks Closed The Thread. Worry not have another article to continue on. This one just got too damed long.

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