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Sup’s are doing their job

By   /   May 2, 2014  /   7 Comments

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When SB County ordinance 3973 that affects first and third district was voted in as code neither Neil Derry nor Brad Mitzelfelt were district supervisors.  Now that they are the county seems to be getting straightened out. The obvious corruption is being dealt with by a committed Neil Derry. The economic recovery, educational development and programs for crime control implemented by Brad Mitzelfelt have stood out above all county activities.  And yet a unhappy special interest few want to attack the credibility of these leaders because they choose to right yet another wrong created by the complacency of previous supervisors and unaware constituents.

I have lived here for 31 years; I was riding at Giant Rock at the time George Van tassel built the integratron, the only damage at Giant Rock is at the hands of juvenile vandals and recently irresponsible college students. The ugly tagging there has been going on long before a staging permit was ever thought of and is certainly not the result of family assemblage on their private property. I love the open spaces and see no reason to fence my property.

The Mojave is where we live, Senator Feinstein wants to lock it up, the military wants to make it a training base, the renewable energy conglomerates want to exploit it and plaster wind and solar arrays across it, LADWP wants to string wires and towers across it, and the BLM who is suppose to manage and protect it for we the people is taking the path of least resistance. And now a group of anti OHV individuals wants to tell us what we can and can’t do on our own private property and limited use public land. Which part of our Constitution will the liberals attack next? Just say no to staging permits for the right to assemble.

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32 Year resident of morongo basin


  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    All of but 7 years of my life I have lived in the Great Western Deserts. 51 years and I can not recall when Off-road vehicles were not abundant and used by folks to get around.

    It seems that only after 2005 and that flipping Klasky dragged his fat ass down here is when we started to hear about the slaughter in the desert bull shit.

    If anything that prick should be banned from public lands.

    • kactuskooler kactuskooler says:

      Why doesn’t Klasky just sit in his house, shut the curtains, turn up the TV and leave the rest of us alone! He sounds like an old busy body just looking to start crap with folks. I don’t know this man, but I have been reading about him starting drama with people. If he don’t like it out here, he can move. Maybe desert life isn’t for him and he should just go back to San Francisco or wherever he came from. People like him piss me off because none of us were born to be dictated by some whiny ass MoFo who has way too much time on his hands.

  2. desertrider desertrider says:

    My family first came to the desert early 1974, we stayed at a friends cabin. We loved it so much, we got our own piece of happiness and have never looked back.
    My friend and I would ride to visit the Landers’ when they lived North of Reche Rd near the well and continued our visits when they moved to the South side,Mr. Landers once came to our house to help my dad fix our water pump.
    We used to ride out to Giant Rock to visit Van Tassels restaurant,check out the room under the rock,watch the airplanes come into land at Giant Rock Airport, and ride our motorcycles around the area.
    The Giant Rock area has changed very little over the years, with the exception of like Ray says the vandalism being caused not by off-roaders.
    We spent so much time in the desert we started going to Landers Community Church and would have dinner with Pastor Holt and his family on more occasions then I can remember.
    We had made many friends over the years,many of them have sadly passed.
    If there is one good thing about Ordinance 3973 is the many new people I am proud to call friend.
    The Cow’s are the newcomers to the desert (most have less than 10 years) and want to make people think OHV’s have invaded it. They would be wrong, our stories are not the exception.
    I came out with my mom and dad and brother, and when old enough my friends and I would come out whenever we could. Now my wife,kids and I enjoy and love the desert.
    I have always respected the desert and desert folk and required the same from my friends (or they would become not my friends) and have instilled the same values in my children.
    Over 30 years with no problems.
    It seems by strange coincidence that at the same time certain people moved into the area (around 2005) there became a huge problem with OHV’s and the need for a new ordinance became necessary.Their idea; Lets not enforce the existing ordinance, but call for an unreasonable draconian one.
    Don’t let them fool you into thinking they worked long and hard on it either, bare minimum public notification a few MAC meetings and two days with a lopsided (toward the anti ohv side)group are all it took. If they would have had their way, the staging permit requirement would have been one person and one OHV,limited by property size,could have been worse but is still wrong, its a good thing there were a few people on our side.
    Now they are claiming that at the BOS revisiting that they passed it unanimously, that they did, but with a condition made by Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt that he and then Supervisor Dennis Hansberg at an undetermined time examine the staging portion, because he felt there were problems with it.
    Well that time has come, Dennis Hansberg is no longer a supervisor, we now have Neil Derry. It has been nearly three years since the revisiting.
    It has been examined and determined that the staging portion is unnecessary and over-burdensome.
    The COW’s now are claiming the Sups’ are gutting the ordinance and that now 199 OHV’s are going to converge on every 2 1/2 acre parcel, this did not happen before the ordinance and will not happen after the modification.
    All other parts of it would remain intact.
    Very few people have pulled the permits over the last few years, proving that portion is unnecessary to curb the very small OHV problem that allegedly exists.
    With this change it would essentially be just like the previous ordinance, Ord. 3096. With the exception of the written permission part, but close enough, and that this one can be co-enforced by sheriff and code enforcement.
    All that was and is needed, education and enforcement.
    The COW’s want it all to themselves, they have an agenda and lawful OHV
    use is not on that agenda.
    They continually remain silent on the possible loss of the Johnson Valley Multi-use area, the place they keep telling us to go, what happens when that is gone?
    And continue to attack other legal riding areas.

    Please help us right this wrong, if you haven’t already sent the form to Supervisors do it now, they need to hear from you!

    Call or write them: Supervisors contact info

    • kactuskooler kactuskooler says:

      Desertrider: You got to experience what desert life is supposed to be like. I wish I could say the same. I grew up in the city, but when I came out here to the high desert in 1997, riding was still permitted, as far as I knew, and I have never seen anyone riding around just to tear up people’s properties. It’s called being a responsible rider, just like being a responsible driver on the highways. It’s not the ORV, it’s the rider. I remember when I first came out here, my neighbor had some quads and he let me ride one of them and I was instantly in love with that feeling of feeling free going up and down the road and checking out the area, responsibly of course. Then my daughter came down and her and I went riding together and we had a blast. We didn’t ride fast, we just went down the road and moved out of the way if cars were coming down the road. We road safely and responsibly. Then all of a sudden the bickering started. Now, I do sympathize with those who have had problems on their properties with riders being disrespectful, but that don’t make all riders like that. Like I said before, it’s about being responsible like if you were driving an automobile. There is plenty of desert around that is not near properties and homes. If this is America, why do I feel like we are living in a communist country.

      • desertrider desertrider says:

        Thats been our point all along KK, its always been like that.
        More people have become involved over the years,and like you said there are jerks everywhere.
        But klasky has an agenda, his life is about his agenda.
        He came to the desert went around to local groups and convinced them they had an OHV problem.
        The enforcement of the existing laws still is all that would be needed, but then that would not fit with their agenda and I am quoting a high level COW member here “creating a Carmel in the desert”
        We have tried to work with them, its their way or the hwy

  3. kactuskooler kactuskooler says:

    All my life, the desert was always known as a place to ride ORV all over the place and go visit your neighbors. That is one thing I always loved about the desert. The freedom to get on a quad and just run down the road to visit a neighbor or just go riding and exploring roads to see where they will take you. What’s up with all these restrictions now? Even in past years, never have I experienced anyone riding just to mess up someone else’s property. Yes, there are jerks that don’t give a crap, but you got jerks like that even in regular cars and trucks that can do donuts on someone’s property and tear it up if they wanted to. It’s a sad shame that if I want to go down the dirt road to a distant neighbor’s that I will have to take the damn truck instead. This sucks and I really wish the City and County would find something better to do than to take the only thing away left for us out here. We didn’t come to the desert to sit and rot or even die. We came here because the desert life is kick back and being able to ride ORV.

  4. Phil Klasky and his Community ORV Watch protecting neighborhoods from the very people that live in them. I live by Klasky and the fact is neighbors don’t like him and he does not care. He has thick skin.

    Klasky feels it necessary to act out in an attempt to gain respect and recognition from others and compensate for his abnormally……

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