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His resignation would be applauded, David Peach

By   /   March 28, 2011  /   Comments Off

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Yucca Valley needs a full time thinking head.

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Seems some folks are displeased with Town Councilman Mayes, a.k.a San Bernardino Chief of Staff for County Supervisor Janice Rutherford. Dave Peach for one is displeased. He wants his resignation.

Peach is a familiar commentator in the Hi-Desert Star. He often writes in the reader comments and editorial letters in the Star on Yucca Valley politics.

Recently Peach wrote, “Mr. Mayes envisions make it a prohibitively short-sighted political [Libertarian] platform. ” Peach added, “With a degree in Political Science from a fundamentalist indoctrination camp and perhaps earning the qualification to be a telephone solicitor for a brokerage, young Mr. Mayes promotes himself as an “investment adviser.”

Peach criticizes Councilman Mayes’ decision for mounting “cost and decay of one of his “investments” [that] continues to stick out like a sore thumb. Meanwhile, his circle of friends have assured local economic and environmental calamity.”

Peach states Councilman Mayes  “recently transferred from a state office to an overpaid county position, Chad Mayes will now have little time to muddle in local affairs.” Peach laminates –  “Mayes’ will now have little time to muddle in local affairs.” Peach summarized, “Notwithstanding his personal oversights and public blunders, his resignation would be applauded. ”

Peach is not the only one calling for the resignation of Councilman Mayes. This month a Cactus Thorns commentary called for a ‘noble resignation’ based upon the fact that Councilman Mayes’ is burning the Candle at both ends such that it’s impacting on the community.

It’s very difficult to be two places at once. As most of you know, Chad Mayes drives approximately 180 miles a day to manage the office and supervisorial duties as Chief of Staff for  Janice Rutherford, County Supervisor Second District (assuming Mayes drives RT each day). Alternatively, could be he stays over in SB — either way the Town and County needs and deserves a full time thinking head. Anyone having in a high stress situation where you are in a public or quasi-public position will know the burnout rate is high.

I questioned whether SB County taxpayers or County Supervisor Rutherford are getting their money worth? However, it’s less about money that it is the fact that the Town and County is experiencing trying times. It needs a full time thinking head.

Who is getting a fair shake? YV residents, the county, Supervisor Rutherford, Councilman Chad,  his family? Chad Mayes needs o do smart thing for all parties involved by implementng a noble resignation.

Recently, in an Hi-Desert Star editorial letter, John Freter, another of those whom are displeased with Councilman Chad Mayes, questioned Mayes “basing his votes on his political affiliation rather than as a freeman and elected official”. Freter continued, “Maybe it’s naïve, but I’d prefer that the issues the town of Yucca Valley faces should be dealt with objectively, logically and with no council person struggling with personal politics.

Earlier in the STAR (Hi-Desert Star, Feb. 5),  “Councilman Chad Mayes stated that as a Libertarian, he struggled with a council decision”. Freter’s reaction to this? “I didn’t expect libertarianism might come into play.” Obviously (akin to Peach and others), Freter’s annoyance  is wearing thin with Chad Mayes’ Libertarian votes on the Town Council and his absenteeism from the many problems surrounding YV.

Freter also writes, “The issues the town of Yucca Valley faces should be dealt with objectively, logically and with no council person struggling with personal politics.” Lets add to that the enormous stress involved, the driving time and distance of approximately 360 miles a day (RT), the complications and hours it takes to perform the duties of Chief of Staff for a county supervisor must be great.

The undersigned blogger joins Mr. Peach to call for Councilman Chad Mayes to step down. Mayes is on a contract salary of $110,873 annually with the estimated cost of benefits of $80,062, the contract is worth $190,935.  This is not a personal criticism of Chad Mayes’ but rather a heads up and reality check.

The painfully obvious objective reality — Yucca Valley painfully needs a full time councilman, 100% of the time, not a full time Chief of Staff in San Bernardino. Par excellence cannot be achieved when you are in two worlds of mutually exclusive politics.

By Branson Hunter. Branson Hunter is a pen name used for no other purpose

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