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Flashback: 2009>Gun Safety Instructor my ass… He (damned near) shot me!

By   /   April 24, 2014  /   52 Comments

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FLASHBACK: December 2009>Concerned One on December 27, 2009 at 6:49 am wrote, “I look forward to reading a full and accurate accounting of this incident. Thank you….”

OK, Concerned One you asked for a full and accurate accounting of the safety violation. I have tried not to bring this in because I do not have a problem with Mr. Donnell’s business, however I do have a problem with his range. His business provides economic growth to our community. Although you may think, I have a vendetta against him, let me assure you I do not, I am just concerned for the safety of other residents in the area of his range.

I have grown up my whole life around firearms, and started shooting at a young age; I have taken several firearm safety classes throughout my life, offered by both civilian and military instructors. Furthermore, I shot competitively all through High School and was nationally ranked. So I am not a stranger to firearm safety, and this is the closest that I have ever been to someone being accidentally shot, and damn glad no one other than myself was hurt.

In April 2007, I went to the Pistol and Rifle Club to work on the well pump and the hot water heater, when I noticed Mr. Donnell shooting an AR-15 style assault rifle. At the time, I thought that they where illegal in the state because they can accept a 30 round magazine, and was curious if you could indeed have a legal assault rifle. Hell, with the regulations that this state has imposed regulating firearms and ammunition use, you almost need a law degree, and a RSS feed to keep up with the changes to the laws. I continued to Help Ron Brault with the repairs in the well house, and water heater, though I was very interested in the rife.

After completing the repairs, Mr. Donnell was in the range house selling the RBCD ammunition that his store carries. I was quite impressed with this ammunition and the results of some of the testing that he provided, however I thought it was a little over priced. During this time, a younger person was out shooting the AR-15, then finished firing the weapon and placed it in the back of a pick-up truck, behind the firing line of the skeet range.

After talking with a few other members of the gun club Mr. Donnell was, back shooting the weapon when I walked up and began to ask him questions about the AR-15. Mr. Donnell began to explain to me that if the lower receiver is modified to accept 10 rounds and is off the list of lower receivers on the California banned list, it would be legal to own.

While Mr. Donnell was showing me the weapon, he even took out the rear pin separating the lower receiver from the upper to show how it can only accept 10 rounds. At no time did Mr. Donnell check the chamber for a live round. He had previously swept several people with the muzzle without realizing there was a loaded round in the chamber. Ron Brault was also next to me, he was also interested in what Mr. Donnell was showing us. Not once did Ron or I ever take control of the weapon, moments after Mr. Donnell closed up the weapon and inserted the pin back in is when the safety violation occurred, thankfully no one was seriously maimed or killed.

Mr. Donnell is violating the first, and second rule of firearm safety keeping his finger off the trigger and not checking to make sure the chamber was clear, negligently discharged the weapon into the ground just inches from my right foot. It was so close that bullet fragments and rocks flew into every direction, and many of these hit my lower right leg causing it to bleed. I initially thought I had actually been shot in the leg.

I should have gone to the emergency room on base and had my leg looked at, however I did not go. If I had, it would have been considered a gunshot wound and the sheriffs would have been called to investigate. What would that have done to Mr. Donnell’s business? I think it may have caused problems with his FFL, as well as his NRA safety certification.

The number one, and two rules in firearm safety is never having your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire, and to make sure the weapon is not loaded. Mr. Donnell as a certified NRA safety instructor should know these rules, I am sure it is what he instructs to each of his students. Even if a weapon is on SAFE it may still fire, however if nothing touches the trigger is the best safety.

Now you asked for a fully detailed account of a safety violation, and I have provided it to you, a firsthand account. When someone does something like this, would you like it if they were operating a range in your back yard?

I hope you best of luck and a prosperous New Year.

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  1. Concerned One Concerned One says:

    So you are saying that this actually happened at the Brault range then, and not at Mr. Donnell’s range? You also are saying that you approached him WHILE he was shooting, distracting him with your questions, WHILE he was on the firing line, which is a clear safety violation in and of itself. You are also saying that Mr. Brault was present during this whole episode and did nothing to keep you from violating a cardinal rule of shooting, that of interrupting a shooter on the line with your questions? Mr. Donnell may have been partly at fault for what happened, but so were you and Mr. Brault as well. You are totally right, safety violations were made, but it would seem that this was not all Mr. Donnell’s fault by any means when all of the facts are viewed in the light you present them. Thanks for bringing this all out as it helps clear up many questions that I personally had regarding what has been presented in the past by yourself and Mr. Brault. Thank you very much….

  2. Stanley Stanley says:

    To Concerned One

    Who cares where it happened. This whole gun nut diatribe that you have been posting on for weeks is getting old. I am starting to think that according to you, Mr. Donnell is a cousin or close family too Chuck “f’n” Norris. Booo Yeah. Please let this whole thing rest for awhile.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Where it happened has EVERYTHING to do with it. Who was there at the time has EVERYTHING to do with it, just as the actual circumstances involved have EVERYTHING to do with it. I am sorry if you are getting tired of reading about this, but it IS your option to NOT read these stories or comments. No one is forcing you to read any of these things, nor to take up your valuable time with actually making any comments either. That is all YOUR choice, not anyone elses. No need to be crude either, I have not resorted to “hidden” obscenities, why should you? But, if you must comment, why not actually comment on the substance of the issue, not on whether or not you like it, or me. Neither of those things are important, and it would seem that the circumstances involved would show that all parties hold some of the fault for what transpired….

  3. Stanley Stanley says:

    BTW Concerned One, I also own guns so don’t think I am on a mission for gun control. I’m not.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Glad you own guns. But, that does not make you any more of an expert than anyone else here, only that you had some money to spend, and 10 days to wait for your firearms. I am happy for you….

  4. Stanley Stanley says:

    Concerned One,

    I have made comments that you probably didn’t read that actually had substance. You really told me though. I don’t dislike you or Mr. Donnell or even for that matter Mr. Brault. I don’t know any of you. By reading this stuff you all have some real issues, some more that others. I am not an expert on guns and most of my guns are probably older than you. You really need to take a blue one or whatever you are not taking. I sincerely hope you don’t own any weapons. YOU ARE MAKING THIS MORE OF AN ISSUE THAN IT ACTUALLY IS. Hows that for caps. :)

  5. Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

    AMAZING!!!! Donnell cranks off a negligent discharge and it is the guy he almost hits fault????? Based on the logic of what you posted you must also subscribe to the theory that if a girl gets raped it is partly her fault (how she was dressed, where she was, didn’t fight back enough, etc). What color are the clouds in your world????

    As an NRA-certified-Gun-Safety-Instructor Donnell HAS to know that it is ALWAYS the person holding the firearm that is RESPONSIBLE for what happens with it and it is ludicrous for you to suggest otherwise.

    I have been shooting for 33 years and have NEVER heard of a “cardinal rule” about not talking to another shooter on the firing line. People talk to each other ALL the time on the firing line and show each other their guns. The only courtesy is to wait for a shooter to complete his current shot before talking to him. However Donnell DID violate THREE of the REAL “cardinal rules” of shooting and those were, “ENSURE the weapon is unloaded prior to dis-assembly”, “treat EVERY weapon as if it is loaded” and “NEVER point the muzzle at anything you don’t intend to shoot”.

    Donnell had the option at the time he was approached to politely delay the conversation to a later time but from the poster’s description had no qualms about stopping firing and showing his rifle (perhaps thinking he would make a sale??). As soon as he stopped firing and BEFORE he started showing off his weapon it was Donnell’s (and no one else’s) RESPONSIBILITY to make sure his weapon was safe to handle.

    Donnell should just man-up and admit his mistake and not hide behind your skirts. That he chose to do otherwise is yet another reason for potential customers to rethink their options.

  6. Concerned One Concerned One says:

    If a 223 is shot into the ground, especially at close range, it will not shatter and fragment, it will bury itself. What it WILL do is to push dirt about and cause a spray of that dirt that might well cause some injury. Most 223 rounds are copper jacketed, and if not military rounds, they are built much the same. Sorry, that is just the way they are. Why do you folks insist on NOT reading what is posted here, but instead just continue to pursue whatever unholy agenda you have decided is your on your weekly hate mongering list. Fine, you don’t like me, nor what I have to say, and so what, it is still my right to say it. That does not make what I do say any less real or truthful….

    • Byron Byron says:

      Concerned One,
      Now you are a ballistics expert, how do you know what a bullet traveling at over 3,000 fps will do when it something?

      • Concerned One Concerned One says:

        No, I do not claim to be a ballistics expert. But, I have fired thousands of rounds from an M-16 during my time in the service. They kinda liked us to be proficient with it while I was on active duty. During that time, I also worked the butts and saw what the rounds would do when they struck the backstop. They most always had the tendency to burrow into the ground, and I even recovered a number of intact bullets too. So, my experience is derived from direct observation, and not some theoretical speculation. I also saw what the bullets would do to various targets, including body parts, so I also have some experience in that regard as well. I hope that answers your question….

  7. reblynne reblynne says:

    Concerned One.
    I have to say and I wish you would re-read the blog posted by my husband. The gun was placed in the back of Mr.Donnell’s truck(or the friends truck) after it was shot by a friend of Mr. Donnells. Mr.Donnell then took the gun out from the back of his(or friend, /aquantance’s) truck and began showing the gun off. Mr. Donnell was not giving a lesson however, he was shooting and then he STOPPED to peddel his gun and wares to my husband and others at that time. He had the choice to stop shooting and talk and that is what he did do. His actions were at fault here,nobody else. Mr. Donnell was the sole person at fault and it is being brought to light.
    You specifically asked for a true and accurate description of what took place. You have recieved that in his post. I need to quote a portion of your blog,
    “Thanks for bringing this all out as it helps clear up many questions that I personally had regarding what has been presented in the past by yourself and Mr. Brault. Thank you very much”.
    Concerned one, I find it appauling that you still inadvertantly insist that my husband is dishonest and incorrect in his postings. I have to say that I’m appauled at this. It would seem to me that you would just except that Mr.Donnell was at wrong here, and except it and bid everyone goodnight. It seems that you still want to infur all should be scrutinized when reading my husband’s and Mr.Brault’s thoughts.
    I think one should just give up when one finds themselves faced with the truth. The truth does not change and will always stand firm…
    Kind Regards.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Sorry Reblynne, but by its very definition everything you say is hearsay. Your husband TOLD you what happened, and I am sure he is very sincere in his story. I do believe that he may have suffered some injury due to dirt and sand, but he most definitely was NOT shot. That type of bullet travels at over the speed of sound, as would any fragments of that bullet, especially at extremely close range. I have seen what happens when a 223 round hits someone. You cannot mistake it for anything else. I am sorry that this event occurred, and I am equally sure that it was a learning experience to all who might have been there (you and I were not present ourselves). I do not question your husbands honesty, but only his portrayal and interpretation of the actual events. Saying he was SHOT by Mr. Donnell is VERY different from his being hit by flying debri from an accidental discharge (or are you two actually saying that Mr. Donnell MEANT to fire a round)? I would just like to see these things titled in a more honest manner rather than one purposely
      designed to titillate and mislead the reader into believing something that did not happen, i.e. Mr. Donnell did NOT shoot your husband….

      • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

        Just for the record – there is no such thing as an “accidental discharge”.

        Most, if not all, range instructors refer to what has been described here as a “negligent discharge”.

        Just as there is no such thing as a traffic accident – there are traffic collisions – where one driver or condition caused the collision.

        So it is in this case – one person discharged a .223 round in a negligent manner.

        Steve Spear

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Seems Mr. Spear that you are turning into a gun affectionado after all. As such you should surely be able to see that Byron was NOT shot by Mr. Donnell then as claimed. He may have suffered injury, but it was not a bullet actually striking him as is implied in his title. That is a blatant fabrication in any reasonable persons view I am sure. Thanks for your insight here too Mr. Spear….

          • eric von zipper eric von zipper says:

            Did you read what he said, Concerned one? An “accidental discharge” has no criminal connotations as opposed to “negligent discharge” which does.

          • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:


            What was described in this thread was a “negligent discharge” nothing else.

            The event does not meet the elements of proof for Penal Code 246.3 which would require “willfully” discharging a firearm in a negligent manner.

            Mr. Donnell did not “willfully” cause the round to be fired but he did negligently cause the round to be fired.

            There is a difference.

          • So then what you are saying is: While what Donnell did, could be considered stupid, it just does not meet the criteria for criminal stupid.

            If by chance the round would have ricocheted into Byron’s brain, it would have been called an involuntary manslaughter. Wouldn’t that have triggered a criminal proceeding?

          • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

            It seems that the level of interest in an event is directly proportional to the level of injury/damge that is caused.

            So a richochet to the brain would cause an involuntary manslaughter investigation. But a bullet into the ground causes a discussion about negligent discharges.

            However, good points that you raise – I’m just not the one that can say what would happen when that is all.

      • reblynne reblynne says:

        Concerned One,
        I know my husband, and he would not come home and tell me something that was not true and correct to the full incident. I can tell you that the subject at hand here is this:
        Mr. Donnell was at wrong here with his disobeying rules associated with handling guns. (This is really the reason these posts have been posted, his carelessness really). If one really looks at this in the correct form that it is. Furthermore, if he were more efficient in his gun handling abilities, none of this would have happened and I can assure you it did happen. Regardless he was actually mishandling weapons.
        I believe that you do not want to recognize this because in doing so you would recognize that Mr. Donnell was at fault here and as I can see and I am sure everyone else you just do not want to believe that Mr. Donnell is negligent in his gun handling abilities.
        I am sorry that you are standing with one lonely hope to persuade people that he is a safe gun handler. I can assure you that, that point is mute at this time. I wish that you would just understand that we all know what Mr. Donnell does and is doing is wrong and incorrigible. He has made some terrible decisions and unfortunately, people are bringing these decisions to light, and others such as you, do not like it… Something my dear grandmother used to tell me comes to mind I think that it applies here “Like it or Lump it, it’s done”. Wishing you, and everyone a wonderful New Year.
        Kind Regards.

    • kactuskooler kactuskooler says:

      One thing people don’t seem to realize is that your husband did indeed get hurt on his leg. It could have been worse. What if he got the injuries to his face or even his eyes? If anyone is going to own and run a shooting range, they should know all the laws, rules and safety of firearms. I would love to buy a pistol and be taught how to use it. At the same time, I would have to trust the person I buy the gu from and the training. Have a blessed day.

  8. Byron Byron says:

    Concerned One,
    You previously stated that my questions must have distracted Mr. Donnell, if that is the case why is he a firearm safety instructor, because questions may distract him? Maybe Mr. Donnell is suffering from ADD or ADHD, and should consult his health care provider because simple questions distract him from being safe, and possibly injuring someone.
    However, you still didn’t answer my question, would you want anything like this in your back yard?

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Byron, no one is perfect. We all can and do make the occasional mistake. I also suspect that you are not a medical doctor, so why the diagnosis of a medical condition? Yes, I know, you were injured during this incident. But you were NOT shot, only struck by debri kicked up by the errant round. Is it a serious matter, yes it was. Did Mr. Donnell make sincere apologies to you? I am very sure he did. Did you pursue it any further, or were your injuries so minor as to be hardly worth bothering with? Apparently no, you did not. Was it reported to law enforcement authorities? Why not, most likely because it was so insignificant an injury and clearly not from being shot, but only struck by debri. So, Byron, exactly what ARE your current motives in bringing this all up well after the incident occurred? Surely it was not only due to my questioning it, I am just not that important.

      As another aside for Dan though, I find your creative selection of avatars to be somewhat mean spirited. Why not let the avatar selected by a user be visible instead. I like my “funnel web” much better….

      • Byron Byron says:

        Concerned One,
        You are correct we all do occasionally make mistakes no one is perfect. You are also correct that I am not a Medical Doctor; however, I have personally seen and treated wounds caused by a .223 rounds.

        If you read what I wrote I never once stated that I was shot, I did state just as you did that I was struck by debris, was it a fragment from the bullet or rocks I do not know. I can tell you this, it should have never happened, if proper firearm handling procedures were followed.

        Mr. Donnell did apologize and I did accept his apology that is why I did not pursue it any further. My injuries were minor and I treated them myself, I believe that in; if you can take care of a injury yourself, then take care of it. There is no need to overburden our already over tasked and stretched thin health care system.

        I was content in not bringing up this issue until, you requested that if anyone knows anything about Mr. Donnell being unsafe that they should post it; therefore, I wrote my article at your request.

        You still have neglected to answer my previous stated question would you like this in your backyard?

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Then you agree, your article title is very misleading and does Mr. Donnell an injustice, correct?

          As for your question, I would be happy to answer it. I would find it to be a very good thing to have someplace that I could insure my skills with small arms continue to be maintained at an expert level just as they were during my time in the service. If that place happened to be located right next door, that would be equally good. But, that is me. I also understand that others are not as accommodating or welcoming of this type of neighbor as I would be either. From all that I have seen regarding the location of Donnell’s range and its proximity to the neighbors, the range is farther than is legally required to be away from occupied buildings. Noise levels appear to be within legal standards. The range direction faces away from that of the nearest neighbor. Mr. Donnell has indicated that he has, or will be applying for a zoning exemption from the City, and if it is granted, he will have his range. In the
          mean time, he is complying with the Code Enforcement letter and not using the range for commercial purposes. But, it is his land, and he can legally use it to shoot on as long as he complies with the existing rules and regulations, which it appears he has been doing as indicated by the onsite rulings of the various police officers that have visited the site in the recent past. So, why not let the slow wheels of government grind away, and see what happens with the requests and responses as thing continue towards their conclusion? How does that sound? Thank you….

          • Byron Byron says:

            Concerned One,
            I have re-titled the article in the interest of fairness, some may have been mislead from its previous title if they did not read it in its entirety. I feel that even you will now agree it is more appropriately titled to the context of the article.

            I also agree that this issue needs to be resolved by the government, but then again just like things recently with the executive and legislative branches of the government, they may not listen to the will of the people.

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            That is a fairer title Byron. I applaud you for the modification. Thank you….

          • Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

            I just gave you a thumbs up for your posting that this whole issue will need to be settled by the city. I Mr. Donnell can convince the planning director, planning commission, and city council then so be it. I am almost positive that there will be people on both sides of this issue who will want to have thier say.

            THIS GOES OUT TO ALL; come out to the meetings, write letters stating your position, speak when and where you have a chance to, and let your voice be heard.

            To concerned one; I expect to see what you have to say at the planning commission and city council meetings.

      • kactuskooler kactuskooler says:

        Concerned One:

        You should be able to change your avatar through WordPress. I was able to upload an avatar there. Then the avatar should be seen all over in WordPress.

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Did change the avatar, but apparently someone here who has administrative access insists on changing my photo. I have a nice one that I uploaded, but it has been changed at least two times now. At least they are staying amused anyway….

          • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

            Lessoned learned… no good deed goes unpunished.
            Now could you upload a picture at least 200 px wide. Unless you have a microscope you can not tell what the avatar is. The system will shrink it to the right size.

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            The Phoenix picture just uploaded and was 268 X 300. Seems that there still may be a problem with the resizing switches as in the profile it does appear larger, but in general use it remains small. Also, seems that others still retain the ability to rate comments, but that switch is turned off for my account. Would it be possible to have it switched on again? Thanks, for your attention Dan, very much….

  9. Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

    To be eligible to obtain an FFL, a person must meet the following requirements:

    1. At least 21 years of age;

    2. Has not been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year; is not a fugitive, an unlawful user of or addicted to a “controlled substance,” an illegal alien, a person adjudicated mentally defective or who has been committed to a mental institution, a person who has renounced U.S. citizenship or who has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions, is not subject to a court order restraining him or her from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of such partner;

    3. Has not willfully violated federal firearms law or regulation;

    4. Has not willfully withheld or failed to disclose any information required, or has not made any false statement in the application;

    5. Has in a State premises from which he conducts or intends to conduct business (a business or home as long as it is a permanent structure.) The business must be open to the clientele designated by the licensee to be served;

    6. Certifies that (a) “the business to be conducted under the license is not prohibited by State or local law in the place where the licensed premise is located;” (b) “within 30 days after the application is approved the business will comply with the requirements of State and local law applicable to the conduct of the business;” (c) “the business will not be conducted under the license until the requirements of State and local law applicable to the business have been met;” (d) “the applicant has sent or delivered a form to be prescribed by the Secretary, to the chief law enforcement officer of the locality in which the premises are located, which indicates that the applicant intends to apply for a Federal firearms license;” and (e) “the business will not be conducted under the license until the requirements of State and local laws are met,” including local zoning ordinances.

    Let me add the list again for those that might have missed it.

    If there is a problem, I for one would want someone that has actual knowledge, to contact those that are there to investigate it. So, how about we let those that have the law on their side do the investigating, THE LAW.

    If you feel so strongly about this issue, start dialing.

    *Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (818) 265-2510
    *Defense Criminal Investigative Services 800-424-9098
    *US Environmental Protection Agency 800-962-6215
    *Federal Bureau of Investigation (800) 225-5324
    *Internal Revenue Service (877) 829-5500
    *Naval Criminal Investigative Service (619) 556-1364
    *US Attorney’s Office 888-283-8477
    *California Highway Patrol 760-366-3707
    *San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office 909-387-8309
    *San Bernardino County Sheriff (760) 366-4175
    *Office of Inspector General (202) 226-1250
    *City of Twentynine Palms, Code Enforcement (760) 367-6799
    *California Attorney General (916) 227-4557.
    *US Department of Justice 800-283-4867
    *Report Unlawful Firearms Activity 800-ATF-GUNS

  10. eric von zipper eric von zipper says:

    Concerned one’s defense is:

    “My dog ate my homework” or “The pedestrian shouldn’t have been in the crosswalk anyway.”

    So it was the victims fault?

    You would think that a man in his fifties should by this time be able to accept responsibility for his own mistakes.

  11. Concerned One Concerned One says:

    I thought I heard something out in the distance, oh, it was only my ignore filter beeping….

  12. We haven’t heard from the President of the 29 Palms Gun and Rifle Club on this issue. I spoke with Ron Brault earlier this morning on the telephone. Ron doesn’t have Internet access, but he said he’s been following the discussion on the latest post on cactus thorns regarding Donnell’s incident at the range? Ron said there are several people he can call that read it to him. We discussed how he feels what’s been said so far? Ron agreed to response on his thumb drive and get a friend to e-mail it to me. Here is his e-mail response, as follows:

    “None of the ridiculous excuses by “The Convoluted One” surprises me. Once you realize that you are dealing with sociopathic type behavior

    it’s easy to understand why the Donnells are a never ending source of nonsense. A sociopath acts without conscience and will always blame others for problems they bring upon themselves.

    Here’s a good one for you. At the meeting of March 4, 2008, I confronted Steve about this incident and his reply was that it was our fault because Byron and I should have checked the weapon. It doesn’t seem to matter that we never handled the weapon. After the meeting his wife runs around telling everyone that it was me who shot Byron in the leg.

    I have five letters from club members concerned about Donnell’s range safety during his events. I have no intention of having them posted, but it would be entertaining to see what sort of nonsense the convoluted one could come up with.”

    End of e-mail
    Branson Hunter
    Monday, 4:35 P.M.
    December, 28, 2009

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Ron insists on calling me names, but that is typical Ron, attack the messenger and not the message. When he next checks in, ask him why there have been no elections held at his gun range. Ask him about the infamous “Day Shooting Passes”. Oh heck, forget it. No one here except me has the gumption to ask him any of the real questions anyway….

      • Concerned One, send me your interrogatories for Ron and I will see that he gets them. Send to: bh2322@netzero.net

        The other thing is you thanked Byron for changing his header, that’s good. I love it when people like Byran are able to respond in a positive manner like in this situation. He became aware that his header could better reflect the text of his Post, and he changed it. The ability to employ hindsight and act on it is quality many people lack.

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Thank you Branson, and as time permits I will do exactly that Also, contrary to prevailing belief, I am actually a very nice and friendly person as well. The incident with Byron and Mr. Donnell was unfortunate, but it was not done on purpose and as has been indicated by Byron, Mr. Donnell was very apologetic (and rightly so).

          As a person who actually is concerned about these issues, I think that many of the principle players might be starting to calm down and see them for what they are. That is that they are mostly a total lack of communication and understanding of each others position regarding those very issues. I have only been trying to get each side to view those issues more fully, and I hope that I have succeeded in some small way. If so, then I am pleased beyond words.

          I suspect that I will remain a target of some that have little else to do in their lives but harass those that make themselves more visible than the others who only read about these things. It does seems that since I have been visiting this site, the comment and view counts have spiked to new levels. Good or bad, at least we have all reached new readers and maybe stimulated a few minds in the process.

          Again, thanks for your offer Branson, and I will try to get something to you in the near future….

          • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

            Concerned One on December 29, 2009 at 8:50 am
            …..I am actually a very nice and friendly person as well……

            ……I have only been trying to get each side to view those issues more fully, and I hope that I have succeeded in some small way……

            It seems your understanding of what “nice and friendly” and “view those issues more fully” means are quite a bit different then their normal usage in the English language.

            Throughout these exchanges all you have done is blame others, insult, belittle and call people who don’t agree with you liars. No where have you posted anything remotely resembling a fact to refute anything that has been posted about Donnell in any of these threads. Your only tactic has been to attempt to obfuscate the readers with your constant meanderings and flip-flopping statements.

            I do agree with you on one thing and that is we have indeed reached new readers and let them get a peek inside the twisted world of Donnell and his friends at One Shot Stop.

          • Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

            Wow, Steve_In_29 you have come to the dark side. I am liking that!

            Let us all pray that he/she/it understands that he/she/it has NOT understood a damn thing.

            Like Stanley wrote about getting with the real issue.


  13. Byron Byron says:

    Concerned One,

    You are welcome.

  14. Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

    Everyone should read how “concerned one” has responded to my comment to her/him/it on the story titled “Armed shopper with .45-cal. Colt revolver shoots bad guy”. I am not as elegant as “concerned one” is but, I thank I made my point.

    • Concerned One Concerned One says:

      Your continued use of “her/him/it” shows everyone how deeply disturbed you are old man. You are certainly delusional. How can you tolerate to sit there at your keyboard and crank out the drivel you have posted, attacking others with no regard for Truth, Justice, or the American way? Please do read my posts, actually READ them, and point out each and every instance that I am wrong. That would be very helpful and constructive use of your time, consider it therapy of a sorts….

      • Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

        Let me spell this out to you slowly.

        You haven’t a clue.

        You might want to read where others have pointed out to you how wrong you are. Talk about delusional. And i haven’t attacked anyone. And as far as your Truth, Justice, or the American way!?! How about someone setting up a OHV park or shooting range, or a pot farm in your backyard?

        I’m sure you’ll find a way to turn that around so that you look like the one getting beat up on.

        You don’t stick to point. And when someone calls you on it you change the subject. Your chicken to face facts or answer up.

        • Concerned One Concerned One says:

          Not so old man. I am always happy to answer serious questions asked of me. Why I am sometimes accused of being long winded at times :) . It seems that those who attack me most are the ones that read my posts the least, and understand them even less. Now I have not posted at all regarding the OHV issue, or discussed any of the concerns about pot farms so not sure why you might have brought them into the discussion here. I personally don’t do off road riding, haven’t for many years, so have no opinion on that issue at present. I don’t smoke pot, nor have the need too, but can see that the need for medical marijuana might be a
          legitimate one under certain circumstances so I reserve the right to voice my opinion for a future debate.

          So, thanks for going slowly old man. Hope this shows that I might have a clue. We can all be wrong at times, and if I am, I own up to it. Yes, you are delusional, and have attacked me with your stalking and blatant sexism. I have no need to turn anything around. I have stuck to your points, and have not changed the subject. No chicken here, and I have answered up, and was pretty nice about it too….

          • Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

            It seems once again that you don’t get it.

            I don’t care anything about you. You are a huge supporter of Mr. Donnell and you are not going to change your mind about that situation. A situation that WILL put peoples lives at risk.

            You have done nothing but be defensive when other point out how wrong it is for anyone to do things like he is doing.

            You accuse other of stalking and attacking you.

            As far as me stalking you, you wish!!

            Have a happy New Year.

          • Concerned One Concerned One says:

            What is it that I don’t get? I answered ALL of your points.

            Yes, I am a supporter of Mr. Donnell. Why does that bother you so much? That does not mean that what I have to say is any less truthful or important. I have it on good authority that Mr. Donnell has sent in an article to Vote29. IF it gets published, be sure to look at the Google Map of the properties involved. You will easily be able to see the distances involved in the discussions here. Read the article, look at the map, THEN make up your own mind regarding the issues. Mr. Donnell made some mistakes by relying on others who supposedly should have known better, but like most times one deals with government rules and regulations, they can be very confusing and contradictive as well. Everyone here can read these and come away with different interpretations, including so called experts in the field. A layperson can and will most likely end up making a few mistakes, but that does not make that person bad, just mistaken.

            So, look at the Google Map (or pull it up for yourself if you doubt the one in the article) and see how much others are actually at risk by the location and orientation of the Donnell Range….

            • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

              Just checked my e-mail Concerned One. I received your attachment. It is now downloading into my word processer. After I walk my dog, I’ll take a look at it. Most likely it will be posted today.


            • Concerned One Concerned One says:


              Sorry, but not my attachment. All Mr. Donnell’s and uploaded to you from his yahoo account. I did see a hard copy of it though. Hope to see it here soon….

            • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

              I can’t upload it from my old freaking dial up. I’ve sent it to the administrator of Thorns. It should be up soon.


  15. Stanley Stanley says:

    How about take this whole thread to the forums. I am just a lay person, but I can ruin your day.

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