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Like Jimmy Stewart, Morongo Basin discovers “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

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FLASHBACK-DECEMBER 2009-Our very own Saint, Mara Cantelo and her 115 volunteers once again gave the Basin its most wonderful gift of the year: Christmas dinner for families, workers, the homeless, seniors, people out of work, welfare folks, regular residents, visitors from other Hi-Desert Communities and everyone else that showed up for the most wonderful Christmas feed in America.

This is no soup line folks! And it’s not one of grandma’s sumptuous yearly extravaganza  Christmas meals laid before the family. Nor was it wasn’t one of those miraculous Thanksgiving dinners the Salvation Army serves every year in Los Angeles. No ma’am. None if this; it was more.

Tender Loving Care (TLC) probably served 2500-3000 meals yesterday. That like serving meals for than three U.S. Army battalion ( a unit of 800 – 900 soldiers is a battalion). This was on a grander scale than any military Christmas Dinner.

For example, there were about 10 varieties of salads, unlimited platters of pork roasts, overflowing plates of tender sliced roasted ham, juicy and tender slices of white and dark roasted turkey — and all the works many times over on a grander scale than fit for the Queen Mother, or God and her Angles up there in the blue sky. People went back as many times as they wanted, for as much as they wanted, for whatever they wanted. They took home piles of deserts. Three long desert tables were plentiful with unending pies, pastries, cookies, cake far more than a little heart can desire.

TLC gave away thousands of gifts to children at their Santa Clause Toy Shop, and a thousand more pieces of free clothing. After which, free boxes of food were provided to all who wanted to take carry them off to take home.  And let us not forget during the  new year 2010, many of our people in the Valley do not have homes. If you seen one of them shivering in the streets, offer your jacket.

It should be noted earlier this  year Mara Cantelo traveled to Washington DC to receive the prestigious and coveted Jefferson Award.

Were any of the Yucca Valley City Council member there volunteering their services for this community Holiday of giving and loving appreciation of  human kindness? I’m guessing not: they’ve been far too busy putting people out of work, driving off business from the Hi-Desert Communities, and kicking dogs.

Indeed, a most unbelievable day of Tender Loving Care.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” when people come together.

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