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Another Opinion on the HDWD Sewer (March 2011)

By   /   February 14, 2014  /   1 Comment

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This opinion piece re-posted from March 2011.  (HDWD Assistant GM/CFO Frank Luckino left the Hi-Desert Water District.  Mr. Jose Angel is the Executive Director of the California Regional Water Quality Board. Ed Muzik is the General Manager of the HDWD.  Yucca Valley Councilwoman Dawn Rowe is not seeking re-election. The HDWD stopped their pursuit to secure the water rights and allowed the local newspaper family to be winning bid at golf course foreclosure sale. Mr. Klein still remains outspoken against HDWD- February 2014.)

My Opinions and Ramblings I’ve been noticing that our “Friends,” Mr. Luckino, Mr. Muzik, and Mr. Angel have been in the local paper quite often lately. I’ve also noticed that it’s been with one purpose in mind: digging into our pockets for whatever loose change they can find. Did I say “loose change?” I meant- Big Bills!

In the December 11, 2010 edition of the Hi-Desert Star, Councilwoman Rowe asked Mr. Angel if the Regional Water Board was mandating that we get rid of septic tanks. Mr. Angel side-stepped the question and basically said that WE had left the board with no alternatives. What do you mean Jose? There are ALWAYS alternatives! You are a bully, Mr. Angel. He went on to say that we have to build a treatment plant. Although he DID say that he won’t tell us what kind to build it seemed pretty clear that there were some types of treatment plants that would not be acceptable to the Board.

I have to stop here for a second. In one of the papers I researched, I found a statement that said a LOT to me: “The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them.”

To me, that means that every office, from the Governor on down, is subject to OUR desires. We are a free country. The citizens tell the government what WE want and the government makes it happen! NOT the other way around! Get a clue Mr. Angel, Mr. Luckino, and Mr. Muzik. You work for us! Let’s move on to something else.

I’ve noticed that the people that run HDWD admit to being in the hole for a large amount of money. According to Mr. Luckino, it will be 1.6 Million dollars in the fiscal year 2011-2012. But that’s OK, Mr. Muzik is planning on selling some of THEIR (HDWD’s) property when they get the sewer up and running. Wow, that’s nice of you, Mr. Muzik. But, doesn’t that property technically belong to the rate-payers? And, where is the money going if/when you sell the property and if/when you get the sewer plant up?

Mr. Luckino also said that things would get better. HE’S going to make the rate payers pay more! 5% per year for the NEXT 6 years! Don’t try to add it up. It is MORE than a simple 30% increase would be if it was done all at once. Way to go Luckino! We’re all flush with money and have nothing else to buy, so why not make us pay more!?

Now, as I look in today’s paper (2/23/11) I noticed that the storage tanks have been in sad shape for quite a while (since 2007) and the water district KNEW about it. Hmm, something is not adding up. Where is our money going?

To be perfectly honest, if I were on the board of the water company and my CFO and GM came to me with THAT kind of news, those two would be looking for work elsewhere. The Board of Directors at HDWD want us to TRUST them with a brand new facility AND the right to increase our expenses whenever they want. Hmmm. Let me think about that a minute- Hell NO! Just because you people are either blind or stupid doesn’t mean that the people of Yucca Valley are.

I think I’m insulted. Or maybe I should check with Luckino and Muzik first- just to make sure!

New News! Check your water bills! It seems that the HDWD has figured out a way to rip us off. And they’re slick! It seems that they are not reading our meters consistently. They read them from 28-34 days apart. It seems that, if they read them at longer intervals, it places us in a higher tier. Tier 2 water costs $1.90 per unit MORE than tier 1 water. Hmmm. Just think about it! 10,000 connections paying $1.90 more each, brings the HDWD around $19,000 each time they do it! AND WE DON’T EVEN NOTICE IT! Where is all the money going?

They certainly aren’t using it to maintain our water system! Maybe it’s going t o buy property! Now they want to buy a Country Club! Great idea! Then they can have some place to sit around and talk in comfort about how they’re going to grab more of our money.

I am asking everyone in Yucca Valley, Please Wake Up! These people are NOT our friends. They have no business running our water company, or a Waste water Recycling Facility, and even less handling our money! Get on-board with the people who are fighting against this assessment. Vote ‘NO’ when the ballots come out. Write letters to the local paper and the local representatives to express YOUR opinions of this mess.

If you’d like to help, or have more information we can use, please contact me at: k_klein@claudescave.com

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About the author

Claude Short

Candidate for HDWD Board of Directors.

1 Comment

  1. Phil Breault says:

    HDWD isn’t buying a country club. They’re buying the land and the water the ‘country club’ sits on. Then there’s the so-called news that “according to a court ruling, any water extracted from sites on Blue Skies County Club would have to be used exclusively on the property” and HDWD’s assertion that “they have no restrictions” on pumping water from there; they just couldn’t use it on Blues Skies property. That rather makes any future existence of the club, whether available for investment or for HDWD to sit around in, a moot point.

    More likely HDWD would retain the property the wells sit on, hand a slice of the less-valuable land to the town as a park (and thus get out of having to maintain it), and hold on to the rest to sell for future housing development if and when the market picks up. And with your water fees. Machiavellian, or what?

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