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Whipping out the Lip Stick: Its time to paint that pig again

By   /   April 28, 2014  /   2 Comments

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I’m always pleased to read somewhere that what we’ve been saying here on Cactusthorns is right. In the latest letter to the editor of the Hi-Desert Star, DS Weasel, the latest spokesperson for the anti-liberty, anti-1st Amendment, anti-everything eco-loons at Community OHV Watch (COW), admits that the Chadwick Pig Farm is indeed a toxic waste dump.

Weasel states, “The off-road vehicle community thinks that if they declare a place worthless, they should be able to ride all over it. They will take “half a dead baby” Solomon style by riding on land that they call “ruined.” A recent example from Mike Hawkins about a dune area in Wonder Valley declares, “There is nothing historic or natural about the rubble that was once a stinking, fly-infested garbage destination at a tangle of non-native salt cedars….” (Feel the love?) His unexamined principle is that once an abuse has occurred, no further protection is warranted.”

Only radical groupies of Phil Klasky could add two and two and come up with a number like 47 as the answer and run with it. No actually Weasel, I think what Mr. Hawkins point was, if it is a toxic waste dump, it should not be protected as a National Treasure but cleaned up. Instead of asking the BLM to designate it as a “Natural and Historic” site we as a community should be asking the EPA for it to be designated as a Super Fund Site.

This shows that COW is not in the business of saving the Earth but more being the Christmas Grinch all year around. Their agenda is to stop you from any and all recreational access to Public Lands. Only a completely raving maniac would want to protect something like the Chadwick Pig Ranch.

The whole idea behind the “Poste Homestead” Scam was a back-door way of closing off a legally designated OHV recreation Area. They damned near got away with it until we a Cactusthorns called them on it. All they have left is DS Weasel pitching some off the wall fuzzy logic in a dying local media, and nobody is buying either the story or the paper.

Why the local rag gives these nuts unfettered access to their letters to the editor speaks volumes to the absolute radical turn their editorial board has taken since the paper was taken over by the Far Left.

The Weasel goes on to complain about how a fair and reasonable change to County Ordinance 3973 is wrong. Weasel has no problem with 199 child molesters gathering next door or 197 Klu Klux Klan members burning a cross on that 5 acre parcel down the street either without the need of a permit, but has a problem with a family of 10 gathering at Grandma and Grandpa’s desert cabin for Christmas, when little Joey get a Motorcycle from Santa.

It is not unreasonable to expect everyone to have a fair shake when it comes to the 1st Amendment right to assemble. The section that is in the process of being changed requires that Off-Road Enthusiast be treated like criminal gang members. Off Road Recreation is a legitimate sport that brings families together to enjoy the great outdoors. Families should not be lumped in with members of Terrorist Groups and Street Gangs. This is what Weasel and Klasky are championing through groups like COW. The existing section is unfair and unAmerican.

If memory serves me, far more property has been destroyed by members of the Environmental fringe.

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  1. The Great “Poste Homestead” caper. By the pure force of sniveling created from broadcloth the fable of a homestead out of a hog ranch. This the newest Red Herring is their way of closing off yet another motorized vehicle recreation area from Public access.

    Lets look at hog ranch facts. The parcel number is 0628-281-05 acreage is 160 and sole and only owner is the Government. The parcel is part of the limited use off-highway vehicle area.

    A search of the General Land Office records prove there was no homestead recorded for Dave or Anna Poste in California.

    The Virginia Dale Mine dates to the early 1880′s and while true Dave Poste did lease the mine in 1923 he only operated it for 3 days when he was forced to shut it down due to a lawsuit.

    So here we have it…The Great “Poste Homestead” caper.

  2. Lets do a online search for the “homestead” of Dave or Anne Poste.

    Land was disposed of by the authority of many acts of Congress – sale, homesteads, military warrants for military service, timber culture, mining, etc. One of the primary purposes of these public land laws was to encourage people from the East to move West. In the early 1800′s people could buy public land for $1.25 an acre. For a time, they could buy up to 640 acres under this law.

    The Homestead Act of 1862, allowed people to settle up to 160 acres of public land if they lived on it for five years and grew crops or made improvements. This land did not cost anything per acre, but the settler did pay a filing fee. This act is no longer in effect.

    Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal government to individuals. BLM/General Land office land patent records include the information recorded when ownership was transferred.

    So lets go here http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/PatentSearch/ enter California as the state and fill in the last and first name.

    Example: California-Poste-Dave. So what did you find? Nothing, just an old Hog Ranch being used as the Red Herring to close down a legal Off-Highway vehicle use area.

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