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In Reality, We don’t kill our Politicians we revere them

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Reality Check. Serving as an elected official is one of the safest occupations in American life. Listed Below is American politicians that were assassinated since the Signing of the Constitution of the United States of America.

No party or Unknown Federalist Democratic-Republican Democratic Whig Republican Other


M Year died Office held when assassinated Site of assassination Method assassination Name of assassin Ref
Bent, CharlesCharles Bent - 1847 Governor of New Mexico Territory Taos, New Mexico Arrows and scalping Pueblo Indians and New Mexican rebels [citation needed]
Brown, DerwinDerwin Brown - 2000 Sheriff-elect of DeKalb County, Georgia Dekalb County, Georgia gunshots Patrick Cuffy, on orders by Sidney Dorsey, the incumbent sheriff of DeKalb County [citation needed]
Burks, TommyTommy Burks - 1998 Tennessee State Senator Cumberland County, Tennessee gunshot to face Looper, Byron [citation needed]
Cermak, AntonAnton Cermak - 1933 Mayor of Chicago Miami, Florida gunshot to lung Zangara, Giuseppe [citation needed]
Clayton, John M.John M. Clayton JMClayton-Arkansas.jpg 1889 Congressman-elect from Arkansas Plumerville, Arkansas (at a boardinghouse) gunshots through window Unknown assailant [citation needed]
Davis, James E.James E. Davis - 2003 New York City Councilman New York City, New York City Hall gunshots to chest Askew, Othniel [citation needed]
Garfield, James A.James A. Garfield James Abram Garfield, photo portrait seated.jpg 1881 President of the United States Washington, D.C. (at railway station) gunshot to spine (death took three months) Guiteau, Charles J. [citation needed]
Goebel, WilliamWilliam Goebel William Goebel circa 1889.jpg 1900 Governor of Kentucky Frankfort, Kentucky (outside the Old State Capitol) gunshot to the chest Uncertain; political opponents [citation needed]
Gwatney, BillBill Gwatney - 2008 Chairman of Arkansas Democratic Party Democratic Party Headquarters, Little Rock gunshots Johnson, Tim [citation needed]
Harrison, Sr., CarterCarter Harrison, Sr. Carter Harrison, Sr. - Brady-Handy.jpg 1893 Mayor of Chicago Chicago, Illinois (in his home) gunshot Prendergast, Patrick Eugene [citation needed]
Hindman, Thomas C.Thomas C. Hindman Hindman, Thomas Carmichael, 1828-1868-full.jpg 1868 Congressman (former) from Arkansas Helena, Arkansas (at his home) gunshots, hit in jaw and throat by shots through a window Unknown assailants [citation needed]
Hinds, James M.James M. Hinds - 1868 Congressman from Arkansas Gunshot Ku Klux Klan member George A. Clark [citation needed]
Holbrook, Edward DexterEdward Dexter Holbrook - 1870 Delegate (former) to the United States House of Representatives from Idaho Territory Idaho City, Idaho gunshot Douglas, Charles H. [citation needed]
Kennedy, John F.John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy, White House color photo portrait.jpg 1963 President of the United States Dallas, Texas (while motorcading) gunshots to the neck/throat and head Oswald, Lee Harvey (alleged, assassinated while awaiting trial)) [citation needed]
Kennedy, Robert F.Robert F. Kennedy Robert F. Kennedy 1964.jpeg 1968 United States Senator and leading presidential candidate from New York Los Angeles, California (in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel) gunshot to head Sirhan Sirhan [citation needed]
King, EdEd King - 1986 Mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa Mount Pleasant, Iowa at a city council meeting[1] gunshot Davis, Ralph [citation needed]
Lincoln, AbrahamAbraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait.jpg 1865 President of the United States Washington, DC. (Ford’s Theatre) gunshot, pistol shot to the back of the skull Booth, John Wilkes [citation needed]
Lloyd, Sr., Russell G.Russell G. Lloyd, Sr. - 1980 Mayor (former) of Evansville, Indiana gunshot van Orden, Julia [citation needed]
Long, HueyHuey Long Huey-long-memorial-picture.jpg 1935 United States Senator from Louisiana Baton Rouge, Louisiana (inside the State Capitol) gunshots Weiss, Carl (disputed) [citation needed]
Lowenstein, Allard K.Allard K. Lowenstein AllardLowenstein.jpg 1980 Congressman (former) from New York New York City, New York (in his Manhattan office) gunshots Sweeney, Dennis [citation needed]
McKinley, WilliamWilliam McKinley William McKinley by Courtney Art Studio, 1896.jpg 1901 President of the United States Buffalo, New York (at World’s Fair) gunshot to the abdomen Czolgosz, Leon [citation needed]
Milk, HarveyHarvey Milk Harvey Milk in 1978 at Mayor Moscone's Desk crop.jpg 1978 San Francisco City Supervisor San Francisco, California (in his City Hall office) gunshots to chest and head White, Dan [citation needed]
Moscone, GeorgeGeorge Moscone - 1978 Mayor of San Francisco San Francisco, California (in his City Hall office) gunshots to abdomen and head White, Dan [citation needed]
Patterson, AlbertAlbert Patterson - 1954 Alabama Attorney General-elect Phenix City, Alabama (outside his office) gunshots [citation needed]
Rockwell, George LincolnGeorge Lincoln Rockwell - 1967 Fringe candidate for Governor of Virginia and founder of the American Nazi Party Arlington, Virginia (outside a laundromat) gunshot to aorta Patler, John [citation needed]
Ryan, LeoLeo Ryan Leo Ryan.jpg 1978 Congressman from California Jonestown, Guyana (on airport tarmac) gunshots to body and face Members of the People’s Temple [citation needed]
Slough, John P.John P. Slough John potts slough.jpg 1867 Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court Santa Fe, New Mexico gunshot Rynerson, William D. [citation needed]
Sharp, Solomon P.Solomon P. Sharp Solomon P Sharp.jpg 1825 Kentucky Attorney General, Kentucky State Senator-elect Home in Frankfort, Kentucky Stabbed in front of his home Beauchamp, Jereboam O. [citation needed]
Steunenberg, FrankFrank Steunenberg Franksteunenberg.jpg 1905 Governor (former) of Idaho Caldwell, Idaho (outside his home) Bomb, set at front gate of his home Orchard, Harry, possibly others [citation needed]
Strang, JamesJames Strang James Strang daguerreotype (1856).jpg 1856 Michigan State Representative Beaver Island, Michigan gunshot Bedford, Thomas [citation needed]
Thorton, JohnJohn Thorton - 2010 Mayor of Washington Park, IL Washington Park, Illinois (in his car) gunshot to the chest Jackson, Aaron (alleged, awaiting trial) [citation needed]

That is if you are counting 31 people who have been assassinated in 230+ years of existence.

Congressional Dead

Party colors: Democratic Republican

Member State


Date died Perpetrator(s) Incident
Spencer Pettis Missouri

(1st at-large seat)

August 28, 1831 Thomas Biddle Both Pettis and Biddle sustained fatal gunshot wounds during a duel on Bloody Island in Illinois.[1]
Jonathan Cilley Jonathan Cilley Maine

(3rd district)

February 24, 1838 William Graves Cilley was shot by Graves, the Whig Congressman from Kentucky‘s 8th district, during a duel on the Marlboro Pike in Maryland.[1]
John Montgomery Pennsylvania

(12th district)

April 24, 1857 Unknown (disputed) Multiple people staying at the National Hotel in Washington, D.C., died of National Hotel Disease during this time period. It is disputed whether the “disease” was an attempt to poison hotel boarders or simply a case of accidental food poisoning.[1]
John Quitman John Quitman Mississippi

(5th district)

July 17, 1858
David Broderick David Broderick California


September 13, 1859 David Terry Broderick and Terry, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California, took part in a duel in San Francisco. Broderick was shot and died three days later.[1]
Edward Baker Edward Baker Oregon


October 21, 1861 7th Brigade, 4th Division of the Confederate Army of the Potomac (under the command of Nathan Evans) Baker died during the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, while assigned command of a brigade in Brigadier General Charles Pomeroy Stone‘s division, guarding fords along the Potomac River in Virginia. The Confederate soldiers were commanded by Brigadier General Nathan George Evans.[2][3]
Cornelius Hamilton Ohio

(8th district)

December 22, 1867 Thomas Hamilton Hamilton was killed by his mentally ill 18-year-old son, Thomas, in Marysville, Ohio.[1][4]
James Hinds Arkansas

(2nd district)

October 22, 1868 George Clark Hinds was killed in Indian Bays in Monroe County, Arkansas, after being shot in the back by George A. Clark, a member of the Ku Klux Klan and the secretary of the Democratic committee of the county.[1][5][6]
John Pinckney John Pinckney Texas

(8th district)

April 24, 1905 Unknown (riot started by J. N. Brown) A political event in Hempstead, Texas, turned violent when one of the participants, J. N. Brown, began shooting. Other attendees began to shoot as well and a riot broke out. Pickney, his brother Tom, and Brown were all killed at the scene.[1][7]
Huey Long Huey Long Louisiana


September 8, 1935 Carl Weiss (disputed) Long died two days after Weiss fired a handgun at him at close range inside the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. More recent evidence suggests that Long’s bodyguards may have accidentally shot and killed Long when they open fire on Weiss, who was killed at the scene.[8][9]
Thomas Schall Thomas Schall Minnesota

(10th district)

December 19, 1935 Lester Humphries Schall was hit by a car being driven by Lester G. Humphries as he was walking across the Baltimore–Washington Parkway in Cottage City, Maryland; he died three days later. Humphries was arrested for reckless driving.[10][11]
Robert Kennedy Robert Kennedy New York


June 5, 1968 Sirhan Sirhan Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after giving a speech for his presidential campaign; he died about 25 hours later.[12]
Leo Ryan Leo Ryan California

(11th district)

November 18, 1978 Peoples Temple (under the direction of Jim Jones) While on an official visit to Guyana to investigate the activities of the Peoples Temple cult led by Jim Jones, Ryan was shot multiple times while boarding an airplane leaving Jonestown.[13]
Larry McDonald Larry McDonald Georgia

(7th district)

September 1, 1983 Soviet Far East District Air Defense Forces (under orders from Anatoly Kornukov) McDonald was a passenger on board Korean Air Lines Flight 007 which was shot over the Sea of Japan near Sakhalin island by Soviet interceptors per the orders of General Kornukov, Commander of Sokol Air Base.[14]

[edit] Wounded

Party colors: Democratic Republican

Member State


Date of incident Perpetrator(s) Incident
Charles Sumner Charles Sumner Massachusetts


May 22, 1856 Preston Brooks Representative Preston Brooks, a Democrat from South Carolina‘s 4th district, assaulted Sumner with a cane on the floor of the Senate in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The attack followed Sumner’s verbal attacks on pro-slavery politicians.[15]
Josiah Grinnell Josiah Grinnell Iowa

(4th district)

June 14, 1866 Lovell Rousseau Grinnell was assaulted with an iron-tipped cane by Rousseau, an Unconditional Unionist Congressman from Kentucky‘s 7th district, on the east portico of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., in retaliation for derogatory statements he made earlier. Grinnell was pummeled on the “head and face until the cane broke,” and was heavily bruised.[16]
Alvin Bentley Alvin Bentley Michigan

(8th district)

March 1, 1954 Rafael Cancel Miranda,

Andres Figueroa Cordero,

Irving Flores Rodríguez,

Lolita Lebrón

In an event known as 1954 United States Capitol shooting incident, armed Puerto Rican nationalists shot and wounded five representatives from the Ladies Gallery of the House of Representatives in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.[17]
Clifford Davis Clifford Davis Tennessee

(10th district)

George Fallon George Fallon Maryland

(4th district)

Ben Jensen Ben Jensen Iowa

(7th district)

Kenneth Roberts Kenneth Roberts Alabama

(4th district)

Gabrielle Giffords Gabrielle Giffords Arizona

(8th district)

January 8, 2011 Jared Loughner (alleged) Giffords was shot in the head during the 2011 Tucson shooting, which occurred at a constituency meeting held in a supermarket parking lot in Casas Adobes, Arizona.[18]

In all of the 230+ years of the United States only 4 Federal Judges have been assassinated.

John H. Wood, Jr.

John H. Wood, Jr. was appointed by President Richard Nixon to the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. He was assassinated on May 29, 1979, by Charles Harrelson in the parking lot outside Wood’s home in San Antonio, Texas.[1] Harrelson was convicted of killing Wood, having been hired to do so by drug dealer Jamiel Chagra of El Paso. Wood — nicknamed “Maximum John” because of his reputation for handing down long sentences for drug offenses — was originally scheduled to have Chagra appear before him on the day of his murder, but the trial had been delayed.[2]

Richard J. Daronco

Richard J. Daronco was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. In April 1988, Judge Daronco presided over a bench trial in a sex discrimination and sexual harassment case, in which the plaintiff represented herself. On May 19, 1988, Daronco issued a written decision holding in the defendant employer’s favor and dismissing the case. On May 21, 1988, Charles L. Koster, a retired New York City police officer and the father of the unsuccessful plaintiff, shot and killed Judge Daronco while the judge was doing yardwork at his home. Koster then committed suicide.

Robert Smith Vance

Robert Smith Vance was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Vance was killed at his home in Mountain Brook, Alabama on December 16, 1989, when he opened a package containing a mail bomb. Vance was killed instantly and his wife, Helen, was seriously injured. After an intensive investigation, the federal government charged Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. with the murders of Judge Vance and of Robert E. Robinson, a black civil rights attorney in Savannah, Georgia, who had been killed in a separate explosion. Moody was eventually convicted of the murder in both federal court and in Alabama state court. Prosecutors speculated that Moody’s motive for killing Judge Vance was anger that the appeals court on which Vance sat had refused to expunge a prior conviction of Moody’s, though Vance had not been directly involved in that decision. Moody remains on death row in Alabama.

John Roll

John Roll was appointed by President George H. W. Bush to the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Roll was fatally shot in the 2011 Tucson shooting, which occurred on January 8, 2011 outside a Safeway supermarket in Casas Adobes, Arizona,[3] when a gunman opened fire at a “Congress on Your Corner” event held by Democratic U.S. House Representative Gabrielle Giffords; Roll later succumbed to his injuries, as did five other people. Fourteen others were wounded including Giffords. Roll attended Mass earlier that morning and had decided to attend the event about an hour before the shooting.[4] Roll lived in the area, and a Giffords staff member suggested that Roll “had simply gone to the Safeway where the shooting occurred to shop.”[5] Jared Lee Loughner was taken into custody and charged by federal prosecutors with Roll’s murder. Evidence gathered by federal investigators indicates that Rep. Giffords was the main target, and that Loughner may not have known he was shooting a federal judge.

Reality is, serving as a political figure in this country is an extremely safe occupation. So the next time some asshole says we need to take your guns away because it is not safe for our leaders tell them to prove it. The facts are on the side of those that support the 2nd Amendment.

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