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Isaac Hagerman May Have To Wait For Years…..

By   /   January 28, 2011  /   1 Comment

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Yucca Valley, Ca.- At a recent Yucca Valley Town Council meeting, newly elected Isaac Hagerman  requested an agenda item to discuss his desire to appoint “his own” Planning Commissioner.

This orderly process was discussed and explored in great detail at past Town Council meetings when, then newly elected, Lori Herbel, also wanted to nominate a Planning Commissioner that would reflect her views who is then ratified by the Yucca Valley Town Council members.  It was explained by Staff,  the appointed Planning Commissioners will each serve out their terms of three years regardless if the nominating Town Council member is seated on the dais or not.

Presently, there is a vacant seat on the Planning Commission due to the fact that Planning Commissioner Dawn Rowe was elected to the Town Council.  She was Chad Mayes nomination.  Mayes endured several years of never having the opportunity to nominate a Planning Commissioner while George Huntington served 16 years, over 5 terms, in that  capacity before being elected to the Town Council.  Councilman Chad Mayes is currently reviewing applications to fill the vacate seat of Planning Commissioner.

Current Yucca Valley Planning Commissioners-

Professor Emeritus Gregory Graham, community volunteer, is the recent appointment by Lori Herbel.  Intelligent school teacher Mike Alberg, past Chair of Parks and Recreation for many years, is the recent appointment of Bill Neeb. The experienced and present Chair of the Planning Commission, Dr. Robert Lombardo,DDS, is the appointment of past Mayor Bob Leone. Timothy Humpreville, Builder/Developer, is the very recent appointment of Frank Luckino serving out the term of Builder/Developer Shannon Goodpaster, Luckino’s previous nomination.

As Mayor Bob Leone decided not to run for re-election, George Huntington was elected and he inherited Planning Commissioner Robert Lombardo, “the Dentist that caters to Cowards.”

If you look at the order the Council are seated on the dais, it appears that Councilwoman Dawn Rowe may be nominating a Planning Commissioner before Isaac Hagerman, however, both will have to wait several years until Graham’s and Alberg’s three year terms are up for examination. Both of these Planning Commissioners are dedicated, intelligent, extremely qualified and excellant representatives.

Planning Commissioner Mike Alberg being sworn in by Jeannie Lindberg.

The Planning Commissioner process will be on the agenda for the next Yucca Valley Town Council Meeting, February 1st, per Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi’s statement at the last meeting. Since I do not have access to the “full packet agenda” (darn dial-up) I cannot verify this and I am still in the dark in “Dial-up Land!”

A Planning Commissioner could serve for many terms being ratified by several Town Council members, as was the case of George Huntington, because he or she is capable and competent to assure continuity of the Commission contributing their knowledge and experience. The Planning Commission will be going through the Development Code and other important Ordinances.

As I see it,  the Planning Commission meetings should be videotaped for reference use only by Council Members, Contractors or the General Public and it is not necessary to televise the proceedings. It is the practice of Twentynine Palms and other cities to do so especially in this era of full disclosure.

Here is the website provided January 27th, 2011 at 11:44 PM sent by Nuaimi, when I asked for some details of agenda item #16 regarding Town Council Protocol and had questions regarding “Noticing.” I was told the info was on pages 203-205.

Good luck with this large file!   http://www.yucca-valley.org/pdf/mam/Town_Council/Agendas/2011/2011_02_01_towncouncil_agenda.pdf

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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell

1 Comment

  1. Branson Hunter says:

    Howdy Margo. You wrote: “As I see it, the Planning Commission meetings should be videotaped for reference.”

    It’s a surprise the are not being videotaped. Disclosure and transparency demands these meeting be taped. I’d like to be enlightened by Mark Nuaimi why the PC are not not being taped, and his view on why they should or should not be vailable for the public, et al.

    Why politicize the planning commission selection process?

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