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Robertson’s Ready Mix- Serving Fresh Concrete Daily

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Yucca Valley, Cal- Here are a few things that have been brought to my attention about the company. Robertson’s is the largest ready mix supplier in Southern California.  They have over 700 employees from Palmdale, Barstow, San Diego and over to Indio.  At this time, I do not know how many employees would be required to run this proposed facility or if they will bring  their own in-house skilled operators.

They currently run a few loads to the 29 Palms Marine Base and when the larger projects start up, they were told they could supply alot of concrete if they could keep a handle on quality.  They can only promise that with certainty if they deliver locally.  Robertson’s feel they may serve a couple of local customers other than the base when the project is going.  Presently, most of the work will be generated from the base for now.

Their project may not see the light of day at the base which means they would scrap their plan and not locate in this area.  That is a possibility.  Right now, they have been told it is going to happen in the Fall so that’s when they really hope to have an approved plan as they need to be ready when the Base gives them the “go”.

As I stated in my previous post, their plan is for approximately a year, maybe less or at best, perhaps slightly longer.  If they need an extension after 1 year, they would have to go back to ask for an extension of a Temporary Use Permit.  Robertson’s stated if the neighbors had a problem (at their previous County site for consideration), the complaints could be filed and the agency would consider them before saying yes or no. Their records indicate the maximum time limit of a SB County Temporary Use Permit is 2 years.

Here is a quick re-cap of ready mix concrete provided with their County proposal:

Rock, sand and cement are combined with water in the drum of the mixer.  Most of the mixing happens en route to the  job site.  Materials that will be out in the open are rock and sand. Cement is blown up into an enclosed 60 foot silo by a hose  and the trucks are long silver tankers similar to milk trucks.  The raw materials of rock and sand will be loaded into the bins by a loader or they may load using a conveyor.  They currently propose to erect a chain link fence with slats for screening and security depending on the requirements as they go through the application process.

In the interest of Full Disclosure, Robertson’s Ready Mix provided the following information in connection with the 5 acre Commercial County Site proposal:

If a person checks on the Internet they are confident the information will indicate they are a good, local Southern California Company. However, there is some negative press out there:

1. An Air Quality fine at their Redlands facility last year.  They had numerous trucks that were sold at auction and they failed to put them on Non-Op.  They state it was a paperwork violation.

2. They mine at the Mid-Valley landfill for the County of San Bernardino Waste Management.  The groundwater became contaminated from the landfill and Rialto sued the County.  They operated at the landfill and was also named in the lawsuit.  It has been settled and the County took responsibility but it still remains a bad reflection on Robertson’s Ready Mix.



As I see it, this facility should be located just outside or near the base in Twentynine Palms and not in the vicinty of schools in Yucca Valley.  There may be a hazard to the health and safety of our school children with this industrial facility operating close by. According to the Hi-Desert Star report, this facility will be operating 24 hours a day but the HDWD staff report states the hours of operation begin at 4 AM.

The Robertson’s Ready Mix representative was open and forthright with the information disclosing their intentions while in discussions with the 5 acre County site and I thank  you for your openess.

My beef is the CFO/YV Mayor Pro-Tem Frank Luckino did not have the authority of the HDWD Board  to tell Robertson’s Ready Mix after the Board meeting, in the lobby, that “he could give them a Letter of Intent.”  It is my opinion that President Sarann Graham made a wrong decision to authorize Staff to look into this proposal because she did not have all the facts presented to her. The safety of our children come first.

Of course, Luckino and Graham will be running for re-election in 2012 and it’s never too early to start building up their campaign funds.

Please read the post, “HDWD President Sarann Graham’s Magic Wand” for additional information.  “A telephone pole is 35 feet high, so the silo tower is approximately twice that height.  Also, the width of the Yucca Valley Airport runway is 60 feet wide.”

Thank you for caring and forwarding these two stories to parents, teachers and the Morongo Basin School Board Members.

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