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Corbin Moves to Silence the Press and your right to know

By   /   January 12, 2011  /   12 Comments

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Your Right to Know is down the Crapper if Corbin has his way.

Twentynine Palms, Ca- Item 11.o of the Council Agenda is where a Councilman can put an item on the future agenda.

I almost forgot to tell you this but Jerry Jay Corbin at his first at bat asked that he be allowed to discuss with the City Attorney ways of limiting the Freedom of Information Act and the Freedom of the Press and then bring that before the council to vote to limit freedom of speech and the right to know.

It’s always good early on in a guys tenure as an elected official that he shows his colors. It appears that just like Hugo Chavez or any good  loon, Corbin wants to control the message. He is asking if your right to know can be hindered or limited.

This is a scary prospect if this guy is able to limit the information allowed to the public.

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Dan OBrien


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  1. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    Isn’t that what Jared Loughner was trying to do. He went to a town hall meeting and for a moment in time silenced free speech. How about that, now we know that Jay Corbin and Jared Loughner have something in common. Psychologist are saying that we should have seen the warning signs about Jared and taken precautions. Those that are familiar with Jay should do the same!

    • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

      Howdy Paparrazi:

      Though I always enjoy reading your comments because they are interesting, witty, thoughtful and cause one to ponder deeper on issues — the analogy between Jay Corbin and a psycho killer making headlines all over the world is very wrong.

      We all make mistakes; I forgive you my brother.

      • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

        We both now have dog pics instead of desert scenery. Moto Puppy is well protected. Latest jersey, goggles with roll offs, neck protection and an air conditioned helmet.
        As for anyone that seeks to silence free speech I consider them to be as much as a threat as someone with a weapon. History teaches us that it is suppressed speech that lead to the death of millions of jews. So now your going to love me. I just compared Jay’s strategy to Hitlers. I think it’s a mistake not to recognize the danger of suppression of free speech. I know you are a true patriot of free speech. But again, Hitler didn’t initially use weapons to gain power. I do understand your point of view on this topic but egomaniacs (not you) have to have absolute control. So as I examine my original post I think Hitler is a better example than Jared.

        • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

          Comparing Jay Corbin to Hitler is reckless and absurd.

          We all need to know more about Corbin’s attempt to defile the FOIA and restrict public information. This is unconscionable; others Councilmen should laugh at him. Seems he may be alienating other Councilmen right from the get-go.

        • the real moto dog begging for a snack

    • Mike Hawkins Mike says:

      I wasn’t there, could you provide more info on this?

  2. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    Ok, ok, first I’ll admit the comments have been tongue and cheek. Actually more in jest.
    The first post doesn’t actually compare Jay and Jared. I wasn’t doing that but only compared what they were attempting to accomplish. We now know that isn’t accurate. Jared appears to be just a lune. As his friend puts it he was shooting at the world. I don’t think it had anything to due with her speech, politics or the color dress she wore. One thing we can learn is that he went from not famous to infamous in a few seconds.
    My guess is were not going to agree on the second post. In short, my point is that suppression of free speech was a tool that Hitler used. I did not compare Jay to Hitler only the same method they had in common to obtain power. I do recall that in the past you have compared the Boy Scouts, Catholic Rectories to pedophilia and called me a murderer so I’ll take your rebuke in that context. And yes one day a cup of coffee will be in order. Stong, 2 teaspoons of sugar and a little cream. (:)

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Ava Braun, maybe?….

    • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

      Paparazzi wrote: “suppression of free speech was a tool that Hitler used.”

      Can’t argue with that… However, what else is new. That tactic — including doublespeak and misinformation — is employed widespread by governments. I’m feeling safe this morning that that is never done in America. How about you?

      Why have you written I said you are a murderer? You are mistaken. I have never called a blogger a murder in here. That is gross and disgusting to call someone that. Don’t you agree?

      Coffee is good. No cream or sugar though. Those condiments are for sissies. :-)

      • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

        As for the murder comment, I think it was in April of last year. First off I don’t want anyone to get the idea that we are enemies. I don’t see it that way so since this a public post and many have readers have no insight to previous posts I want them to know that WE have had some bitter feuds in the past trading sharp barbs equally. IMO, no harm no fowl. (:) AFA the murder reference I think it was when you linked me with atrocities with the sarcastic post below which implies I approve of murder of the innocent.
        Branson Hunter on April 13, 2010 at 3:31 pm
        Hey, I’m with you guys Paparazzi. You wanna take out Somalia with nukes? Do it. All that talk about the radiation catching the jet stream and harming us is nonsense. And as far as the Muslin children, who cares about children. They can be hatched or recreated with DNA, or something.
        I had only been on the site for about 6 months so I think you just thought that I went along with anything the conservative crowd did. It was this post in part that established our mutual agree to disagree respect for each other.
        Back to topic and thanks. I am afraid of suppression of speech. I’m concerned about the Government wanting to control how and what we speak to each other. At some point I agree with you that free speech should be tempered with decency. We may disagree on where to draw the line. That’s the beauty of free speech. You may disagree with my use of words and I yours. Because of great sites like this others will be our judge. I’m Ok with that.
        I used to drink my Coffee straight but in the name of tolerance I add some sissy cream and sugar!

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