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I’m quite proud of those 4 guys this evening

By   /   January 11, 2011  /   2 Comments

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The General conduct of the meeting:

If you believe that I think it is going to be 4 of the most fun years ahead for Cactus Thorns you got to have left Tuesday Nights City Council meeting knowing that for Jerry Jay Corbin it is going to be one miserable next four years. This guy is so frigging arrogant, it just bleeds right over into the way he pontificates and postures to his fellow Councilmen, and they know it.

But take heart, the other four are not going to be pushed around by some know-it-all. Corbin got schooled tonight.

Each of the Council in their own way each carved out huge territories the size of Alaska. Corbin ended up with Delaware. It was fun to watch.

Jim Harris is like a natural in that Mayors position. He kept the meeting moving right along. I’m really proud  of him. Joel Klink was magnificent. He stood on principle and  with calm deliberate communication skills made our side proud.

John Cole was surprisingly forceful and unmoved by the silly proposals of Corbin.  Danny Mintz was as we all expected a strong voice for common sense.

All in all the only one to look like a blow hard  was Corbin.


Well it was not as  Joel Klink  put on the table, a flat out dismissal of the GPAC or as Corbin wanted and open ended continuation of the GPAC with no time limits and no supervision. It turned out it’s one more Public meeting of the Council, Planning Commission, Hoag Ireland and the GPAC. There they will decide if we need the continued services  of GPAC.

It was not what I wanted but not some bull crap unending never ending gob stopper that Corbin wanted either.

We need this General Plan thing finished.

As usual I am going to let Cora report about the particulars of the meeting as she is far better than I at holding to the facts.

Post Note: Congrats to Ms. Benton and Misters Mendoza and Whitten for their appointment to the Planning Commission.

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  1. Karen says:

    Dan, who is ‘Ms. Benton’? Do you have a first name? Trying to write an article on this and don’t know who Ms. Benton is. lol

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