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Say goodbye to the 29 Palms RDA Surplus!!!

By   /   January 10, 2011  /   8 Comments

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If you liked Jerry Brown of 1980 you are going to love him in 2011. You know all that money the City of Twentynine Palms has been rat holing and divvying out to their well placed friends over the years? Well that cookie Jar is about to be snatched away by Sacramento and you can take that to the bank!!!

Brown’s budget: An end to redevelopment?

January 10, 2011, 03:30 AM By Bill Silverfarb San Mateo Daily Journal staff

Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget is expected to call for the dismantling of hundreds of redevelopment agencies when it is released today, prompting some local officials to call the plan “reckless” while others seem favorable to the idea.

The state faces a nearly $28 billion deficit and Brown’s proposed budget is expected to call for deep program cuts, including consolidation of state departments and agencies and deep cuts to K-12 education if tax extensions fail at the ballot box in June.

In recent years, California has had to borrow and take money away from local cities to keep the state running, including taking billions in RDA money.

There are over 400 RDAs in the state.

Last year, state officials ordered RDAs to redirect a total of $2.05 billion toward state obligations to schools.

On Friday, Dan Carrigg, the legislative director for the League of California Cities met with Brown on the budget prior to today’s release.

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  1. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    Dear Jerry, I remember that we were on the same page when I was a young man. I was idealistic. I had hoped for a better world and I believed in you. I also loved Jimmy Carter. Thanks to both of you I learned a great deal about life and promises from those seeking my vote. Yes you knew that my friends and I were easily malleable and willing lemmings for your noble causes. You taught us to be patient and forgiving and that we shouldn’t expect to have a better life but to lower our expectations. Now I’m over 50 and I know why you wanted me to believe your bleeding heart nonsense. You are quite aware that it is the private sector that provides products for the world to purchase. You knew that as the Democrats gained popularity more power would be given to the Government that provides nothing for the world to purchase. The end result would be a less productive country that depends on fewer workers and business’s to support a Government that is addicted to taxing fewer in the tax base to make payroll for “Public Servants” that now make more money than the private sector from whom they derive their income. Now I see you have a new plan. Pretend that you are all about creating a smaller government by strangling the citizens of California in an effort to make them cry uncle. Your plan is actually to suffocate us until we cry out under duress Ok Uncle Jerry, I’ll pay more taxes just make the pain go away. You really don’t intend to cut one ounce of fat from the budget now do you? And while I’m at it thank you good ole boy Republicans (RHINO) for wearing your elephant shirts in public and wearing the donkey shirts with the Dems behind closed doors in this insidious run away and out of control government.

    • desertrider desertrider says:

      I take back every less than positive thing I ever thought of you.
      I would even support your guard rails on 18.
      You got 10 years on me, I trusted a guy named bill once,he and his friends taught me a similar lesson.

  2. h2 says:

    Seems all this should have been fixed with the recall. So now we have a fiscal conservative. Shades of Pat and prosperity.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Pat Boone? You sure as hell can’t be talking about Pat Brown!!!!!

    • desertrider desertrider says:

      Seems he’s only your friend if you’re a state union employee.
      Why does he want state non-union employees to take a 10% pay cut?
      Sound like typical old jerry, pandering to the unions for votes.

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