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And the Games Continue

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Twentynine Palms, Ca– It is starting to become clear to even those at the Desert Trail that Corbin is unable to complete the simplest of tasks given. The Trail’s Courtney Vaughn wrote an interestingly insightful news report covering the last GPAC meeting titled General Plan committee may ask for another extension.

The guy is either so inept he is unable to complete the simple tasks given to him or he is purposely wasting taxpayer dollars to feather his own nest.

Vaughn reported, “Addressing questions about whether he will continue to serve on the GPAC after he is seated on the council, Corbin said Monday he cleared it with City Attorney A. Patrick Muñoz.

“I’ve been told there are no legal issues at all. I can continue without any legal ramifications,” Corbin told fellow GPAC members. He said he would continue to lead the committee unless the council felt it was a conflict of interest.

Most of us struggle with right and wrong. But when you are ethically challenged it is never about right or wrong. It is, “can I get away with it” or “will I get caught?”

The unbelievable prospect is, the guy believes that A. Patrick Munoz would give him a straight answer about if continuing as chairman of the GPAC would be a ethics violation.  It is the perception of a ethical violation that people see. You can get a different answer from a dozen attorneys. The question to Munoz  is more, how much can Rutan and Tucker bill in defending Corbin in any legal battle he might have with the FPPC or Attorney General? Sure Munoz will tell him it is alright. Litigation is his business for god sakes.

Hey Corbin has historically been a Cash Cow for Rutan and Tucker. Munoz made his partnership off the amount of business Jay brought to the firm with a continual string of questionable decisions as a city employee. Shouldn’t he bring a Million more to Rutan and Tucker as a Councilman? Hell if I was Munoz I would give him his full leash and let him compound his mistakes from day one.

Reprint of Article I wrote on November 19, 2010 it still hold true.

It is obvious to anyone who has even a passing interest in the new General Plan that Councilman-elect Jerry “Jay” Corbin has every intent to scuttle the hard work done by so many and the about $1.5 Million investment in a professional plan, because it effects the guy’s ego.

His recent cancellation of a supposed important GPAC meeting so that he and Pat Flanagan could attend an anti-Outdoor Recreation Meeting held by a left wing extremest group headed by Flanagan and other Alinskyites is proof that the General Plan is ready to pass and needs no additional tweaking by the likes of Corbin or Flanagan. Additional meetings are stalling tactics to wear down the 4 other members of the council to just abandon the new General plan,

Why or how we got a thousand people to vote for this guy is a monumental question to the effects of money on the common sense of the voter.

Unlike the rest of the Country, California and 29 Palms in particular went to the dark side. Always a day late and always struggling to catch up 29 Palms is about to fall into the 7th level of Hell. This is going to be one fun ride.

Our Team Member Cora observed. “One thing that I found unacceptable on Monday was how many times Chairman Corbin mentioned how different things will be when the new council is seated. smirk, wink, wink. I found it very unprofessional and rude. Mr. Briggs was in the audience and Steve W. of course is on the committee and working very hard. Steve was pushing to schedule the meeting on the 22nd to show good faith efforts in appreciation for the extension. Corbin made it seem like all would be well when the “new council” took over.“

Now either Corbin is overstating his power to control the new Council or the other 4 members of the City Council have sold their souls to this Svengali.

So what is it boys? Does Corbin have you all by the short hairs? Are you prepared to do his bidding?

There is Hope

I’ve done some preliminary investigations on recall dear friends. It will take a total of 1385 registered voters on the petition to put recall on the ballot to send this guy packing. Once recalled we will never have to be bother with the guy again as he is forever barred from running for office with in 29 Palms.

If his conduct prior to being seated is any indication of what we are to expect from him, it will be only a short time before he violates the trust of those that voted for him and will only embolden those of us who saw through him from day one.

I will be forming a committee in the near future to address the possibilities of removing Mr. Corbin from office at the next scheduled Election. This should not be a huge hurtle to surmount as we are only talking about one councilman.

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