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Sunday Lickety-Split News

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TrailTwentynine Palms (Cactus Thorns) – The Desert Trail made a boo boo! In yet another senseless hit piece on Councilman  Steve Spear, the TRAIL again distorted the news, not reported it. It’s time for a professional retraction. Why did the Trail not publish its distortion in its online ‘Yeas and Nays’? Odd… . I’m sure there is more to come of this. Since you oversee editorials, Ms. Publisher Lady, what’s up? In keeping with professional ethics, when is the retraction to appear?

A bum rap?

A bum rap?

Italy (AP) - Amanda Knox told The Associated Press from her jail cell Sunday that she is scared but hopeful eight days after an Italian court sentenced her to 26 years in prison for the murder of her British British roommate. Kercher’s body was found in a pool of blood with her throat slit on Nov. 2, 200. “I am scared because I don’t know what is going on. I am waiting and always hoping,”[said the American].  Her trial was based entirely on circumstantial evidence. Her cell includes two beds — she shares it with another woman, who has been identified by other lawmakers in previous visits as a 53-year-old American woman from New Orleans who is serving a four-year sentence for a drug conviction.

geniusTwentynine Palms (Cactus Thorns) - Seems my upper level genius neighbor/friend is at it again…. more inventions coming down the pipeline. He’s working with a world-prominent physicist and an investor-entrepreneur. His inventions? One scary, some puzzling and another will dazzle school children.

stingPEOPLE - Sting Says Today’s Music Is ‘Played Out’. It’s hard to find a musical artist with a career as diverse as Sting. In his more than 30-year career, the singer-songwriter has explored the worlds of rock, jazz, world beats and classical music – not to mention acting. The singer, 58, said that music is in a “crisis” You’ve that right Sting.

Oregon (AP) - Rescuers recovered the body of a mountaineer and are searching for his companions, two days Missing Climbersafter the trio began climbing an especially treacherous face of Oregon’s Mount Hood. The three climbers began their ascent on the west side of the 11,249-foot mountain about 1 a.m. Friday and were due back several hours later in the afternoon, but failed to return. All three climbers have been described as experienced and well-equipped.Mount Hood, the tallest mountain in Oregon, is a popular site among climbers in the United States. Steve Rollins of Portland Mountain Rescue said a locator beacon would have been helpful in this case but many rescuers oppose a mandate to carry them because they believe it will lead some climbers to take risks they otherwise would avoid.

University of californiaLOS ANGELES TIMES – 8 arrested in attack on home of UC Berkeley chancellor. Protesters broke windows and threw torches at the home of Robert Birgeneau late Friday. No injuries were reported. Between 50 and 70 protesters fled. The rest are being held on $132,000 bail each. Protesters broke windows and threw torches at the home of Robert Birgeneau late Friday. No injuries were reported. Between 50 and 70 protesters fled. The rest are being held on $132,000 bail each.

pfizerNYT Health – Menopause, as Brought to You by Big Pharma. Lawsuits and internal documents show how Pfizer and its predecessors promoted the idea of taking hormone drugs for really no purpose at all.                                                                                                                                      Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Iran (AP) – Police surrounded the campus of Tehran University on Sunday, trapping hundreds of students protesting what they said were fabricated government images showing the burning of a photo of the revere .

moneyWASHINGTON (AP) a– Senate Democrats overcame a Republican filibuster to clear the way for a vote Sunday on a huge end-of-year $1.1 Trillion spending bill that includes money to run much of the government.

NPR - Best annual meteor shower tonight will peak in the pre-dawn hours. With aboutMeteor Shower 140 zizzing by. The best seats are in Asia, but North American observers should be treated to an above average performance of the Leonid meteor shower, weather permitting. The trick for all observers is to head outside in the wee hours of the morning – between 1 a.m. and dawn – regardless where you live.

mud slideLOS ANGELES (AP) — Rocks and debris trapped cars on Los Angeles area roadways and fears of mudslides forced dozens out of their homes as California was hit with a wintry storm that inundated lowland areas with rain and threatened the mountains with heavy snow. Residents of 44 houses in a Los Angeles County area scorched by a recent massive wildfire remained evacuated as a precaution against landslides while the rain continued. 90 vehicles stranded on muddy Angeles Crest Highway.

bedTECH CRUNCH - Best Man Rigs Newlyweds’ Bed To Tweet During Sex. Best man set up an account for the sole purpose of automatically tweeting when the newlyweds are having sex. But basically, this guy was watching his friend’s house while they went on their honeymoon and he placed a device under their mattress.                                                                                                                    banks

NYT - Interest Rates Are Low, but Banks Balk at Refinancing. Banks that once handed out home loans freely are now imposing such stringent requirements that many homeowners who might want to refinance are effectively locked out.

vietnam flagNYT  WASHINGTON — [Vietnam=Afghanistan] David R. Obey has served in Congress since Barack Obama was in grade school. He does not waste time with pleasantries, and he does not mince words. So when President Obama called Representative Obey recently to talk about Afghanistan, the congressman raised a topic sure to make the young commander in chief uncomfortable: Vietnam. “I came afghanistan flaghere in ’69, and I determined that I would give Nixon a year to see what he could do, because he had inherited the war, so I bit my tongue for a year,” Mr. Obey said, recounting how he reminded the current president of the mistakes of that earlier war. “I said the same thing with Obama.” Mr. Obey is proposing a “war surtax.” The idea is unlikely to pass, but it is already reminding the nation of the high cost of an increasingly unpopular war.

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