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What? No Veteran’s Day Event In 29 Palms?

By   /   November 11, 2010  /   19 Comments

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My husband, a Vietnam Veteran, asked me if there was anything going on this year in 29 Palms for Veteran’s Day. I searched the newspapers for the last three weeks and there wasn’t any mention of anything going on in 29 Palms. What a disappointment that there was nothing going on in town at all, only what businesses were being closed for the day. Since we have mostly Veterans in town and those who retired here, why wasn’t there some kind of a gathering to remember Veterans, both past and present here?

My husband went into town to get this week’s paper and the only thing going on for Veteran’s Day was in Yucca Valley. No reason why Veteran’s in 29 Palms should have to go to Yucca Valley when we have a Military town here and there should have been a Veteran’s Day event in our own town. For whatever reason why Veteran’s Day was not being ‘remembered’ in 29 Palms this year, I find it disrespectful to all Veteran’s who live in 29 Palms.

UPDATE (11/13/2010): Upon writing this article, I didn’t know Veteran’s Day was being rotated between Yucca Valley and 29 Palms. ~KK~

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  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Hell didn’t you get the memo? The city is saving that money it would spend on Veterans to spend on the next hair brained scam by the Artist Guild.

  2. Jim Harris Jim Harris says:

    I was surprised by your comment. As a Veteran i will suggest that we do something on Veterans Day each year from now on. Maybe a Bar-B-Q at the park with Patriotic Music, Games etc. Do you know anyone who could cook Hot Dogs etc for an event like that? I’m sorry we didn’t do something this year.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      You were surprised? It was like a plum ready to be picked. I just couldn’t help myself.

      We were telegraphed well in advance this year as it was posted here and in the newspaper that Yucca Valley dropped the ball and canceled the Veterans Day events….. We all should have picked up the torch and carried it forward…. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

      Yucca Valley Politicos need to drop down and give us 20.

    • Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:


      Catja Arnzen & I are already working on establishing a committee to not only provide a Veteran’s Day event for the community, but also restablishing a 4th of July Community event as well.


      • kactuskooler kactuskooler says:

        I think it would be great on the 4th of July to have everyone go to Luckie Park and have picnics or have Dan bring his hot dog stand there. I’d rather pay Dan for a couple hot dogs than pay a vendor $10 for a drink, fries and chicken for one person. LOL! Let me know when you get the committee together, I’d like to help out and be on the committee as well.

        • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

          Nice thought kactuskooler, however, the way it works in 29 is that if you are the “In Crowd” you invite the City to co-host the event. They city uses taxpayers funds to foot the bill — while local special interest cronies have a perpetual fundraiser for themselves. For example, Old Pioneer Days works that way for the 29 Chamber of Commerce. They pulled $15,000 out of the community. Hence, Dan and his traveling Mustard Last Stand will have to pay the special interest folks $150.00 for vender fees. The fruits of Dan’s labor — or any vender — would go directly to the usual con men who use the city for their own purpose. Hey, if you find a money tree, pluck it.

          This is how Twentynine Palms has worked for years. Will it change with a a couple of newly elected councilmen?

          • Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:


            Why do you have to try & crap on an idea that is “good” for all in the community? I am not “Special Interest”. I am sick & tired of not having a Community 4th of July Celebration & Veteran’s Day event for our community & citizens.

            I have chosing to do something about it instead of just “complaining” about it. That’s why I ran for City Council, to make a “positive” difference for our community and to provide a “transparent” City government.

            This is one of the things I find wrong with this site. People complain, provide a partial solution and expect someone else to carry it out. I think it’s high time some people get off their duffs and put their “action” where their mouth is.

            We plan on doing these events at minimal cost and not to put money in anybody’s pocket.

            I am asking for volunteers for the committee who will work. Appreciate your offer Karen and will add you to the list.

            What about you Ben? Want to volunteer for the committee?


            • Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

              Steve Whitten, be clear I have never said or wrote that you’re associated with any special interest groups. Where did you get that notion?

              You must admit, Steve, the Town is waiting for the newly-elected councilmen to be sworn in, seated and settled in as the town’s leaders. And surely — given the transparent history of special interest’s choke hold on Twentynine Palms — any reasonable person should be concerned about the direction of the town with two new councilmen. This is a normal and healthy reaction.

              You wrote: “This is one of the things I find wrong with this site. People complain, provide a partial solution and expect someone else to carry it out.” Sure people complain, that is what people do before change. They identify the problem and look for solutions. THORNS is a prickly beast, and yet it has made progress and has had a positive impact in the Basin. I had hoped you would have highlighted this — along with the criticism.

              I shall not volunteer at this time for any committee. Thanks for asking. The Soapbox Derby and the Alternative Media Forum is my contribution to the community for now. Moreover, I do other sorts of volunteer work that take up my time that you are not aware of that need not be mentioned.

              You plan on bringing this event to reality “at minimal cost and not to put money in anybody’s pocket”. I support this endeavor. It is reassuring that you are committed to this end such that the usual opportunists are going to be out in the cold in terms of creating another fundraiser for themselves.

            • Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:


              Must give credit where credit is due. The Alternative Media Forum legitimized all associated media sources and feel these resources have the potential to have a greater “positive” impact on the citizens of Morongo Basin.


  3. Hi Jim,
    I agree with you that 29P should have their own Veterans Day celebration each year.You may have to work out something with the base for the static display logistics. It isn’t working out, as I see it, to alternate the Tributes between YV and 29 Palms.

    I attended the YV Tribute (no Parade this year) and very few folks from 29 were in attendance. Well, okay..some younger Vets came by on motorcycles because it was too cold to ride up to the Mojave Cross..which isn’t there anyway.

    At a recent Special Meeting to discuss why Staff had cancelled the YV Veterans Day Parade,Council member Bill Neeb suggested our Town establish a Memorial Park and a Monument to honor all our Vets. I read about other Towns/Cities laying wreaths at their Memorial site, etc. No parades, no military static display and most had BBQ’s.

    Thank you for your two comments about my helping our community. I recently discovered your posts buried under several stories and responses during the Election crazy season.

    Let me also congratulate you on your election and upcoming role as Mayor. I look forward to meeting you again and I know how much you care for 29 Palms and the citizens.

  4. Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

    Historically the Veterans Day celebration has been a rotating event between 29 Palms and Yucca Valley.

    This year was Yucca’s turn to hold the historical parade but as some may remember they opted out of having a parade. See Margo’s story that was posted on this site.

    There was an event in Yucca that included the Marine Band from the Base.

    Once Yucca cut the parade it was too late in my opinion for 29 Palms to pick up the slack and make it happen.

    I wish Jim good luck in establishing the event here in 29 Palms each year. I also imagine that we would want a 4th of July celebration as well.

  5. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Just wanted to correct some of the misinformation in these posts. First — the Veterans’ Day celebration has been alternated between 29 Palms and Yucca Valley for some time. Second, last year’s event in 29 Palms did not include a parade and from what I’m told has not included a parade for some time. Third, not sure how someone can claim “few folks from 29 were in attendance” — I introduced three officials from 29 Palms, Chamber president was in attendance, and we had HUNDREDS of people celebrating and thanking our veterans (we didn’t check residency — we were all grateful Americans thanking our veterans). Forth, since we had static displays from the base, CHP, SB County sheriff, pancake breakfast from the Young Marines, 45 minute concert from the Marine Corps Band, and an event including comments from Colonel William Gillespie, Yucca Valley hardly dropped the ball and canceled the Veterans’ Day events. Once the speeches were concluded, we were then entertained by Chuck Miller and the Dixieland Ramblers and well fed by the Elks Lodge.

    While it was a little chilly and windy, the warmth was felt by all as we paid tribute to our veterans. Thanks to Jim Schooler (congratulations Jim on your son’s return from Afghanistan) and the Town staff for a wonderful event. May God bless the men and women who wear the uniform of our Armed Forces!

  6. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:


  7. Hi Larry, Sage advice. Thanks.

  8. kactuskooler kactuskooler says:

    Okay, my bad. I didn’t know Veteran’s Day was being rotated between the two cities. Actually, I think it’s silly. Not all Veterans have a means of transportation between the two cities. We have lonely Veterans both in Yucca Valley and 29 Palms who are handicapped and/or have no transportation, who have no families or friends who give a damn to drive them 50 miles round trip from one city to another. Sad, but true. They can still rotate if they wish, but I still think just a small gathering in the city that isn’t having the event wouldn’t kill anyone. Just saying…

    • Observer says:

      Perhaps veterans’ group could get together and offer rides for those vets without transportation instead of holding two separate events.

      My understanding is that the two cities have alternated the celebrations all these years so that the entire Morongo Valley can celebrate together. It’s a way of uniting all of the communities here.

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