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Klasky pulling out the Race Card

By   /   April 13, 2014  /   1 Comment

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A reminder of who Phil Klasky really is.

A reminder of who Phil Klasky really is.

To knowingly falsely infer that another man is a racist is the last bastion of a scoundrel. This is where it has come to with Philip M. Klasky.

I was interviewed by David Kelly of the Los Angels Times today. I was asked in a most serious manner if I had ever written or said that I was anti-Jewish. It floored me. Being (and I had to break out the slide rule on this one) 1/4 Jewish myself, I was quick to answer back, “Hell No!”

Now I’ve been writing on this blog for years articles in support of the Jewish Nation and praising the Jewish People for standing up for Western Civilization and this Klasky  Putz has the unmitigated gull say that I am anti-semitic?

I know we are now close to victory.

Klasky has lost all contact with reality. He has decided to use his last card. Racism.

He can not win in the court of public opinion once people figure out half of what says is bull feathers and the other half is bravado, so he breaks out the “whoa is me, they’re picking on me because I’m Jewish” ruse.

Do you know how insultingly stupid that is?

Though I’ve never thought I would have to wear my ethnic makeup on my sleeve. Never realized it was a condition of dealing with this SOB that I have my pedigree handy.

Having Mr. Kelly ask that was the most insulting question that I have ever had addressed to me. Especially as it was brought up by you, Mr. Klasky Environmentalist Against the War, openly pro-Palestine, Hamas supporting Yutz. I don’t blame Mr. Kelly you whine like a little girl so much he took you seriously.

You want to let Mr. Kelly know about the whacked out organizations you do belong to, Mr. Klasky? Or do we have to repost the Summer of 2006 again?

You want to tell him about your little Orange Jumper Suited Buddy at the 9/11 rally, and how this was not the first or last time you both were together at a Flag Stomping?

Look I’m a Michael Savage, Michael Levin kinda guy, and you are more a Carl Marx, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin kinda guy. I don’t expect that we will ever be sharing a Passover Seder soon. But  I expected better from you.

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  1. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    Dan and I have have slugged it out many times on many issues. We are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. I know for a fact that Mr. OBrien is not anti-Semitic. It is wrong to even think about raising that as an issue.

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