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It’s Mayor Flock

By   /   April 12, 2014  /   3 Comments

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Flock-steve3The Council voted to select Steve Flock as the Mayor for the coming year. Steve was elected in 2006. He will serve a one year term as the point man for the City Council beginning tonight and ending one year hence.

We would like to congratulate Steve on being selected as he deserves the position for all the hard work he has put in for the People of Twentynine Palms over the years.

This is a position I know Mr. Flock will take seriously. While we have had some small differences he has shown that he has represented his constituency well. Flock is a member of the 29 Arts Guild and and avid photographer. He is a big equestrian fan and avid shooter.

Steve is a retired San Bernardino County Marshal and for many years was the head bailiff at the Joshua Tree Municipal Court. He retired about the time the Court system became a Superior Court and the Sheriffs Department absorbed the Marshal’s Office.

We look forward to talking with Mayor Flock about his future plans for the City. Well done Steve.

Harris, JimOn a lighter note, Jim Harris was made Mayor Flock’s assistant as he was selected as Mayor Pro Tem (kind of a honorary stand in for the real Mayor) We were unable to get a comment from Mr. Harris as he refuses to conduct interviews with us.

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  1. christysnca26 christysnca26 says:

    Congratulations to both Mr. Harris and Mr. Flock on your succession in our council. I am very proud of you both. It goes to show what morals, values,integrity, and having God on your side will do for you. I wish you both the very best in the coming year and thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to serve our city. It is an honor to live amongst the company of such great people.


    Christy Buckley

  2. I’ve read Mayor Flock’s Bio and it is indeed respectfully impressive. He has the right stuff. I thank him for his honorable public service to his community and to his country. I’m hopefully confident he will use good judgment. Let’s expect that they will be no more ‘no-bid contracts to insiders friends.’ That’s just plain bad leadership as well as pushing the envelope on ethics.

    I’m hopeful our new Honorable Mayor will steer away from this divisive kind of leadership.

  3. Carey Alderson Theoldman says:

    Welcome Honorable Mayor Flock to the helm of the City of Twentynine Palms. I wish you well and hope that here is a change away from the behind the doors deals that has so far placed a bad light on the city. I hope that you look hard at what the people want NOT just the special interest wants.

    For this city to grow into something spectacular there has to be some give and take.

    Look at, and listen to the voters are saying.

    They want ORV areas, they want vacation home rentals, then want their voice heard. They don’t want loose pocketed government, they don’t want shady deals, they don’t want or need someone else ideas of what is best for them.

    I hope that any of this sinks in and you can focus on the city’s business of taking care of it’s citizens. And leave business’s special interest out of the city.

    Good luck, and remember, the voters are watching.

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