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You call that Transparent?

By   /   October 13, 2010  /   1 Comment

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Just by hearing a less than 30 second ad over and over again or seeing a sign with only a name and title on it doesn’t make you transparent.

For those of you who do not know what I stand for ask me. I urge you to call me, stop by, or browse my website. Journalists are encouraged to stop by or call me for an interview appointment.What makes my campaign different than all the other candidates is that I am positive, upfront and transparent. All my campaign information is available on one easy to find website. And my website is updated daily as events happen.

I am always accessible either by stopping by my place of business or by viewing my website. No need to leave me a voice-mail or wait for me to return your phone call. I have real goals that are outlined on my website‘s Mission Statement page, I have a campaign slogan that reflects my priority for community and local business, and I am in touch with the community on a daily basis.

This is a critical time and a very important election. Knowing where the candidates stand on the issues is critical. Voters need as much information as possible on the candidates to make their best educated and informed decision.

Is reading edited comments from candidates in the local paper really enough information to base your opinion and vote on? Whoever is elected into the office of Town Council member will have an opportunity to influence the town. My hope is that it would be a positive influence on the community and for the next generations to come.

I encourage people to get involved in this election by talking to the candidates about their ideas and goals.

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About the author

Jeffrey Dufour

Jeffrey Dufour is on the November 2010 ballot for Town Council Member for the Town of Yucca Valley. Long time residents might recognize my great-grandfather's name, Fred A Storey, one of the founders of the Town of Yucca Valley.

1 Comment

  1. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    I’ve read through your web pages and it’s impressive. Your grandfather was one of the early ones that made a huge difference in so many ways in the Basin. I urge folks to go to your website and read about you and what you stand for. Congratulations for putting some real teeth and important and solid issues in your campaign. Only a few are doing this.

    You wrote: “These amazing [Joshua Trees] trees found in only four states and no where else in the world. We need to save all the trees for all people to enjoy.” Gee wiz, someone who actually cares about these amazing trees and the tourist that are drawn to our unique environment.

    You wrote: “Land banking should not be a practiced by the Town of Yucca Valley. Example PFF Building.” This is one of the most important aspects of your platform (though there are many). Land banking is a crime against nature, God and man. You understand this! What a guy….

    Everybody should read your views on important issues embodied in your answers to the Candidates Questionnaire you put up on your website. It’s very telling. Good luck Jeffrey!

    * Jeffrey Duford encourages voters to call him. He is very approachable. His number can readily be found on his website by clicking to This Link.


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