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Affordable Senior Housing in Yucca Valley, a Shell Game with National CORE funding?

By Branson Hunter ♦ Yucca Valley – The Town Council has bestowed upon National C.O.R.E. one of the largest contracts and building construction projects in it’s city. However puzzling, National C.O.R.E. had been busted for having a pattern and practice of being underfunded. This mishap by the town council has came back to haunt the council.

National C.O.R.E has shaken down the town for approximately $1,500,000 (or more) because a quarter of the way through the low-income senior housing project — National C.O.R.E informed the town council they needed millions and hundreds of thousands more for they to complete the project. That scheme worked on a backward and sloppy town council; that were way over their heads. Town council members are out of their league when dealing with shady corporations and shysters like National C.O.R.E. 

At the time, the council knew or should have known National C.O.R.E. would pull the “we are out of cash” deception and and double-cross. At the time newspapers around the county, local blogs and state and national news were dogging National C.O.R.E because their very survival was at stake.

The corporation was scrambling to devise alternative funding for six projects in California communities. And they may end up closing shop in California.

Take a look at National CORE. Here in Yucca Valley they were pulled out of a carpetbag and quickly awarded a contract to build affordable senior housing in Yucca Valley. Their standard contract included running the whole show — planning, constructing, building, overseeing, managing, services provider, and so on.

Then, didn’t they even discovered a shortcoming in the amount it was going to cost Yucca Valley for its affordable senior housing project, and didn’t the Town Council quickly commit to ponying-up another $500,000?

Today they are in trouble and the below Sentinel news story will evidence National CORE has  a problem with funding for affordable senior housing projects.

National CORE was on the brink of bankruptcy and scrambling to devise alternative funding for six projects. At one time their CEO threatened to sue this contributor and Cactus Thorns for factual allegations in a Cactus Thorns story. In fact, two stories were published in CT concerning National CORE, and there was a full discussion in here of when the Town Manager dug his heels in pumping up National CORE.

Thing are looking up for National CORE.

The much qualified and able Steve PonTell is to serve as its president and chief executive officer, replacing Orlando J. Cabrera. He has an important job ahead of him turning- around the Corporation.  The Corporation reports they have already made some very positive changes. I wish Mr. PonTell well and smooth navigating.

Here are three stories Cactus Thorns Stories on National CORE and Odrlando J. Cabdrera:

Orlando J. Cabrera featured blog in Cactus Thorns (Sept 2011)

Response to National Community Renaissance (CORE)

The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge, NATIONAL CORE Senior Housing

Here is the news article:

The Sentinel: PonTell Now Heading Burum’s Affordable Housing Nonprofit (02-10-12)

RANCHO CUCAMONGA – National Community Renaissance, the non-profit corporation founded by Jeff Burum to provide affordable housing to low and moderate income homebuyers, has hired Steve PonTell to serve as its president and chief executive officer.

PonTell, founder of the think tank La Jolla Institute,  replaced Orlando Cabrera in early January.

Also known as National CORE, the company had faltered during the recession, and was unable to fully deliver on its commitment to make  affordable housing available to those in need. National Core’s board members struggled through the collapse of the housing market with Cabrera leading the non-profit while many properties being targeted for use in the program were being lost to foreclosures.

To read the rest of the story, click here.

Op-Ed updated 9-6-14


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One Response to Affordable Senior Housing in Yucca Valley, a Shell Game with National CORE funding?

  1. cleghorn12 September 3, 2014 at 9:02 AM

    Will the Burum CORE housing require, gasp, a sewer system? What would the per acre density be of such a project? High density projects during a major drought?


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