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A simpleminded Yucca Valley Town Council, stupid is as stupid does?

Yucca Valley – Where in the world is common sense to be found on the town council?

The town will benefit as a healthy, thriving community when it sees a need to live within its means, when public officials are elected whom understands their role is that of a public servant who listens to and serves the entire community and when it has the acumen to lead, not follow.

Much like Twentynine Palms, those on the town council were well-meaning well but have become arrogant and simpleminded and have made horrible mistakes. Too many bad decisions have been made by incumbents seeking reelection.

While Dawn Rowe made a decision to let someone else carry the banner for town council, simpleton incumbents are throwing the dice to think they are re-electable.They ought to go back to doing root canals and flipping real estate.

How many of you have noticed the shameful, blatant eyesore in the busiest part of town? A well-informed local blogger, Yucca Valley resident and citizen reporter wrote this about the Yucca Valley Senior Retirement complex:

“The Senior Housing project??? They brought in prefab chicken coops that are stacked and the ONLY labor they have been hiring are Hispanic day laborers from DOWN BELOW! A multimillion dollar construction project that did NOT hire any locals. Sad but true. – Margo Sturges, July 8, 2014.”

This is unbelievable! National C.O.R.E. outlaws selectively hire day workers who don’t live in the area? The witless council allowed an overpaid bully and carpetbagging town manager to grant a lucrative contract to his National C.O.R.E. Friends on a no-bid special deal. Nothing is written into the contract about hiring people from the area? This begs the question, are workers being paid under the table?

Honestly, it appears in the worst scenario that the council has betrayed the community and sold out the local work force.

Stupid is as stupid does – you are what you do

The city hires an outlaw corporation without a bidding process to placate an unscrupulous city manager who lived 70 miles away. The disgraced and since terminated town manager suddenly pulls National C.O.R.E. out of his soiled carpet bag <ta da!> to develop, build, sub-contract, manage, operate and reap the wealth generated by the Senior Retirement complex.

The end result is that the senior complex is butt ugly and a disgraceful eyesore.

National C.O.R.E is allegedly a sleazy corporation

The facts known to the town council before, during or after National national C.O.R.E. was pull out of a soiled carpetbag are as follows:

That the F.B.I. raided National C.O.R.E. and ceased their business records and computers;

That National C.O.R.E. was busted for a business pattern and practice of being underfunded;

That its founder was indited in the largest corruption scandal in San Bernardino County;

That the former Assistant Director of HUD, subsequently hired by National C.O.R.E. as their CEO, was dethroned from HUD and left Washington because of alleged shady dealings;

That National C.O.R.E. gamed the town council for more than anotherpost $2,000,000 in construction because they said they were underfunded and costs were more than stated to the council. Update to story: a witless, duped and and simpleminded council swallowed the hook baited with BS.

Here is what is known

That a simpleminded town council bought into the C.O.R.E. scheme at the expense of the local taxpayer;

That the town manager had bovine rings inserted through the nostril of the town council;

That a crew of three fresh council members is the best approach for the town and the community to maneuver through future known and unknown problems and crises;

That all the while the council (with the exception of councilman Bob Leone) knew about National CORE‘s questionable shady past. However, the council didn’t care and, in my opinion, brought corruption to town with National C.O.R.E. and with the hiring of a disgraced and since terminated newbie, crony town manage.

Now the town is stuck with the most ugliest structure west of the Mississippi. That damn thing degrades the town and insults the community as well as future senior occupants.

Final legacy of the town council

Next time you pass SR 62 and Dumosa, a grotesque, hideous and monstrously offensive jail-like structure obscures the natural beauty of the most important thing Yucca Valley can offer: Its unique natural surrounding.

The Yucca Valley Senior Retirement complex is a nasty eyesore that actually looks like the downtown L. A. County Jail. Surely those container-like modules stacked-up like shipping containers in the port of Long Beach may be the first to crumble when the town is faced with a massive and destructive earthquake (just a matter of when).

The community needs elected officials who are capable of sound leadership who listen to and serve the public. Simpletons on the council never quite understood their responsibilities to the public. Managers, outsiders, ranking staff and opportunists have had their way with the town council.

There seems to be little patience in the community for a simpleminded town council that is straightforwardly uppity.


Opinions by Branson Hunter



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